Sharon-Ann Riley - Psychic Clairvoyant    

Source Consciousness Mentor | Soul Guide | Blue Ray | Empath | International Online Spiritual Consultant 


About Sharon-Ann Riley

Sharon-Ann Riley has an innate ability to shift, assist and guide others. She left the corporate world and started her journey to discover her authentic purpose and self.

Sharon-Ann studied at a reputable spiritual house and became an angel therapist—a range of modalities were covered i.e. tarot, angel readings, feng shui, aminology (the study of angels), guided meditations, aura healing, psychic development etc. She also participated in the following courses: reiki, Pranic healing, shamanic instruction and spent some time in the mystery schools.

Over the next 18 years, Sharon-Ann offered the following practices: Psychic Readings - Psychic Medium - Cross Overs - Clairvoyance - Shamanic Instruction - Space Clearing - Aura Cleanses - Reiki - Tarot - Angel Readings - Pranic Healing - Guided Meditations - Animal Communication - Past Life Readings – Intuitive Counselling - Soul Coach – Spiritual Mediation - Alien Implant Removal - DNA Activations - Paranormal Assistance and Investigations - Soul & Life Guidance - UFO and ET Assistance - Spiritual Development -Earth Regeneration - The Planet Therapy Project . She met amazing clients over this period; however, Sharon-Ann knew she was destined to do something far greater.

As her spiritual gifts became stronger through life experience, Sharon-Ann came to the realization that the planet and humanity were shifting.  Towards the end of 2010, she specialized as a Spiritual Teacher. This role came quite easily to Sharon-Ann as she has experienced numerous encounters with multidimensional beings, E.T.s and  UFOs throughout her life.

As an Empath and Blue Ray star seed, Sharon-Ann is enthused to share universal knowledge and debate.  

Her role as a Source Consciousness mentor is to inspire others to trust their divinity and spiritual knowingness.