Sharon-Ann Riley - Psychic Clairvoyant    

Source Consciousness Mentor | Soul Guide | Blue Ray | Empath | International Online Spiritual Consultant 


Spiritual Healing Program

Journey of the Courageous Self

Obtain clarity about your life

Remove the doubts

Love yourself Unconditionally 

 Live and create in Joy

Unconditional Co-creative relationships 

There will never be another relationship sexier than the one you have with Soul.

Isn't time to embrace Your happily ever after?

You are worthy of having the life, abundance, relationships, and happiness you want.

Create your abundant world NOW. A place of unconditional love, where fear no longer exists, only your Authentic Self – the Courageous Self.

How does it work?

Journey with Sharon over 30 days to experience who you really are on a deeper level.

No BS. Just YOU.

Over this period positively shift and transform key areas of your life.

While you sleep Sharon-Ann works with you in the astral: channeling healing, balance, release, grounding, love and light into the soul, emotional and physical bodies.

This is very effective because as you sleep there is no resistance to receiving the full benefit of healing.

Why 30 days?

The body, mind, and soul needs time to sync with the internal biorhythms. This allows all the new crystalline codes to assimilate into all etheric bodies.

A qualified healer with 18 years of experience, she has studied at reputable spiritual houses and became an angel therapist—a range of modalities were covered i.e. tarot, angel readings, feng shui, aminology (the study of angels), guided meditations, aura healing, psychic development etc. She also participated in the following courses: Reiki, Pranic healing and shamanic instruction.

As Empath and Blue Ray star seed, Sharon-Ann is enthused to share universal knowledge and to inspire others to trust their divinity and spiritual knowingness.


  • Deeper Self clarity
  • Releasing old emotional blockages
  • Allowing in prosperity consciousness and relationship abundance
  • Body, mind, soul harmony and balance
  • Higher dimensional awareness of Divine Soul Path

The Process:

Week 1

Initial consultation comprises of a 60min Spiritual Reading and 30min pre healing session.

3 astral healing sessions

Week 2

20/30min follow up session

2 astral healing sessions

Week 3

20/30min follow up session

2 astral healing sessions

Week 4

60min Spiritual Reading & 30min healing session

 2 astral healing sessions

The day of the consultations: It is important to spend some time in silence before the appointment.  Let your family and friends know that you cannot be disturbed during the allotted appointment time. Allocate 3-6 hours after the healing for rest, contemplation and meditation.

1-2 days Before the consultation(s) short meditations, breathing exercises or alternate instructions will be provided to help you prepare.

Please note it is up to the you to maintain spiritual balance, conscious awareness and responsibility, and nurturing body care. 

Available for Skype and telephone consultations. 


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