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Cancer ~ Energy of the Month, Kelly M. Beard, 1 July 2021

Posted on July 1, 2021 at 1:55 PM

This month, the Cancer energy will activate you on the deepest Soul levels. This energy is best when you direct it to Feel & Digest what is going on in and around you … take in and assimilate all nutrients, while eliminating all toxins and excess.


Last month’s Gemini/Sagittarius energy helped us define our Truth and access our Authentic Voice, now Cancer/ Capricorn will help nurture (Cancer) that (new) Truth into actuality (Capricorn). It is time to create a structure to your life that enables you to feel safe, secure, in command of your own destiny and in the flow of life. We have a rhythm that is good to be in touch with as an individual. In order to do that, you have to choose responsibility over the fear (that you cannot handle whatever comes). You have to choose to persevere rather than give in or give up. You have to choose discipline instead of comfort-seeking indulgence. When you take responsibility for your life and the contribution you are here to make, you will begin to move through life with more purpose because you are so prepared, that fear & doubt are no longer as much of a challenge as they used to be. When you do the due diligence and are prepared, confidence becomes organic & you radiate Truth.


Cancer is the time to focus on what nourishes you – what feeds your mind, body & spirit. Be mindful of the energy around you which makes your feel heavy versus uplifted. Are you engaging in activities which make you feel supported, perfect, whole & complete, as you are? or activities which weigh you down & trigger old memories or reactions? What feeds you right now today? A lot of times we hold on to the past out of habit and it really does not serve the person we’ve become. Are you constantly taking care of others and neglecting your Self?


Cancer tends to absorb the energies around them like a sponge. Practice being a thermostat rather than a thermometer. A thermometer takes the temperature, a thermostat changes the temperature. When you encounter negative energy, rather than allow it to alter your mood, use your positive energy to shift the mood consciously – that is being the thermostat. It is more effective to detach and recognize the negative energy you are experiencing, take it in, and recycle it into positive, useful energy & release it back to the Universe.


It is time to focus on the balance between home and work and recognize that the only way that you can do your work in the world is if where you lay your head is supportive, restorative & fulfilling. Focus on making your personal space SACRED! Clean out the clutter of the past; stop holding onto things “just in case”; release any pack-rat tendencies; put those pictures in a photo album; create an altar; add candles and/or crystals to your space to help balance the energies. Look at your space, what holds meaning for you personally? Make sure it reflects who you are today – not who you were 1-2-5-10-years ago or more.


This is the best time of year to focus on your *Sacred Space*, which is your immediate environment. Does it reflect (Moon) who you are today? Does it support (Cancer) your needs as well as your desires? Does it reflect where you’ve been and where you’re heading? It is time to set things up in your immediate environment which unequivocally *Support, Nourish & Protect* what is most important to you. It is time to realign your priorities on a personal level so you don’t waste precious time, energy & resources. I find myself coming back to the Cancer theme of “perseverance” … those who hang in there and spend their energy wisely, will be duly rewarded. Every planetary activation at this time (and for the remainder of the year) indicates that if you (re)dedicate yourself to fulfilling your own potential, do the work of clearing the debris (of the past) as well as prepare the area for building (the future) ~ something MIRACULOUS can come into being.


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