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NEW MOON/AUTUMN EQUINOX UPDATE, Lena Stevens, 21 September 2014

Posted on September 21, 2014 at 8:20 AM

Dear Friends,


The Autumn Equinox is exact on Monday, September 22 at 8:59PM MDT.

Pluto also goes direct on this day. The Equinox is always a great time to RESET and to honor endings so that you can make room for new beginnings. The endings or completions are especially important during this season and especially in light of changes that may be occurring in your life. Acknowledge the changes and honor the endings that are coming about because of them.


It is always important to mark the equinox through a ritual of some kind. You can honor your endings through a burning or burial of a representation of them. Follow this with writing intentions for something new.


The New Moon is Wednesday, September 24 at 12:13 AM MDT (or the night of the 23rd).

Since this new moon is right on the heels of the Autumn Equinox, the same suggestions apply and you can honor both the new moon and the equinox at the same time. The new moon is especially potent for working on your new intentions. Use this time to focus on what is coming to you as a result of change and make sure to be inspired about all the possibilities that change brings. Anything you have putting off or procrastinating in terms of communication, taking action, completing something, or making a commitment, take this time to actually do it. You have the support of the equinox and the energy of CHANGE and RESET.







Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at


Autumnal Equinox ~ September 22, 8:59 PM Mountain Time


Libra New Moon


Sun and Moon in Libra ~ September 24, 12:13 AM Mountain Time


(September 24, 6:13 AM Greenwich Mean Time)


Change is written large over the next cycle. It’s realignment time. New Moon will follow closely on the heels of one of the major power points of the year ~ Equinox! When the Sun reaches an equilibrium point and we have equal day and equal night. Equinoxes are precise alignments of the Earth and Sun; with the exactitude of the Sun entering 0º Libra, a portal is created for aligning with our higher purpose and greater essence – individually and collectively, personally and globally. We reset from the huge external thrust of the passing season to an internal focus. Of course, the opposite is true in the Southern Hemisphere; they align with their externalizing energies, but nonetheless, they are afforded the same portal of alignment and access to the higher centered energies of the Equinox.


Pluto influences this Equinox as it ends a five-month retrograde period just before the Equinox.


Pluto’s influence is greatly magnified as it hangs at the still point of 11º Capricorn for almost four months (mid-July to mid-Nov) as it begins its slow forward motion at Equinox. We are harvesting the power of all our work on disruption of patterns from the past; we can now reap energy from our focus on eliminating limiting psychology. Reconsidering our fears of letting go, survival, and letting the cold hand of control release, have brought us to a more powerful manifestation of who we are. The Divine now has more room to move through our lives. Thank you, Pluto for being a magnificent force for freeing our power.


Before changing sign to Libra, the Sun’s last aspect to Jupiter (45º) opens the way for big change and expansion of our focus to a larger arena. Take this as an invitation to widen your aperture to an adventurous, expansive vision in this next season. With Moon conjunct Venus in late Virgo, it lends an element of order, ease and earthy blessings to the next season which this Equinox chart rules.


All seasons begin with one of the four elements in a cardinal sign. Cardinal suggests initiating, striking out in a new direction, getting things moving. Here we have cardinal air, Libra. Libra, ruled by beneficent Venus, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Creative Power brings a valance of harmonious relationship, cooperation and fairness to our month. Libra raises not only a desire for social activity, but also a need for beauty, the arts, aesthetic refinement. Because air signs are masculine and mental, as well as interpersonal in their expression, (and we all have Libra some where in our charts) Libra’s harmonious nature brings a tactful and diplomatic ease to our interactions. With the powerful combination of Equinox 0º Libra and New Moon 1º Libra, we can use this opportunity to empower our intentions, dreams, and projects to reach the highest manifestation possible. Libra is an ally to focus our intentions for peace, unity of all consciousness, and unconditional love. Enlist this Equinox/New Moon portal with honoring and ceremony, at the least a private review of where you have been and where you now want to head. Present your open heart and your intentions to the invisible world, so it may align and serve the divine manifestation that you are.


Be attentive to the time frame of October 4-7 when the Sun moving through Libra will first square Uranus on the day Mercury goes retrograde, and then a few days later on the 7th the Sun will oppose Pluto on the day before Full Moon and the Lunar eclipse. Potential exists for freeing up your energy and bringing the unexpected through your front gate. Squares and oppositions work with the energy of stress and tension, but often, little real change occurs without this dynamic boost. Growing, stretching, taking a leap of faith, adjusting, refining our natures, expanding beyond our controlling ego-bots is how we evolve. Give the energy something to ‘do’, focus it towards something you want to bring movement to; you’ll ride the energy more gracefully. Be aware also that both New Moon and Full Moon in October come with eclipses, so there are ample opportunities for clearing and resetting our energy fields to keep them refreshed and on track. I have been working with a very simple method of releasing ‘trapped emotion’ presented in Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book, The Emotion Code. Using a simple chart of possible emotions wanting to be released combined with muscle testing or use of a pendulum, you’re lead to a precise emotion and it can be easily released with a magnet. Imagine that!


Season changes are dynamic, exciting times. Your body feels it. It’s inspiring. Let Venus guide you in flowing, welcoming and adapting to all the possibilities change can present in your life. Allow yourself to break open like a ripe seedpod to more than you have ever imagined.


10/04 Mercury Retrograde 11:02 AM Mountain Time


10/08 Aries Lunar Eclipse


Full Moon 15º Aries 4:51 AM Mountain Time


10/23 Scorpio Solar Eclipse


New Moon 0º Scorpio 3:57 PM Mountain Time


10/25 Mercury direct 1:17 PM Mountain Time


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

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