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Energy Vibes, Sharon-Ann Riley, 7 April 2021

Posted on April 7, 2021 at 11:15 AM

Mild to severe lower back pain / hip pain (Kundalini healing - deep rooted emotional trauma release, we cannot hold onto anything no longer aligned with unconditional love / self - there is no time limit to process, go at your own pace), nausea / sensitive tummy / frequent trips to the bathroom / gassy (new light codes are high in vibration especially those pulsating from within Earth's core - body needs time to adjust), feeling completely out of sync with current life, shift in personality - a feeling of not knowing old self (this may feel overwhelming as we let go of ego and allow Source connection guide us to True self - spend time in meditation and reflection), 1111 / 2222 / 3333 / 4444 energies, chronic cough, sinus pain, sensitive / dry & itchy eyes (3rd eye activation - deeper truths, spontaneous clairvoyant / psychic experiences) , ovary pain / womb discomfort (anchoring of divine feminine - focus on deep breathing - embrace all of You), night sweats, high pitched ear ringing (Schumann high / active Sun - more angelics surround the planet during the great shift to 5D), ascension flu (comes and goes), familial DNA healing and release (more outbursts may come up - massive clearing - be the observer - come from love, this is not your story), electronic devices may stop working / flicker when you are near (heart centre becoming Source of creation / expansion), a deep sense of moving on (new location, new relationships, new jobs)

How are you feeling?

Love to all xxx

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