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The Power of Love, Sarah-Jane Grace, 5 June 2012

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 9:55 AM

As we continue our grand and mysterious tale of cosmic twists and turns, this epic looks set to turn into an adventure of legend as the unconscious continues to become conscious, and sleepwalkers stir and awaken seeking meaning and purpose, love and unity. Each of us is a Divine spark, and we are stepping forth into the full blazing glory of love of the most incredible kind.


As Venus dances across the Sun, we are being asked to fully open up our hearts, minds and souls to love in the truest sense of the word. Love is a word often used but it is the true power of love that is important now; when we feel the energy of love, the word becomes so much more, as we realise that love is an amazing and inspirational force.


Love is often dismissed as ‘fluffy’ or ‘over-rated’, for in the ‘real-world’ love cannot solve problems or put food on the table, but this misses the point! Love is not about paying bills or fixing life’s problems; love is a state of being, and when in this state, everything changes. Love is not something to ‘get’ or ‘attain’, love just is. It is when we open ourselves up to the full power of this realisation that we step beyond limitations and connect with the expansive and infinite essence of the Universe that is within each and every one of us.


Whilst being human can make life complicated, love brings us back to the simplicity and to the joy that is present in the magnificence of life. As we prepare to open up our hearts and souls to the full and incredible force that is love, we connect with the synergy of Self as hearts, minds and souls become One.


Love begins and ends within; if we cannot truly love ourselves, then how can we love another? If we do not love our lives, then how can we love life? These are basic and fundamental building blocks in the Universe, and whilst they are simple, they should not be overlooked.


As we connect to the outpouring of love on all levels of our consciousness, we take a bold step forward, for we move beyond fear, lack and doubt to a place of openness, One-ness and wholeness. Love transcends barriers and it breaks down walls, both within and without, and the time has come to find unity, both within our Selves and with one another, to create a new chapter of hope, love and harmony.


With a true sense of love in our hearts, this outpouring of love flows freely within enabling us to be the very best that we can be; for we are Whole. We can then unify and send this flow inwards, outwards, earthwards and skywards and watch it ripple out touching the hearts and souls of so many.


This may sound a little ‘gushy’, but Venus is opening up our hearts to the full power of love. There are many thoughts about the impact of the Venus Transit, and these words are simple in comparison, but life is simple, we no longer need to complicate it.


It is now time to live whole-heartedly and consciously, awakened and inspired in the present moment; it is time to be love and to live love. We are now ready to open up to nirvana both within and without, for there is room for all of us to live under the pink leaves of the lotus flower...


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