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Sagittarius 2010: Activating Your *NEW* Truth & Purpose, a message from Kelly M. Beard,15 December, 2010

Posted on December 15, 2010 at 8:25 AM

 To move into true spiritual power

requires an INTERNAL discipline -

to sit each day with ourselves,

to renew our behavior and choices,

and develop consciousness.

~ Caroline Myss, Author ~


Sagittarius energy launches a personal and global Spiritual Quest to create a life that reflects our Highest Truth. There are some incredibly powerful shifts affecting everyone this month and next. It is vital that I remind you of the planetary support we all have access to at this time as it is more than the usual "shifts" - we are ALL AT A MAJOR LIFE CROSSROADS!


Sagittarius requires us to take a moment to make meaning out of all the information we have gathered over the last 6mo - 2yr. And last month, Scorpio energy brought some very real, deeply buried issues to the surface and further revealed what is truly ending, complete and finished in your life. The reason for this is the end-of-an-era energy going on at this time. We really are ending some HUGE cycles, personally and globally, and beginning completely NEW ones. There is no more postponing, putting on the back-burner, avoiding, burying, or sweeping under the rug - basically, there is no more rug - no more cover! Not to totally negate free will and choice, you must remember that you can run but you can't hide (from Self) so you can "choose" to postpone or face things once and for all and move freely, LIGHTER, to the next level. It is time to subjugate your ego to that of higher, Divine Will.


If you find that things are dis-integrating in your life, keep in mind that some things have to "break" to heal correctly and re-integrate stronger. Many people are experiencing career change, relationships ending, income streams shifting, health issues popping up (or getting worse), please know that it truly is Divine Order. You are changing, growing, evolving, and when YOU change - everyone (and everything) else around you must shift too (or go away, even temporarily). These are "growing pains" or "labor pains" you are feeling and while they may seem unbearable in the moment, it is not a permanent condition. You are in the VOID - between the old and the new - where you have to focus - you have to breathe - and be present, keeping in mind the most optimistic possible outcome because if you give in to the fear, you only create more pain, more challenges & more karma to clear.


When you catch yourself giving in to the fear (False Evidence Appearing Real) and gravitating toward the worst-case scenarios, it can be infinitely effective to immediately correct those thoughts with the Highest outcome you can possibly imagine in that moment. My thinking is, if we are in a space where "anything can happen" - which I believe we are - then why not only connect to the miracles? Why can't that "anything" be fantastic rather than horrible? Are you an optimist or a pessimist? It is your choice. But know this, it is an infinitely creative time - WHATEVER you think or imagine is instantly created and eventually (sooner or later) manifested.


Sagittarius time is the time in between the end (of the old) and the beginning (of the new), in between the invisible (Scorpio) and the visible (Capricorn) energies, where the possibilities are only limited by your imagination and ability to believe in your Self and the Universe (faith). (Next month we move in to Capricorn where we begin to make the vision tangible and the physical work begins.) Sag asks everyone to reconsider their definition of Truth, Faith and Purpose. We are being presented with a tremendous OPPORTUNITY (Jupiter) the whole month of December. One month is scant time to free your mind of limitations, detach from appearances and focus ONLY on the Highest possible outcomes you can imagine (to any issue / problem / goal / objective). There are some powerful planetary shifts which are opening gateways to energy allowing us to readily connect to the Infinite Source of all creation. Take advantage of this time!!


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