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Move Fearlessly Forward, Kate Spreckley, 20 December 2021

Posted on December 20, 2021 at 11:25 AM

It has been an epic journey thus far as the spiralling energies of creation have prepared us for this powerful moment. With the Full Moon this past weekend we have reached the final stages of rebirth and stand now on the brink of a new era. Tomorrow’s Solstice is the moment of our rebirth where we will step fully into the infinite nature of our soul and begin a new journey. It is an incredibly exciting time that will see us placed firmly upon a new path.


This week marks an important stage in your journey where the power and force of your soul will be restored and expanded within your human form. You are urged to connect more deeply with your intuitive nature which will help you to assimilate and integrate all that is occurring. Be mindful that the potential for new life and new beginning is becoming actualised and as such, this is the time for you to finally break free from the past, to trust your soul and move fearlessly forward.


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