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JUNE 2022 MONTHLY FORECAST, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 2 June 2022

Posted on June 2, 2022 at 2:10 AM

The main themes for June are: “REALITY CHECK and TURNING POINT”.

In the aftermath of the last intense eclipse cycle, there is a feeling of being slightly ungrounded, somewhat uncertain, definitely in transition, energetically uncomfortable, and in a state of knowing that change is all around us and unavoidable. One question is, how will we deal with it in a proactive and productive way? Another question is, what do we truly want and how can we best manifest it?


Sitting in the state of not knowing is a discipline in itself and an appropriate place to be at this time. This is inner work and we are being tasked to look deeply into ourselves for the absolute truth of the choices we need to commit to for our lives to proceed in the right direction based on that truth. The reality check will show us our distractions and the agendas of others that keep us from turning our ambivalence into right action. We need to examine closely where we are, what we are doing, whom we are with and what we need to release from the past that keeps us hostage and away from our dreams.


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This is a truly creative time however it will take courage to take a leap of faith where you need to. The saying “shit or get off the pot” is one that should be taken seriously, especially around the “turning point” theme of the month. How many times have you said, “I would if I could”, or “I really should”, or “someday I will”, or “I want to but I can’t”? These are statements that make you powerless and can easily turn into energy leaks. It would be worthwhile to examine each of these when you find yourself saying them and tell the truth about what is behind each one. Don’t be surprised if emotional material, childhood trauma or imprinting surfaces from the past for you to look at, process, finally forgive and put to rest.


The main “turning point” this month is going to be about your attitude and belief in yourself and what is possible. If you have complained about your job, a relationship, your living situation, your health, your addictions, your prosperity, or anything else, it is time to actually make a commitment to acknowledge the truth, take responsibility, make a change, and create a plan of action. You cannot change what others do, believe, or say, but you can certainly change those things in yourself. And that is the place to start. Don’t let the fear of what others may think of you get in the way. Dig into your own truth, be creative in your approach and trust spirit around choices and decisions that you know are right.


The energy of the solstice this month should be used proactively as a way to honor some turning point in your life. Choose something that you have been either procrastinating or on the fence about and make a solid decision about it. It should be something you are clear you want for yourself based on the reality check of your own truth. Taking a step forward usually comes with needing to release something that was holding you back. It could be fear, doubt, confusion, or something more tangible like the attachment to a person or physical item that has provided you with a sense of security, like a job, personal environment, or relationship.

There is an opportunity to take a risk and set yourself up for a new adventure. This may seem contradictory to the need to focus on your inner work, however, when everything aligns with your truth and intention, an opportunity can magically show up so pay attention and take some action towards it if appropriate. You will be tested by doubt and the critical sharing of your intellectual mind. Keep your compass trained on your heart and listen to the reality check of your emotional intelligence. This will guide you better than any rational thought process.


Trust your truth, set your goals based on that truth, and then give your intentions over to spirit. There is no way your mind will be able to come up with the instruction manual of how you will achieve your dreams. You will need to trust your heart and have complete emotional confidence that you will be supported in the process and end up in exactly the right place at the right time for you. Part of the reality check is eliminating the attachment to anything delusional. It is important to reflect on whatever story you have been telling yourself and others that includes any blame, judgement or an inflated sense of ego. Always come from a place of humility, acceptance and a willingness to be vulnerable. Anything else will not support you in the long run. You may need to release your position of being “right” and blaming others in order to take advantage of the “turning point” available to you this month. The month is not easy but it can be very rewarding if you do the work.

How the month shows up:



This month you can turn things around in your life putting yourself on a different trajectory more aligned with your personal truth. What have you always wanted to do? If you had the means, the time, the energy, and did not have to consider others, what would you change? And is this dream current or is it something from the past that you never had a chance to experience? Part of the reality check is to acknowledge what is of the past and release it to the past including old intentions and dreams that you may still be attached to. And, there may be some dreams that can be brought into present time and modified to who and where you are right now and what is possible for you given your present circumstances. What was the motivation behind that original dream? And is it still important to you? If so, how can you refine and modify it to better align with who you are today?


The other part of your personal growth this month is related to making choices and taking action based on the reality check of your truth. This includes overcoming fear, doubt and the judgment from others and telling the truth about what your needs are and what makes you happy. In this process you need to remember that you cannot change another person, you can only change yourself. If you are under the illusion that your happiness depends on what someone else does or does not do, you will need to release that projection before you can fully take responsibility for your life. This could be your turning point, a new sense of personal power and ability to create and manifest from within.


You have the opportunity this month to finally commit to something you have wanted to do for a while, maybe your whole life. It is a good month to turn “I should” into “I will”, “I can’t” into “I can and I will”, and “If only” into “What if?”. The reality check is to make sure what you are intending is really what you want, and the turning point is the 100% belief in yourself and your creativity to magically manifest with the support and trust in spirit.



Relationships may go though some adjustments this month as a separation of what is yours and what belongs to someone else sets necessary boundaries and releases expectations. A reality check may open your eyes to how wonderful and supportive a relationship is but it can also show you where there may be dysfunction in assumption and expectation. The key word here is responsibility. Being responsible for your own health, happiness and sense of security is key to keeping a good balance in relationship. The exception is of course the agreement to hold a container for and physically take care of a child or someone else. Some of these agreements need to be examined as often it is the expectation of another that can hold you hostage even if a true agreement is not there.


Your relationship with yourself and your inner truth is the most important one this month. Out of the acknowledgement of your truth will come choices and decisions that may affect those around you and your relationship with them may need to be adjusted. It is important to look at the motivation behind certain addictive behaviors and to take responsibility for what they are attempting to avoid, fix or eliminate. Your turning point may be to release relationships that don’t serve you as well as to allow others to support and love you provided the intention is unconditional. Be a bit vulnerable and work through the fear of entrapment as well as any fear of abandonment. The reality check is this: Are you happy? Are you getting what you need? If not, why not? It is up to you and no one else.



There is great progress to be made in this area this month. Our health is perhaps the biggest issue in regard to discipline and telling the truth. Many addictions have to do with the physical body and its illusion of comfort. Most of us know what we “should” be doing to live healthier lives and support our bodies as the containers for our lives. Many of us lack the discipline. Why?


The body is a creature of habit and gets used to habitual behavior very quickly. To break bad habits takes discipline and a willingness to go through some discomfort. When that discomfort hits, we tend to blame the body for it. If you intend to stop drinking or eating sugar or changing your diet or exercise routine, you need to talk to your body and support it in other ways instead of coming from an attitude of punishment. If all you feel is discomfort, it is easy to give up the discipline. So, if you are at a turning point to make a change in your habits, make sure you include ways to love and support the body. It is an elemental and should be treated as you would a child or a favorite pet. Take it for a walk, do something fun, treat it to a massage or something of beauty. And take baby steps, acknowledging improvement along the way, no matter how small. You have the opportunity to really change your health around this month. Be practical with achievable goals, give yourself plenty of time, be present and conscious with the process.


The other aspect of health is your emotional health. This is a big focus right now and requires support even if you think you can process old trauma and childhood issues yourself. Get support if you need it and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Acknowledge that when old emotional debris comes up to haunt you, it is a good thing, as you can now face it, tell the truth about it, forgive it, and release it to the past. Feed your emotional health with beauty and inspiration. Whatever brings you emotional comfort (other than your addictions) should be nurtured and included in your support system.


Emotional health will also be an area of important reality check. Are you in an environment that supports your emotional health and healing what needs to be healed? Or does it enable the wounding in some dysfunctional way? Making appropriate changes could be part of your turning point.



If it is not working, give it up. Holding on to old projects, partnerships and business ideas or structures that are not working may bleed more energy from you than you have to give. When big transition and change is afoot, the external structures that served as containers for business and projects can begin to fall apart. This may be counter intuitive, but the best way to proceed may be to allow them to dissolve as there may be a good reason for it. There are many stories of having the courage to let something go only to find that there is something way better on the other side. The reality check around partnerships and projects includes telling the truth about whether what you are doing makes you happy. Do you like your partners? Are you fulfilled and inspired by your business and projects? What is your motivation for being involved? If it is only for financial security, that is not entirely enough anymore. You may need to examine your truth and maybe make some adjustments and changes in this area.


On the other hand, be open to new possibilities and opportunities. When you let go of something, you become available for something else. Restructuring what you already have is another effective way to make changes. Reflect on what is worth keeping and what needs to go, much like cleaning your garage. Move things around like schedules, people and equipment to change things up and always keep the idea of improvement in mind.



The climate and weather continue to be extreme and somewhat unpredictable. Keep your plans flexible not only with regards to the natural environment but also due to the unstable environments controlled by human activity. This is a month where your reality check will include identifying toxic environments and making choices to extricate yourself from them. You should be working with good boundaries around what environments support you and which ones don’t and protecting your personal environment from negative energies.

We talked about clutter in many previous forecasts. We will mention it again here, as clutter of any kind, (mental, emotional, physical and energetic) can lead to anxiety, confusion, worry and poor health. You should be ruthless this month in decluttering your personal environment in all areas. The reality check around physical clutter is whether you love and use what you have around you, and if not, why you think you need to keep what you don’t use. Remember that when you let go of something, you make space for something else.



June 1-7: This is a good time frame for completions. What have you been putting off? Do it now and clear the decks in preparation for more action when you may need time and space to contemplate new choices and to take advantage of opportunities. Even if you can only make a plan of action, be committed to following through with it. Balance this time with inner reflection on personal truth and outer productive action for taking care of important business.


Put any confusion about future intentions on a shelf for now and keep a don’t know mind when you don’t have clarity. If your reality check brings disappointment, release whatever attachment you may have had to that expectation or plan. Always trust that something better will be available.


June 8-15: This could be a time of ups and downs. If you are struggling with a choice that is not clear, postpone the decision. The truth that gives you a reality check should let you know when the timing is right. Meanwhile use your discipline to address the changes you know you need to make especially around old habits, addictions, beliefs and attachments. This is also a good time to take care of the body and acknowledge your needs for comfort.

Being as this could be an uncomfortable time energetically and emotionally, the discipline will be coming up with the intention for deep healing and embracing a turning point, whatever that is for you.


June 14: Full Moon in Sagittarius is Tuesday, June 14 at 5:52 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Known as the Strawberry moon, this is also a super moon lending power to your choices and commitments. If you are clear about an intention especially one that will support a turning point in your life, send it out to the universe on a powerful prayer.

If you are in the process of a reality check, your feelings and reactions could be intensified. The best way to use the potential of this full moon is to engage in optimism, trust and inspiration about what is possible. That no matter how things seem in the present, all will be well in the future.


Our need for comfort and security is challenged during this full moon giving us the opportunity to reflect on the truth of what is true security and true comfort. In this somewhat uncomfortable time of shifts and changes, self-care and personal needs are an important focus. Take some time during this full moon to sit on the earth and feed your root chakra with the vitality pacha mama has to offer as a grounding nurturing force.


Join Jose for a powerful remote shamanic healing and wisdom session in preparation for the full moon. Sunday, June 12 at 7PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)


June 16-23: This is a good time frame to focus on what the turning point is for you and how you can be supported in your commitment to that change. As we approach the Solstice, think about how you can prepare for a true shift in your life. This time frame is also about cooperation and relying on your community for help when you need it. This could be an emotional time that requires some outside help in navigating the release of something that has been holding you back.


If you are feeling overwhelmed, a natural reaction could be to simply disengage from being present. The truth, however, is that it is more important the ever to be present and proactive even if it takes enormous discipline. Lethargy, ambivalence and disassociation are not helpful and will only cause unnecessary suffering. Take baby steps, get help, trust your allies and your own personal creative power.


June 21: Solstice (Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) is Tuesday, June 21 at 3:12 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). Honor this powerful time of transition with something ending and something new beginning. You can use an example of a completion in your life, even a small one, as a way to release the past. Bring something new into your life or do something you have never done before as a symbol of a new beginning. It is important to ritualize this solstice especially around a turning point in your life.


There is a good visualization on the monthly support audio for the solstice and to use throughout the month.


June 24-30: In the aftermath of the solstice, you might experience something leaving or falling apart especially if you presented an intention for a big change or turning point. Embrace it as a positive instead of holding on. There may also be opportunities presenting themselves during this time that you never would have imagined. Stay present and aware of what is happening around you and be flexible around your plans and expectations as they may limit you in what is possible.


This is also a social time of reaching out to community and strengthening your supportive relationships. It should be clear now in your reality check and personal truth what is supportive to you and what is not. Take the courage to step into your truth no matter how others may react. And, remember that baby steps will get you to the top of the mountain without struggle.


June 28: New Moon in Cancer is Tuesday, June 28 at 10:52 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) More on this New Moon will be sent as a Power Path New Moon update to our mailing list (click here to join)


Join Lena for a remote healing for this New Moon, Tuesday, June 28 7PM MDT


Have a great month!





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