Sharon-Ann Riley - Psychic Clairvoyant    

Source Consciousness Mentor | Soul Guide | International Online Spiritual Consultant 

DNA Activations & Attunements 

12D - 24D Body Vortex Activation - supporting the "One"  (Super Consciousness Mind) and New Earth (star) Co-Creation 

This is a sacred activation offered in harmony with your Multidimensional Self.   This activation facilitated through the 144- Crystalline Grid and Platinum Ray (the highest Cosmic Ray). 


  • Optimize 12D & 24D DNA Vortex light in all your bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual, and multidimensional)
  • Optimize universal / cosmic spiritual shifts
  • Greater awareness
  • Higher dimensional access to cosmic knowledge
  • Shift to full knowingness
  • Higher levels of outer world manifestation / creation / abundance

Authentic Self and Higher / Soul Purpose Activation

This activation is offered in harmony with your Multidimensional Self.   Your true-life purpose and authentic self is activated in your DNA through this service. 


  • Divine / Soul Purpose Activation
  • Intuition / Perception / Telepathic / Spiritual / Soul connection upgrade
  • Authentic self-knowing activated
  • Divine purpose revealed through Zero Point Alignment (unconditional love vibration)
  • Karma released from this life, past lives and negative cords cut caused by lower energies and 3D illusions and projections.

The Process:

A few days before the consultation you will be provided with short meditations, breathing exercises or alternate instructions to prepare for the activation

The day of the activation: There will be 15-20 minute pre-consultation before the DNA Activation.  It is important to spend some time in silence before the appointment.  Let your family and friends know that you cannot be disturbed during the appointment. Allocate 24-36 hours after the activation for rest, contemplation, and meditation.

Follow Up Consultation: A follow up session will be arranged 10-14 days after the Activation 

Please note it is up to you to maintain spiritual balance, conscious awareness and responsibility, and nurturing body care. 

Available for Skype and telephone consultations. .

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