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Never Alone - Gaia's Daughter of Truth, 5 November 2011

Posted on November 5, 2011 at 6:40 PM

There has never been more people on this planet, yet many of you have never felt more alone. Not all of the time, but more often than you would like.


There are a few reasons for this. We will touch upon one.


You see, the more you walk on your path and open up to yourself, the more you want to connect, share with others. Call it the Oneness factor.


But you are venturing into a new territory that looks a lot like what you have always known, but feels totally different.


For instance, before you could be sitting alone in a crowded bus and feel content, safe by yourself in that little personal fortress of yours. However, more and more, when you feel these great surges of energy, love, knowingness, compassion... shining through you, well, you feel like you are the only person on that crowded bus, like there is no one else out there like you. It is a very lonely feeling.


But there is. So many more than you think. And when you find each other - by chance - even if only while crossing each other's path for a fleeting instant, you recognize each other in giddy excitement in a moment of pure delight. Just as you did when you were a child.


But even when you are physically by yourself, with no other human around, you are never alone.


First of all, there is Us (Gaia consciousness), always there. Dropping hints of our presence. Waiting for you to notice and make the connection.


Then there are plants, trees, animals... Each holding their own vibration and consciousness.


Plus there are your guides/guardians in pure consciousness/spirit (who have never been in human form), and your friends, family, teachers (either those still walking the Earth with you, or who have passed on) are also hanging out with you all the time - even if they are miles away, they are always with you.


And then there is your higher self. Yes, We know it is still you. And yes, if you were caught talking out loud to yourself on that crowded bus, well, people would just think you are crazy...


We just want you to know that you are in great company, always. Oh, the stars, the sun and the moon are there for you too.


If you saw just how you are surrounded by love and guidance all the time, you would be surprised you can still breathe considering just how crowded it truly is where you are.


In the "physical" world if you will, you only need a few people who know things about you that the rest of the world ignores. Who see you at your very best, when you are shining bright; but also when you are at your worst, when you are a complete mess.


Not everybody needs to know all the "shit" or drama you have gone through. No. That is reserved for a select few you fully trust.


What the entire world needs to see of you is your light, your love, your gifts, your compassion, the things that help you lend others a helping hand - either concretely or by your presence alone.


You have a whole support team around you all of the time - everybody does, but not all are aware of it. So they need the presence of another human being to remember their own light and remember that they are never alone (or only alone when they truly want to be).


We know your society tends to thrive on flaunting everything out in the open, for everybody to see: the good, the bad, the ugly - and We will add - the ridiculous. Gossip, judgment and hearsay are not the main ingredients of enlightenment.


And while sharing is a wonderful thing, We find that the boundaries of privacy have grown quite thin in your world Earthlings.


Do you feel uplifted when people air their laundry in public (or any media)? And do you always feel better when you share something quite private?


Sometimes you simply feel alone because you have the great desire or need to share. Your "invisible" support team is always there for you. So are the "select few" We referred to earlier. Open yourself to them first, they will help you see things more clearly.


You see, this great desire to share has to do with the Oneness or Unity consciousness rising.


While what you want to share is beautiful and uplifting, not everybody is ready to hear it, so test things out with those you know and trust first. You know, those who always tell you the truth when the rest is afraid to say anything.


If you are struggling with bouts of great loneliness, we are asking you to redefine your concept of being alone. Call it "being in your own energy" or "spending quality time with your support team".


You can still be alone in a crowded room or bus if you choose to, if that is want you want or need. Close yourself off to everything that is not yours (emotions, energy).


Or you can just sit or stand there, call upon your higher self and all the spirits/consciousness that you know exist to help you beam your light to everybody.


Then relax and see what happens...


The change in vibrations or in people (collective and individual) may be subtle or quite apparent. And even if it appears as if nothing has happened, know that there is a good chance your light has at least changed one life. One person who was in a bad mood or at a bad place, but had a change of heart thanks to you.


It may look as if everything is the same, but that person's evening or life may be forever change. As you know, it only takes a split second for one's life to be completely changed, but sometimes it takes a while to manifest.


When you are more mindful, more aware of your own presence, your own light, you make the world a better place.


All the others who feel alone just like you somehow get a glimpse of their own support team just because you changed your mindset - because you were there - both in body and in the present moment.


Together alone... and united (One) at the same time.


This is all.


Much Light and Love to Everyone.


© 2011 Gaia's Daughter of Truth. All rights reserved You may make copies of this message and share it in any media you wish as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and Web address.

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