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Energy Vibes, Sharon-Ann Riley, 20 June 2021

Posted on June 20, 2021 at 12:05 PM

Light family! It may feel like all your emotional candles are lit lol High levels of crystalline light continue to shift our physical and spiritual bodies and major changes to inner and outer worlds.

Deep breath.

The solstice gateway is open.

We can expect psychic awakenings, heightened intuition and daily messages from spirit like coins, feathers, songs on the radio, a passage in book. There is a definite pull to turn within and as the veil thins new guides enter our realities as we embark on new soul journeys.

Those that align with the Galactics may even sense the upcoming Lionsgate on the 8-8. Time is fluid - liquid reality - yet eternally zero point. Our bodies becoming Crystalline light vessels.

Symptoms persist as downloads continue...anxiety, worry, panic, emotional highs and lows (the pineal gland attuning to MerKaba spin harmonics - one may even hear these as high pitched tones or beeps), tinnitus, nervous tummy (butterflies) diarrhea (earth's magnetic pulse is emitting frequencies releasing trapped fear codes from Earth - empaths may pick up on this), skin rashes / patches / infections, shallow / rapid breathing, phlegm, flu, teeth sensitivity, blurry vision, body twitches / twinges (solar) body aches, blurry vision / eye pressure continues as third eye attunes to 5D and higher multidimensions), ET visitations and UFO sightings are more possible closer to Solstice (this can be experienced in the astral - space travel, visiting different worlds and civilisations), remembering past lives (clear flashbacks - chance meetings with past life companions).

How are you feeling?

Love to all xxx

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