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Pluto Retrograde, Kate Spreckley, 27 April 2021

Posted on April 27, 2021 at 10:10 AM

Currently, with the Full Moon energies powerfully activating our inner world and with Pluto moving retrograde today, we are entering into a time of major transformation, revelation and rebirth. As such we can expect deeper insights and revelations to emerge that will enable us to break free from any confusion and stagnation. We are being pushed to embrace change and to take action. However, it is important that we are conscious of the motivations behind our actions. Action must now arise from a clear, intuitive and committed space rather than from instinctual urges or fear based impulses.


There is an intense feel to the energies at the moment which is magnifying your perception of yourself and your life. You may feel somewhat overwhelmed by this energy as irrational fears can surface revealing the shadowy and unhealed aspects of yourself. What you have understood as stable and secure is being questioned urging you to step beyond your comfort zones and your perceived limitations. Any unwillingness you have to change is being challenged and any resistance to change will result in feelings of irritability, anger and frustration. With Pluto retrograde for the next five months, you have the opportunity to profoundly transform your life using the wisdom and knowledge you have gained from the past. Don’t get stuck in how life should be and how it has been. Be open to the unknown.


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