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Deep Soul Work, Kate Spreckley, 29 February 2020

Posted on February 29, 2020 at 3:25 AM

Conforming to cultural and social norms has caused many to deny and stifle the energy and power of their soul. As a result, we have been trapped in recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour. This has ultimately left us feeling disconnected, alienated and separated from the very core of our being. As the energy of our suppressed wounds and patterns of imbalance fall away our deepest truth is revealed. With this truth we are able to expand our awareness, awaken our creativity and activate our hidden potential.


The purpose of this time is to accomplish deep soul work which is crucial for your awakening, healing and growth. It may feel like a challenging time as you open to the powerful inner shifts and changes that are occurring. But as you emerge from your old wounds and patterns you will be gifted with profound insights and valuable knowledge. It is this wisdom that will grant you the ability to reshape and reweave the foundations of your life. Trust your instincts and your intuition knowing that you have the strength needed to courageously take action on the guidance you receive.


Much love




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