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Earth Energy Vibes, Sharon-Ann Riley, 28 August 2022

Posted on August 28, 2022 at 7:10 AM

The Great Central Sun is working with Gaia to support 5D alignment.

Solar flares continue to shed, cleanse and release old emotional patterns, collective trauma and junk DNA from the body helping us connect to the Authentic Self.


Old themes may show up. Observe from Presence and let go in unconditional love.


Universe asks how are you showing up for You?


Sensitives and Empaths may experience the following: heart palpitations, thymus flutters, rib pain, chronic cough, phlegm on chest (heart expansion), headaches, sinus pressure, allergy flare ups, ascension flu, TMJ, jaw pain, teeth and gum discomfort (higher levels of consciousness assimilation), dry mouth, blurry vision, floaters, eye pressure and light sensitivity (third eye activations), grumbly tummy, nausea, loss of appetite to constant hunger - listen to body, acid reflux, anxiety, insomnia (awake between 1-6am - etheric bodies active at night), head, neck and shoulder discomfort (old burdens being lifted - emotional and financial), collar bone and clavicle clicking popping sound / pressure (don't be afraid to speak your truth), upper / lower back pain, sciatica (Kundalini over stimulation), overall body and joint pain (moving from carbon to crystalline body), ladies - changes in menstrual cycle, night sweats, cold waves, skin breakouts (old emotions), sudden appearance of wrinkles (body adjusting to new light downloads). Practice self care and hydrate.


How are feeling?


Love to all xxx

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