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Message from Arcturian Group, Marilyn Raffaele, 15 December 210

Posted on December 15, 2010 at 9:10 AM

We of the Arcturian Group come to wish you a happy season of your seasons. It is a time of rejoicing for many, and yet at the same time, a letting go of the past. Many of you are feeling an "oldness" in tradition, and are also feeling that much no longer resonates with you as it once did. This is because you are changing dear ones, you are moving into a new energy and that which resonates with that which you have outgrown, just doesn't fit any more. It is fine to celebrate your special seasons. Have fun and enjoy the companionship, but do not get too lost in what was, looking at Christmas past, like your Scrooge who had to learn the hard way.


Let go of the past. We tell you this often, but it is the past that holds so many in bondage to failure because they are not allowing the new to come in. This can be seen in your financial world. They refuse to change, but want things to return to "business as usual". They are trying to fix a house of cards by recreating it into what it once was, instead of moving into new ways of doing. Change is going to happen with or without their permission because the energy of the world is shifting quickly .


Many are awakening to a deeper sense of themselves and their purpose, and the old message of "consume, consume and you will be happy", is beginning to ring hollow on many ears. This is a sign of spiritual progress, dear ones. Be open to change. We know that many of you are suffering from financial woes, this is going to adjust and change as all is shifting. Do what you need to do, but know within yourselves that you already are one with Infinite abundance; that is who and what you are.


When you dwell in what isn't, you create it, and that happens in all areas of your lives. You are powerful beings, even though you don't remember. As energy becomes more and more refined, creation occurs more and more quickly. Watch what you are saying and thinking, dear ones.


Always the first step is to acknowledge that you are the manifestation of Source. This means that you actually embody within you Divine Ideas of completeness, and wholeness. As this becomes your state of consciousness, it then manifests in your outer world as... Your next steps are then those human footsteps needed for whatever direction you are heading. When you make the human footsteps your first step, you leave out the most important part, and continue to create the lack you see and perpetuate the illusion.


This is difficult to understand upon first hearing, especially since you have been taught to believe that Source is a power outside of yourselves. Take truth into your mind and heart, and mull it over; meditate on it, chew it up and down, and think about exactly what it means to be one with Source.


This is the journey of evolution dear ones, and we see that this transition is a very big step for many, but know that you are not meant to jump into full realization in one minute. Simply begin the process by accepting the truth into your thought first, and then as you work with truth, it goes deeper and in time becomes your state of consciousness. This state of consciousness is then in turn, translated by mind as your outer experience. Mind is the substance of matter. Contemplate this, dear ones.

Thank you Arcturian Group


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