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Archangel Uriel: Energy in Motion = Emotion, Jennifer Hoffman, 9 April 2011

Posted on April 9, 2011 at 4:00 PM

We are energetic beings living in an energetic Universe. Everything we do and know is affected, influenced, guided by and created with energy. But there is much more to energy that what we are aware of because unless we seek a different perspective, our experience is limited to what we can know in the third dimension. Energy exists, it has the quality of being and that is its only quality, although we tend to give it much more power than it has. How we can know and experience it depends on our energetic vibration and our dimensional experience. Energy is more than what we feel, it is what we are. And emotion is not a feeling; it is the movement of energy which is the quality it expresses in the third dimension.


In the first dimension we know energy as light and dark; in the second as form and matter. But in the first and second dimensions there is no movement, which becomes possible in the third dimension where energy can become, it creates and has motion, which we know as outcome and experience as ‘feeling’. We connect to energy from wherever we are in our life experience and the extent of our connection is decided by factors that include our energetic vibration, the dimension we exist in, our beliefs, thoughts and history and the location of our emotional center, in the high or low heart.


Energy is constantly moving, regardless of whether we are consciously aware of its movement in our life, including when we feel stuck. It is not possible for energy to be still, just as it is not possible for us to consciously stop breathing (we can until we pass out and then our body will begin breathing by itself). The movement of energy can be known on different levels but the one we are most aware of is the heart center, because that is how we feel. Our entire experience of the third dimension is through feeling and this is how we use the energy, to make us ‘feel’ something, how we judge the energy and our connection to it, and how we assess our power, by whether we can change our feelings. But no matter how complicated we make the process, we are just working with energy.


It is hard for us to imagine that there is no more to emotion that the movement of energy because of the powerful relationship we have with it. Emotions drive us, they determine our life experience, affect all of our choices and through them we decide what we will do. How many of us would choose something that we know will make us feel bad over something that will make us feel good? Even if what makes us feel bad is the best choice, we will choose something that has a positive emotional outcome for us instead. For example, if we afraid of being alone we will stay in an unfulfilling relationship even if our best choice is to leave, which would make us feel bad because it brings up the fear of being alone.


Being able to choose from a place of non-judgment is the key to limiting the ego’s influence and ensuring that we are choosing from our spirit-centered high heart instead of the ego-focused lower heart. In the third dimension we connect to energy through our feelings, linking the energies of the first four chakras. But when our feeling center is in the low heart, we are centered in the ego and our emotions reflect the ego’s vibrations. When we add our spirit connection to our life and self experience, we bring the energy to the high heart, which then allows us to move beyond feeling into co-creation, consciously setting the energy in motion, fully aware of our co-creative abilities and knowing how to create the outcome we desire. In the high heart we acknowledge our divinity and our dimensional experience moves into higher realms.


What does this have to do with how we live our life? Everything, because at an ego level we have no concept of mastery or co-creation, we are unaware of the ‘being’ or responsive nature of energy and we react instead of initiating because we have an adversarial relationship with energy, thinking that it is a pre-disposed set of challenges which we must overcome because our first emotional experience is karmic. And yet nothing could be farther from the truth because energy’s nature is responsive and what we know through the emotions is actually a mirror of ourselves at any point in time. What we know of energy and feel as emotion is no more, and no less, than the outcome of our intention.


As human beings we connect to energy through intention. When we intend something, meaning we want to manifest or create, we set the energy in motion and it responds to us. But instead of starting from our strongest position, connected to our high heart, fully in our power, expressing our divinity and manifesting from our highest energy and intention, we go about it backwards. Instead of intending an emotional outcome, we start with a feeling we currently have and try to intend a different outcome.


So we start with an emotion and then judge our life based on that emotion and set an intention to have another emotion, instead of that one. Energy will move in whatever direction we intend it to. This is why we must learn to appreciate, take responsibility for and be grateful for each experience, because we can only move forward, from joy to more joy, from love to more love, from peace to more peace. When we tell ourselves how much we hate our current experience, we are setting the energy in motion with feelings of hate, self criticism, and judgment and can only create one thing, more of what we are now hating. Gratitude creates a higher vibration, closure and expands energy into a higher vibration.


Of course we must be detached from the outcome and ready to accept any experience that brings us what we want to feel, which is hard to do when we have our heart and mind set on a particular outcome. But then we are setting the energy in motion through the low heart and not the high heart. The low heart cannot be detached because its first priority is to gratify and validate the ego always seeks something to validate itself. When we are in self judgment, the ego wants to validate that. When we love ourselves, we set the energy in motion which will bring us people and events that will validate our self love.


It is what we don’t know about emotion that keeps us from truly stepping into a life that knows boundless joy, abundant success and fulfillment on every level. Our knowledge of emotion is learned from lifetimes of experience, taught to us by people who know as much as or less about energy than we do. The connection with energy and emotion is part of life but is limited by the little knowledge we have about how energy really works. Our experience of life is controlled by emotion, it is expanded or contracted by emotion and our judgments and opinions are based on the emotions we experience. Learning that emotion is merely energy in motion is the key to a fulfilling life.


Once we understand the laws of emotion, or energy in motion, we can live through an energetic partnership to create an emotional experience that resonates with our highest potential and fulfills our most cherished dreams.


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