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Courageous Communication, Aruna Byers, 9 March 2011

Posted on March 9, 2011 at 8:30 AM

Channeling these messages is leading healing to many. Brave souls will do things that are not approved by the general consensus, and these messages do create concern. Making a difference is the most important consideration for a channel. Are messages that tell you nothing doing this?


Courage must grow to become one who dissents. Not to dissent, when mental differences can do damage to a relationship, is actually being negative towards the one lacking courage. Negative thoughts arise to defend the lack of courage, and nothing gets done that can turn things around. All that is needed to save the relationship is to change the communication so that it does not offend. Pointing to differences does not attack anyone. Giving an example of how a disturbance was created (and how it is maintained) calls attention to what needs to be attended to. All differences do not disturb. When a disturbance has been noticed, it can be nicely dealt with, as long as no negative energy accompany's that communcation.


Please notice the energy in your communication. No message needs to offend. Disagreeing with an article or an attitude can be done without negative energy. Acting as though an opinion is a fact is what makes people take offense. Can the difference be talked about as merely an opinion? When this preceeds the delivery of a message, there is no cause for negativity to be returned as a reaction.


Blatent generalizations that are made as the only correct "take" on a communicated topic make others uncomfortable. Instead, make a mental comment before offering an opinion like, "My opinion is different . . .". Children need to learn this about their communication. As it is now, they begin to dominate or disappear during conversations as early as one year of age. Contact with other children does not necessarily teach the adequate communication skills. Parents can give them an example of the most effective way to interact, as a most potent moment for a child can make a big memory. Are you aware of how your method of communication is teaching your children?


Are you giving clear, direct messages? Are you contradicting them when you feel their beliefs are not accurate? Can more attention be given to deliniating between a conduct matter and an opinion? Conduct needs guidance. Opinions are not anything to direct, only to qualify as an opinion. Making this minor alteration to conversations can completely avoid direct conflict. Negative opinions can be delivered as opinions without being attacking energetically. Can the delivery be an expression of love no matter what the content is? Absolutely!


Can you tell another things they do not want to know? Are you courageous enough to do this? Are the words you choose coming from the heart? No method of communication can dispell grief about news of disaster, but the ability to deliver opinions without a dominant attitude needs to be advanced.


Pretend that a message told to you gave you a quite useful, "need to know" clue to improving your life. If it is delivered in a way that causes you to distain the deliverer, no matter how helpful the words are, you won't accept them. Can an energy of appreciation be delivered back? Of course not. But when the message brings a loving energy along with the challenge, it can be acted on and benefit all concerned.


Make today one of more awareness about communicating difficult messages.




Ascended Master Saint Germain


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