Sharon-Ann Riley - Psychic Clairvoyant    

Source Consciousness Mentor | Soul Guide | International Online Spiritual Consultant 

Life & Soul Guidance

Obtain clarity about your life

Remove the doubts

Love yourself Unconditionally 

 Live and create in Joy

Unconditional Co-creative relationships 

Let me assist you to understand and trust your inner wisdom. Create your abundant world NOW. A place of unconditional love, where fear no longer exists, only your Authentic Self. 

We all go through bumps in the road and sometimes we need advice from a neutral source. The guidance offered is nourishing, grounding and savvy advice that will empower you to make vibrationally aligned choices.

Session may include (per individual requirements): 

Life path guidance. "Re"membering who You are. Communication with your Higher Self. How to live and prosper with your Higher Self. Learn how to create and manifest with your Higher Self. Understand your Higher Self.

Sharon-Ann connects to your energy, Higher Self, Spirit guides and Source Consciousness.

The Process:

1-2 days Before the consultation(s) short meditations, breathing exercises or alternate instructions will be provided to help you prepare.

Soul Guidance consultation - It is important to spend some time in silence before the appointment.  Let your family and friends know that you cannot be disturbed during the appointment. Allocate 2-3 hours after the session for rest, contemplation and meditation.

Please note this service is focused on empowering you. Sharon-Ann in no way offers a predictive service and affirms “for the highest good of all” energy. 


*Knowledge of the ascension process is required in order to participate in Life and Soul Guidance.

Available for Skype & telephone consultations.

**This service will be available again. Please check back soon**