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Earth Energy Vibes, Sharon-Ann Riley, 7 April 2022

Posted on April 7, 2022 at 2:05 AM

Dear Soultribers...hang onto your chakras...the photonic light tsunami caused by the active Sun is bringing all things hidden out into the open for healing, clearing and releasing. We know the drill can be a ball ache :( Go with the flow - New Earth is an intuitive - feeling way of being, not new, just forgotten. We are being asked and shown to be conscious of our emotions, not running away from them. It is a process and support is here.

Your spirit teams are always available to you.

The Piscean influence can be felt making things dream-like and foggy at times. Those sensitive to energies and Empaths may be easily triggered or be taking on too much. Practice self care and check in with Self.

This eclipse gateway has an air of "Home" surrounding it -

Do I feel at home?

Am I at home within?

Is my home my sanctuary?

Do the people in my life make me feel at home?

This is the time to claim who are...and at home in BEingness. There is only One you, so Whole in everyway, so splendid in creation...Universe wants you to see yourself as It does. By doing so you shift Consciousness itself. The right path will reveal itself. But for now relax in the knowing all is working out for you / You / us / Us.

Ascension symptoms can be felt by many as the Sun gets ready for a new cycle and as more interstellar pulses reach our Earth mother.

Emotional bodies may be overloaded new light codes affecting the nervous system - anxiety, panic attacks, ocd (breath work and grounding is key here), familial healing / outbursts / clearing, childhood healing, major relationship shifts (New Earth supporting unconditional way of being, moving away from fear based cycles), heart palpitations, thymus flutters, TMJ, sensitive teeth and gums (upper chakra clearing - are you taking on too much?) tinnitus (New Earth song and magnetic shifts), vertigo, dizziness, nausea, brain fog, nervous tummy, clicky clavicle (heart expansion) joint discomfort, shoulder and neck pain, sensitive eyes (light sensitivity - pineal gland activation), dry skin, dry mouth, overactive mind, disrupted sleep / insomnia (especially 2-6 am - higher levels of light quotient affecting Circadian rhythms), increased paranormal activity, heightened psychic awareness, spiritual awakening, sinus pain, headaches, ascension flu, sciatica (Kundalini awakening), Clairesentience.

How are you feeling?

Love to all xxx

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