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Weekly Forecast: November 20 - 26, 2022, Kelly M. Beard, 21 November 2022

Posted on November 21, 2022 at 2:05 PM

11/20 ~ Sun (source & essential Self) ~trine~ Jupiter (expansion):


This is a blessing of Source energy fueling your biggest dreams & visions for your life, this lifetime. You are encouraged to take advantage of the good *vibe* available when these two get together to expand your life’s direction in a big way. This activation is often blessings from previous dedication. You’ve been moving in a certain direction, and it’s like the Path is wider & deeper now, allowing you to connect some huge pieces of your personal Story *together* in a new way. It’s great for learning & exploring anything that will support your forward movement. Some may use the good vibe to veg-out and relax, which for some, that may be best. However, if you are stepping up to new levels of your own consciousness, this energy totally supports you as you integrate it all. It is an enthusiastic, optimistic energy that will open doors for you, depending on your attitude. It will allow you to see the big picture and the next necessary step toward your goals at this time.


11/20 ~ Vesta Enters PISCES (until Feb 7th):


Vesta is all about what is Sacred to you, the individual, so in Pisces, unity, compassion & spirituality become not just important but SACRED. It is where we focus to the exclusion of other things so in Pisces, we may get too carried away with dreams & schemes, deluded by what we wish or hope would happen or drown in a victim consciousness. Let’s not do it that way! Let’s tap into the healing capacity of Pisces that helps us integrate more wholeness. It helps us make the deeper connections and it helps us develop self-trust so that we can follow our intuition confidently. This opportunity only comes around every 4-5 years and now she’s made it through the whole zodiac to the culmination in Pisces. What have you been focused on the most over the last 4-5 years? What have you neglected within or around you? Wherever you feel scattered or fragmented, this is the time when you can use the energies to integrate your own next level in a powerful way. Pisces is also where we *process* on an emotional level so again, something has run its course in the last 4-5 years that you may finally be ready to surrender & let go. Either way, this energy is great for taking some Intentional Solitude in Nature to down-regulate your nervous system and re-connect you with your own true Nature so that you can remember what an intricate part of actual Nature that you are!


11/21 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~conjunct~ Venus (values, priorities & resources):


This energy encourages you to see the Divine Order or the unifying theme running through the events of your life ~ good, bad & indifferent as well as past, present & future. This is an initiation of new values around communication, self-expression and the value of your ideas. You may finally be able to express ideas that have been percolating in your head, some people say “I love you” at this time, or articulate their feelings in deeper, more expressive ways. It’s really *juicy* for your Inner Artist, this is the beginning of expressing your creative ideas in altogether new & different ways than ever before. Allow your Imagination to free-flow. Play with ideas with no attachment to outcome. Take advantage and explore all that this energy stirs within you, but don’t give in to over-thinking or over-processing things. These connections are richer, giving you access to deeper personal growth & development through a new understanding of how all the events of your life work together for good, ultimately. You can see the necessity of certain challenges and clearly see your own personal mastery thus far. Celebrate and choose to create some new thought patterns that integrate and reflect more beauty throughout your life.


11/23 ~ SAG New Moon:


This Sagittarian energy comes on the cusp between the Old Path and the New Path. Opportunities will be presented and you will find out how you’re evolving by the choices and commitments you make going forward. No longer can we agree to terms which hold no meaning or value for the individual or the community. The Global Family has expanded, our consciousness has evolved and the vibratory frequency of the planet has raised considerably. If Life’s taught us one thing in the last 1-3 years, adjustments must be made if you’re going to live your own Truth & Story (and not someone else’s imposed upon you). Building constructs to support a more balanced existence THIS lifetime will require time, energy and resources to birth in our 3D/reality. On the other hand, the *invisible* (thought/imagination) ALWAYS precedes the *visible* results (form/outcome). And Sagittarius is all about what you BELIEVE before you even have a clue what you want to or are capable of building in Capricorn next month.


This Sag New Moon brings a potent *seed* point. Scorpio always brings permanent transformation, which leads to a totally new Sag Truth, which leads to a newly reborn Capricorn Reality. I encourage you to always see Truth as *fluid* and Reality as *co-creative & malleable* and thus, they both change & shift according to what other energies & entities are involved. Stepping into 2023, ask your Self … Where are you/we headed? If you happen to have Sagittarius/Gemini and-or Pisces/Virgo activated in your chart, then this is a huge New Beginning for you personally (or in those Houses/Areas of Life for the rest of us).


11/23 ~ Jupiter Direct in PISCES (until Dec 20th):


Faith is an active principle. We are being challenged to dream up a new and better Story for ourselves & the planet. What do you believe? Part of my work as the Mystic Mentor is reminding you that your Soul Work is an ongoing, it is a lifelong process of integration & education. We get to work on this monthly, annually and in a bigger way, like now, every 12-years. So where Neptune represents our spirituality and connection to God/Source, Jupiter is our faith and personal code that we live by, our individual Truth.


Jupiter is also one of the *benefactors* in the Heavens and the lessons include how to better your life: through education, consciousness, justice, integrity and Truth to start with. Jupiter makes things bigger, so when in Pisces, it’s expanding your conscious awareness around sensitivities and boundaries, around illusions and delusions, around our compassion for ourselves, each other and the planet. Pisces also represents the Womb in a lot of ways, and in this case, it’s the womb of our consciousness – what we incubate within and then make choices and decisions on out in the world. It is time to consider the Truth that you believe and the Story that you tell with your choices. It’s time to add meaning to your life. It is time to expand in some way, and that is customized for each individual (depending on your Pisces House). Another one of Jupiter’s gifts is inflation so when it retrogrades, deflation can occur in that Area of Life so it is good to be alert.


One of the blessings of this year’s Jupiter Lesson is that we are supported to stop reaching outside of ourselves for guidance & clarity and turn to our own inner guidance to direct us. What do you believe to be true or possible for you? for humanity? for the planet? Check out this 37-min Audio HERE / Video HERE – this is from 12-years ago when Jupiter entered Pisces last and it is FULL of unbelievably appropriate reminders for RIGHT NOW!! It also has some references to other rare planetary alignments of the time that are just beginning to be relevant now. So think back to 2009-2010-2011-2012 – there were some important alignments then that we are seeing the results of now. (Also, I apologize in advance for how fast I used to talk – I have been working on that my whole life ;))


Every year, Jupiter Retrogrades giving us a chance to edit our stories, individually and collectively. With Neptune continuing its journey through Pisces, we are so supported to activate the Imagination to assist this year in a bigger way than usual. If you were able to pull back enough to re-evaluate and tune-in to a greater vision for yourself, rather than try to force your will, you should begin to feel stronger and more centered going forward, which enables you to be more effective in the world. Work smarter, not harder. Make the necessary adjustments being demanded of you at this time. Edit or rewrite your personal Story and it will ultimately empower you.


This is our last opportunity for 12-years to dream a new dream – to tell a completely New Story so now that it is going Direct, and it will enter Aries as we will begin to Initiate that New Story. Check out a post where I go through the journey of Jupiter through Aquarius-Pisces-Aries and that will give you some idea of the journey we are continuing into 2023.


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