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You Forgot You Are Connected - It's Time To Wake Up to Remember...Lisa Transcendence Brown, 31 May 2018

Posted on May 31, 2018 at 11:20 AM

I have light encoded this writing/recording (as with all that I do), to assist with activating your own Higher Consciousness DNA to awaken further from inside of you. This may put many to sleep, to activate and integrate, to travel, open up energetic portals to remember... as it works on a multi-dimensional level. Honor your body as your bio-electrical LightBody activates, as your energy body ignites to "move" more, to stimulate, clear, cleanse and re-tune for you.... drink plenty of clean water to assist your body with this high vibrational process... (Utilize this as often as you feel, as the more you do, the more you activate. This is a Quantum process, not a linear one). This will further activate your own Ascended NEW Earth vibration/consciousness for anchoring and embodying in your physical body/reality fully. Share this activation/post with others, as the Bridge to NEW Earth and LOVE that you are. ♥

Close your Eyes, Quiet Your Mind and Open Your Heart to truly see

It is time for you to wake up and remember fully...


YOU FORGOT that you are connected

On a Soul Level, Star/Galactic, Sacred Energy Level


With each other, from deep within you and with ALL that IS

You "Lost" YOUR Connection, during your FALL FROM CONSCIOUSNESS

During your incarnation, your journey into your Separation, your chosen human experience

Into Your Individual You... disconnected and often self-centered

Focused on what "you" wanted, "needed" and what made "you" happy,

You FORGOT about everyone else and everything else

When YOU only cared about your human self...


As YOU must AWAKEN fully to REMEMBER fully

To RETURN to Full Consciousness and Full Connection again

Your Heart must open fully

For YOU to Re-CONNECT, with your WHOLE BODY

From deep, deep, deep inside of you

You must open up fully to FEEL, and SEE and REALIZE

That CONNECTION you LOST when you FELL


That CONNECTION AS Pure Source Light

That Connection AS Your Most Pure Divine Essence

That Connection AS ONE


When your ego dissolves and your purest form of you emerges from deep within you

You will Remember

YOU forgot what pureness is

YOU forgot how to truly care

YOU forgot how to treat each other and the Earth and Your Own Self


YOU forgot HOW to CONSIDER all things and each other as Love

YOU forgot how to be open and how to share

YOU forgot what it's like to truly deeply care

YOU went to sleep

YOU were disconnected

YOU were unconscious

They/That "out there" ... That's YOUR Reflection

Your Mirror

Your Vibrational Response

To what you transmitted out

To what YOU CREATED as "Real"ity

And NOW it's time to WAKE UP

To SHIFT your own REALity

To TUNE your own REALity

Through Your Own Vibration

Your Energy


HOW you treat your self and each other

Through your own fully conscious energy

By tuning your own thoughts to a Much Higher State of Consciousness

By tuning your own FEELings

By HOW you LIVE your Life and everything that you ARE and DO


YOU went to Sleep

NOW it's time to fully Wake Up

To Re-connect from DEEP inside

To Remember who you truly are and why you are here on this Multi-Dimensional Earth

To choose the Version (Old or NEW)

Unconscious: Fear, Judgment, Ego, Separation, Selfish, me-first, self-preservation, give power away, blame - or -

Conscious: Pure Love, Unity, CommUNITY, sharing, openness, caring, supporting, stepping forth & stepping up

For YOU to REALize that the "outside" is a vibrational response to your own programs & beliefs

and the Vibration you HOLD

Dictates your physical reality

So in order to shift/change your physical

You must go inside

to shift/change/tune vibrationally

THEN the external will do this for you in response...

It's TIME NOW to open your heart and mind fully

and let your judgment, your ego, your separation, your lack of power dissolve and fall away

Observe your resistance to full consciousness living

This creates your inner to outer suffering

Which will dissipate when you re-connect fully again from within...

You are here to UNITE

To BE the Anchor Point, the Gatekeeper, the Gridkeeper, the Bridge

You are here to "cross over" to the other side

To get off your ego fence

You are here to step-up

To come together

To Unite

You can't do this if you go small, dim your Light and hide,

You can't do this if you stay asleep

Play in unconscious ego games of separation still

You can't Live on NEW Earth

as long as you maintain Old Earth

as your REALity from inside of you...


Old Earth is Dying

NEW Earth has birthed

Continues to Birth

Continues to become Visible

All around you as you tune to "it" fully from within

To Reach the Vibration of NEW Earth

You must "vibrate" at the frequency to EXPERIENCE "IT"

Your heart, your mind, your body... all of your Energy

All must TUNE to your absolute HIGHEST VIBRATION

for all to become visible, for you to feel, see and experience

Your Body is the "SHIP" that brings you here

The Sacred Vessel for your Physical Body Ascension to occur

For NEW Earth to become your HOME....


It's time for YOU to REMEMBER fully.... NOW

It is time for you to open up fully and reconnect and allow.

♥ Aloha ♥


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

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