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Weekly Forecast: July 24 - 30, 2022, Kelly M. Beard, 26 July 2022

Posted on July 26, 2022 at 4:30 AM

7/25 ~ Juno Retro in PISCES (until Oct 23rd):


Juno, the Divine Consort, rules your most important relationships & partnerships, as well as what you are deeply committed to. She will spend an extended period in *PISCES* this year ~ 4.20.2022 thru 1.13.2023 ~ that’s about 9-months to incubate a New Vision of how we can partner with Nature in new ways and relate with each other on deeper, more intimate levels after being put through so much social & collective trauma over the last 2+ years. This is an opportunity to heal within and with others, it is a chance to process & integrate on a whole new level. This supports deep emotional processing so that we can interact with others in healthier ways too. Pisces activates a certain idealism, hopes & dreams, in this case, around our relationships, partnerships & collaborations. Often, that can manifest as “seeing the others’ potential” rather than the reality of what they are presenting. So we may have to recalibrate the boundaries along the way so that going forward, we can be more practical in our choices and effective in our actions. The Shadow that we have to deal with comes in the form of disillusionment, withdrawal, escapism into fantasy, self-deception, martyrdom & victimization, which is what happens when these Piscean idealistic expectations are not met.

Last time Juno was in Pisces was 2.23.2018

Next time Juno will be in Pisces is 1.14.2027


Additionally, Vesta will complete her mission at the end of the year in a deep & powerful way too. Vesta is ‘what is Sacred’ to you the individual and she is lingering on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp this year as of March 10th and won’t enter Aries until 2.7.2023. Vesta in Aquarius will re-set our Sovereignty in a big way, and moving through Pisces will re-set our connection to our own true Spirit & individual Nature in a completely new & different way than ever before. Juno goes into Pisces on 4.20.2022 and doesn’t get to Aries until 1.13.2023 and the reason this is relevant is because Juno will also hook up with Uranus & North Node in Taurus Aug 3rd, creating an opportunity to facilitate real change, in a literal way. As you upgrade your physicality to handle these higher frequencies, your life starts to flow effortlessly. I don’t mean everything will be easy & fun all the time, what I mean is that you start to live truer to your own Nature, so Nature Herself responds in kind and starts lining up miracles customized for you! Pisces & Taurus is a delicious combo – one dreams it up and the other builds it – and together, they help us cultivate kinship and create beautiful & functional structures that can last for a very long time. That could be US!! Our bodies – Mother’s Body – all Life is evolving right now so let’s consciously co-create and allow the imagination a vote. Let’s not give in to irrational fears or childhood phobias, but rather, tap into our intuition and our own sense of Right Timing for you the individual. Let’s tend to our boundaries, on all levels, with other humans, as well as the other Dimensions where our Invisible Team resides. Ultimately, we can create all new Spiritual Practices that better support who we’ve become, in the here & now, with these energies. We have the Sacred Individual and Sacred Partnership completing a cycle in Pisces and preparing to start a new cycle in Aries in 2023 for all of us!


7/25 ~ Venus (love, finances & relationships) ~square~ Jupiter (expansion & consciousness):


This energy is a happy-go-lucky kind of energy that doesn’t really want to be bothered with the mundane, however, you must not allow that passing energy to get you so off track that it costs you more than it is worth down the road. If you don’t have any pressing obligations, then this will be a fun, relaxing time, possibly with friends or socializing. However, if you have work to do, make sure that it gets done first so you can truly enjoy yourself without the worry of the pile being bigger when you return. Watch the excesses as well, food, drink and/or spending. On a deeper level, you may have to make some adjustments in your relationships or finances. Jupiter always reveals how we make things bigger’ (consciously or not) and this activation usually helps us be more realistic, so that we can align our true priorities with our grand vision of the future.


7/26 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~square~ Mars (desire & actions):


This activation can be a tough one for some. If your beliefs are out of alignment with your actions, if you are not self-aware or you act-out unconsciously, being selfish or childish, then watch out, because squares test you to grow and change in some way. Often, this also means that you are suppressing your own nature in some way, which is never really a good idea. When you suppress your Soul, it can make your human more sensitive or defensive, taking things personally as a threat or challenge. If you catch your Self feeling irritable for no apparent reason this week, try to step back and gain some perspective before responding to either your own thoughts or another’s words. Mercury & Mars getting together, in this challenging way, can provoke debates and, in some people, actual fights, so be careful. The deeper aspect of this activation is that some part of you wants to express, perhaps in a new way, and your monkey-mind has got you all off track. Mars demands that you know who you are and what you want, and is the Sacred Masculine part of you, which is supposed to hold good boundaries, protect you and negotiate on your behalf in the world. If you know something that you are not acting on, this can be frustrating. If you are acting in ways that are not allowing you to think things through, this too can cause accidents, problems and delays. It is best to pull in until you are clear. And also keep in mind that, you may not be out of alignment in the above ways, but those around you may be and will likely have no context for what they are feeling and therefore, become indiscriminate with their own choices & actions. Self-preservation is not selfish but essential at this time.


7/28 ~ Mercury (lower mind & ideas) ~square~ Uranus (Higher Mind & awakening):


This energy challenges you to expand your mind or consciousness in a way, pushing you to think differently and respond to information in new ways. Uranus brings sudden ah-ha moments, individual awareness and radical new ideas, which is great for you adventurous souls who thrive on change and new ideas. However, if you are personally attached to your routine and things ‘going as planned’, then this energy can cause aggravation and tax your nervous system because things will seem sudden (even though it is more likely that they have already been brewing under the surface for some time now). You will have to adjust and be more open & mentally flexible than usual. You may not be able to control the excessive mental activity or information-overload coming in, but hopefully you can direct it a bit. It’s good to activate or clean your personal filters by taking some time in nature to process things at your own pace and generally clear your head. This can be a very inspiring & creative time, so try to tune into that, while keeping in mind that anything you begin or get into, may require a review later so that you can check over the details of your revelations (or creations). You’re just cracking the surface, this is all about the revelation or awakening, you will eventually have to figure out the logistics or effective actions necessary to bring your ideas into form.


7/28 ~ LEO New Moon:


As the Sun moves into Leo (7/22 – 8/22), it activates the Annual Check-In with your Heart & Authentic Self, are you being true to YOU? and expressing your own unique Light & Brilliance ~ from the inside out? Leo energy activates your Self-Love/Self-Worth issues. As you discover your unique strengths & gifts, it becomes your responsibility to share them with the Community to which you belong. There is an idea that is often true and it suggests that “whatever’s inside comes out” (especially under external pressures) … so if you are full of Love, Light & Truth, then a generosity of Spirit comes out … if you are full of Fear & Doubt, then obstacles and blockages come out. What’s inside you? in your true heart-of-hearts? Now more than ever, we must be congruent with our Inner & Outer Natures in order to thrive & evolve. If we are “serving two masters” (or incongruent on one or many levels) ~ having the private side of your nature be too drastically different from that which you present to the world ~ then you’re going to have challenges, blockages and delays until you get into more alignment. Leo energy teaches us all how to BE it (your Authentic Self), not just “appear” to be it; it asks that you know who you are (and next month, Virgo will perfect it ;-)). What has changed on a *fundamental* level (Cancer/Capricorn ~ personal & professional or at home & work) for you, that has now made you aware of how vital it is to honor your own essential nature (Leo/Sun), so that you are able to contribute to the whole (Aquarius/Uranus) in a more useful and delicious way?


This is an opportunity to expand & illuminate the lesson of courage, authenticity and deep self-love. When you’re connected and truly love your Self, it is easy to give/receive and share/attract LOVE! When you operate from a confident, strong center, rather than insecure ego, you radiate LOVE and magnetize a similar (loving/confident) energy to you. Collectively, when you love and take care of your community, it can come together and create new, innovative structures & institutions which actually serve & support the needs of the people in the here & now. Your community can be free to grow, thrive & prosper, handling each blessing, as well as each challenge, that comes along. Cancer brought us out of the first quadrant of survival issues & basic needs to more of the individuation process (Leo) when we tend to focus more on asserting ourselves and integrating all that we learned in the last quarter. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun represents your Source – your Inner Light – and all that you have come to create & contribute to the community (Aquarius). Leo energy helps you expand the concept of who you are and what you are capable of, not to mention the value of the energy & service you provide to the community. It’s so beautiful when we can ALL be free, when we ALL do our own part. So use this Leo New Moon to call in your own Next Level Self and start creating space for that part of you to SHINE!


7/28 ~ Jupiter Retro in ARIES (until Nov 23rd):


Jupiter activates a brand new 12-year Cycle by moving into Aries! You can & will improve your Identity & Purpose, while initiating a whole NEW Truth, Story & Belief System. If 12-years is too much to wrap your brain around, I would encourage you to think in terms of 3-year increments. The Trinity energy is very powerful and when working with Jupiter, you are being exposed to an expanded awareness of a Larger Truth, of which you are an integral part. It is vital to work with this entity when you are consciously co-creating the Truth, Story & Belief System that guides your own life.

*Years to meditate on how life changed & improved in fundamental ways:

Jupiter in Aries = 2010-11

Jupiter in Cancer = 2013-14

Jupiter in Libra = 2016-17

Jupiter in Capricorn = 2020

Jupiter in Aries = 2022-23


Jupiter spends about a year in every Sign, taking approximately 12-years to make it through the zodiac. We are Initiating this Cycle together! There are Personal, Social and Collective Cycles happening at this time, making Jupiter a Social Planet, creating that common ground that we all share. Plus Initiating in Aries gives us all a clean slate to work with as well. This means that you too have a Personal 12-year Cycle based on the Sign Jupiter was in when you were born. However, Socially and Collectively, the 12-year Cycle is being RE-Set at this time 2022-23. It is a 1-3 year process that you can tune into that has considerable support for you to change what you believe to be true or possible for your Self, your community and the world.


Jupiter also Retrogrades every year giving us a chance to focus on what has expanded and reevaluate what in your life needs to increase and what in your life needs to decrease. That will happen July-Nov 2022 but first we got an initial introduction to this energy during May-June-July 2022, before its final months in Pisces to truly close out the cycle. This back & forth through the Pisces/Aries areas of our charts, will give us a chance to truly digest and process this new energy and when it goes forward and finishes up in Aries (Dec-May 2023), we will anchor it for the next 12-years.


Streams of Consciousness ~ Word Association:

Now, we add to the mix, Pisces/Aries ~ Ending/New Beginning ~ Womb-to-Birth ~ Completion/Initiation ~ from one, watery, (possibly) dark, completely-provided for state of Being … to a very different, fiery, bright, completely new, you’re-on-your-own state of Being. Sensitivity, Intuition & Instincts are all valuable and subject to imbalances. The Social & Collective planets are all active right now, moving our Individual journeys along. Jupiter (Truth), Saturn (Purpose), Chiron (Healing), Uranus (Freedom) Neptune (Imagination) and Pluto (Transformation). Social Justice ~ Social Structure ~ Collective Healing ~ Collective Liberation ~ Collective Narrative ~ Collective Rebirth. By being responsible (able to respond), committed & awake, we can move into this new territory confident that all we need, desire and deserve is and always will be provided. If you are co-creating with these energies, and especially if you have any Aries/Libra and/or Cancer/Capricorn in your chart, then the next 3-years are vital to anchoring much larger cycles that will fortify, nurture and protect you going forward.


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