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SOLSTICE / NEW MOON / ECLIPSE UPDATE 6-21-20, The Power Path | Lena Stevens, 19 June 2020

Posted on June 19, 2020 at 2:00 PM

Dear Friends,


We have a powerful line up of events this weekend making it an excellent time for a rather significant reset. The Solstice is Saturday, June 20 at 3:43 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). The New Moon in Cancer with an annular solar eclipse is Sunday June 21 at 12:41AM (just after midnight of the 20th MDT).

The solstice is always a time for honoring change and acknowledging what has come before and what is ahead. Any ritual or ceremony you can do will potentiate this transition from the past into the future. It is an excellent time to focus on new beginnings for yourself and for the planet. How do you want to see, feel and experience your future? We have the opportunity for resetting the container of our lives in a big way. This is a powerful time with much power and energy available. Use it wisely and have compassion for those who are not using it so wisely. Watch any feelings of resentment or anger and beware of any tendency to blame or feel victimized. You want to keep your vibration as high as you can with a focus on setting new intentions and a new foundation for an improved experience of life.


This could be an emotional time. If emotions surface, allow them to pass through but don’t get stuck in the process. We have the need for freedom pushing us beyond our comfort level and fighting with the restrictions of our past and our own beliefs. Polarities could be intensified with no apparent way to resolve them. Hold them all in your new intentions for a better planet. Keep things in your own life moving, let emotions go, move on and focus on beauty, inspiration, forgiveness and all that is possible. Its a good time to dream with gratitude for what has passed.





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