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Energy Forecast - It's Time, Emmanuel Dagher, 2 November 2011

Posted on November 2, 2011 at 9:10 AM

Blessings my beautiful friend,


It's such an honor to reconnect with you once again. We've entered the time we have long prepared ourselves for: The time our ancient civilizations & ancestors have talked about for thousands of years. It's time, we're here, and nothing will ever be the same again.


What is it time for? The time (or I call it no-time) has come, for each one of us to say 'YES' to being our truest selves. It's time to lift the veils of illusion we created for ourselves all these years keeping us from connecting with our most Holy Self. For many years, the world taught us to look outside of ourselves for fulfillment. With that, we were lead to believe that we were small & insignificant. Now, we have reached a pivotal point in our history where the collective begins to turn within, reclaim our power, and awaken to our Goddess/God Self.


There is absolutely not one other being in all the Universes that is exactly like you. You are one in infinity! You are so special & perfect as you are, because you are Divinity itself in physical form expressing itself as the uniqueness that is you. You are revered across time, space, and dimensions simply because “you are you.”


As we begin to integrate this deep inner knowing of who we are into our daily lives, we notice it becomes easier to recognize the Divinity in others and everything around us. I like to call this Divine Remembrance.


The Gift of Recognition


Through Divine Remembrance, we are choosing to look beyond the illusions we may have felt made up our previous reality. One of the greatest gifts we can give to others is the gift of fully seeing, hearing, and recognizing them for who they really are.


This is exactly what many of those beings who walked on our Earth known as Awakened Masters were able to do. These beings stood out, because they chose to come at a time when the collective consciousness was heavy in their sleep state. Through simple recognition, these beings were able to plant the seed of Divine Remembrance within each person they encountered. This process has led us to this present point in time where everyone is becoming an Awakened Master.


When we see, hear, and recognize others fully, we are embodying the highest energy of unconditional love in physical form. Think about it, if every person on the planet felt they were fully seen, heard, and recognized, there would no longer be any wars, dis-ease, or chaos in the world.


To fully see, hear, and recognize ourselves and others fully, we are required to anchor ourselves in the present moment. I'd like to share a recent personal experience I had that reminded me of how important this was. I was invited to attend an event that promoted gratitude and unity. Most of you know that I absolutely adore anything that has to do with gratitude and unity, so I decided to check this event out with the intentions of connecting with others who were consciously choosing to create more of these energies in their lives as well.


So, as the evening went on I began to observe a few interesting things. I noticed that the people who had actually put the event together were in their own corner alienating themselves from everyone else except for a select few who they knew already. It was as if they had forgotten there was anyone else there (40-50 other people in fact.) These were the same spiritual people promoting themselves as being all about unity & gratitude. At first, I just thought that maybe it was because they were putting some kind of presentation together or that they were being shy, however when I realized that wasn't the case, I decided to introduce myself and make a connection.


Have you ever been around someone & realized they are not fully there with you? As the observer, that's what I began to notice after briefly speaking to those that put the event together. After about 30 minutes, many people began to leave the event. I decided I would stay a bit longer to see if those who had put the event together would come around & make a connection with those of us who were new. When I realized that wasn't going to happen, I graciously thanked them for putting on the event & left.


What an amazing lesson this experience was. It reconfirmed to me the importance of being present when connecting with others, and being willing to fully see, hear, & recognize them. It makes such a difference. The potential was completely there for this event & everyone who attended it to anchor even more gratitude & unity consciousness for the collective if only a bit of recognition was provided by those who put the event together. This experience was just one of many examples we all may go through whether it be in our family, social, or work life. I also wanted to highlight this specific experience, because it is happening even in seeming conscious movements. This experience taught me that whether we are connecting with one friend, or connecting with a group, the greatest gift we can provide to others is the gift of true recognition/remembrance which is basically another way of saying "I love you."


Thinning of the Veils


At the end of October, the veils began thinning even more quickly. How does this thinning of the veils manifest in our lives?


Our dreams are becoming lucid to the point that we now 'know' & see proof that we are doing 'work' in other realms of existence. We may notice that even if we wake up from the dream for a few minutes or for a full day, it's much easier to pick up where we left off in that same dream experience when we go back to sleep.


Many of us are also starting to see things from an energetic perspective. This can show up as seeing the aura of others, animals & nature (trees, flowers, morning dew etc.) We may also see balls of blue, pink, white, or golden light in our peripheral vision. These are energetic beings of light that have always been with us. Some of us may also see sparks (almost like mini shooting stars) often, which I have personally come to understand as some kind of confirmation. I realized this, because every time I saw them, a higher thought would come in, or I was doing something that felt completely in alignment with the flow of life. It's becoming easier to see energy with our eyes now. It may take a bit getting used to it, because for so long it was more about feeling & seeing energy only with our inner sight. However, soon it will become a very regular part of life (if it hasn't already been for many of us.)


As the veils continue to dissolve, our ability to connect with & hear our intuition will become more magnified. I usually call the messages from our intuition 'wisdom downloads.' These wisdom downloads can happen at anytime and always offer us the perfect message we need to receive.


Our telepathic skills are also becoming more developed at this time. In the past, our telepathic skills were stronger with people we only shared deep connections with. Soon, (for many it's already been happening) we will have the ability to telepathically communicate with everyone in the same way. We may notice it already happening when we meet a person for the first time. We begin to receive messages from them, and for some of us it may feel almost like we are judging them. The key is to not identify the message we receive from them as good or bad. Remaining neutral and allowing ourselves to just be the observer will keep us out of moving into judgment.


All of these beautiful gifts are simply a result of remembering who we are. The more we remember, the more of our special gifts we will tap into.


Divine Digest


Recently, while facilitating a session for my Healing Circle, I received an important message around our ability to Digest that I felt is going on for all of us at this time. What I got was that during times of great change, we may notice our digestive system either becoming a little sluggish or going into overdrive. This usually starts on the energetic level where we are unconsciously choosing not to fully digest (receive) information/energy from our current experiences. (Usually stems from our lack of trust in the Universe)


When we digest something whether it's on an energetic or physical level, we are simply choosing to accept & understand it. Being able to digest (receive) simply puts us back in the natural flow of life, which usually comes from trusting that the Universe is always taking good care of us. If we are someone who is experiencing a bit of imbalance in our digestive system, we can simply use it as a feedback to receive from & trust in the Universe.


11:11:11 A Divine Opening


11.11.11 is a very special doorway giving us an amazing opportunity to anchor in Unity Consciousness into our collective experience. For so long it has just been a concept our ancient ancestors may have prayed about, and now we have the chance to actually make it a collective reality. The important thing to understand is that this doorway is not so much about the actual date of November 11th, 2011, since in numerology 11.11.11 happened in the year 2009 where 2 + 9 = an 11 year. This coming November 11th will serve as a focal point where millions of people around the world come together in joyful celebration to consciously anchor in Unity Consciousness. It's this focused intent of the collective that will change the landscape of our world forever. It's time, isn't it exciting?


Till next time,

Miraculously yours,




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