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Waking Up in Your New Life, Karen Downing, 9 June 2012

Posted on June 9, 2012 at 8:40 AM

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? And, it is about time too. You have been waiting patiently, and diligently working through your fears, doubts and past life energy. Now with the passing of the full moon and lunar eclipse on June 4, 2012, you are in the Dawn of your New Life and you will be slowly waking up and adjusting yourself to this new space you have landed in.


What exactly does this mean for you? At first, just like any time you wake up in the morning, you will feel groggy and it may take you some time to get adjusted. This can feel like not being fully present in your body, feeling “out of it” or very ungrounded, almost like you are a step behind. The reason for this is that your physical body is being moved up to a new chakra system, one that will eventually be taking over for the 7 chakras that you know so well.


This is happening because the physical body is raising its vibration to a new level on the spiritual development ladder. It is like what once was step four on that ladder for you will now be step one. On a chakra level the Heart chakra is going to merge with the Root chakra. This will cause you to start operating with a connection to Earth’s new heart-centered reality that has been created. More information on the new chakras and their emerging roles here.


As this adjustment takes place, you will find that your chest and heart area are doing an enormous amount of releasing. This can feel like pressure, fluttering, heaviness or deep emotional release. There is a new chakra, called the Unconditional Love chakra, which will be taking over for the Heart chakra. With this adjustment, the Unconditional Love chakra will be opening the human concept of love to a brand new level. This was why it was so important for you to get ample rest during the last 30 days. Without the proper rest, this adjustment would not have been able to take place.


Wonderful things are being set in motion in your life, but in order for them to come to fruition, there had to be a period of time (Maybe too long for some) where deep fears, anger and other issues holding you to the past had to be let go of. You cannot create a new future if you are holding onto the past. This time of letting go started in November of 2011, where many of you passed through the Eye of the Needle. This period of letting go will now finish up by the end of this month (around June 25). After that time, you will really see the momentum shift positively in your life.


So, what comes after letting go? Receiving. Receiving resources, connections, opportunities, experiences, relaxation, happiness, partnerships, or whatever else you have been working toward. Will it all happen overnight? No, it is a process. But a process that is now able to begin in your life in a new way, one that is free from the stagnations of the past.


Waking up in your new life is about creating each moment from a place of total freedom. That can be very scary for some of you, and for others it will come as a big relief. You may already be feeling pieces of your new life coming into view. It may be that for the first time in years you have a new found focus, or perhaps you have reawakened to an idea or career that you thought you had put away.


Whatever it is you are waking up to, you will find that the Universe is able to support you in new and different ways that you may had not even thought were possible. It is only you who puts limitations on your life, based on your fears, conditioning of what things are “supposed” to be, and the like. In actuality, all things are possible and you will soon be waking up fully to the role that you play in the creation of your own life.


For some time, there had been a cloud of collective doubt over the Earth plane. But, as you have begun to see the world wake up in different ways, so to will each individual. It is like each soul's light is growing brighter and brighter, one light at a time, until soon the Earth will be ablaze with this new energy.


So, hold on tight to your faith and hope. Know that what you have been working so hard for has now risen above the horizon and will come closer and closer into your energy with each passing day. All you need to do to make it happen is to receive unconditionally. Let all advice, guidance, abundance, resources, love, support, friendship and all other energy come to you without conditions, expectations or perceptions. Just know that it is your Divine birth right and you have worked so hard to bring it to reality. Now you can sit back, follow your intuition and participate in your New Life being created.


Love, Aurora


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