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APRIL 2021 MONTHLY FORECAST Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 2 April 2021

Posted on April 2, 2021 at 3:30 PM

The main theme for April is “TRANSITION”.

We really wanted to call this month a grumpy reset but transition is a better description as we are not yet at the reset even though the month may definitely show up as grumpy, irritating, and uncomfortable at times. Very few of us are comfortable with transition as it indicates leaving behind what is known to us, even if that known place is no longer what we want, and moving into an unknown landscape, even though that landscape holds all of our current intentions and desires.


Transitions tend to cause stress and stress tends to cause the worst of our personalities to come out. Personal obstacles will be triggered as well as tendencies to judgment, blame, irritation, restlessness, and all manner of negative reactions. It is wise to watch your words and keep them from being harsh towards others. It is also wise this month to stay present and to take responsibility for your own reactions to situations and triggers so you can keep from projecting and taking your discomfort out on others.


More than any other time, it is best to make kindness a daily practice and focus.

On the positive side, this is an incredibly dynamic month where great strides can be made in all areas of life including your own abundance, movement of work and projects, rebuilding or beginning new relationships, greatly improving your health, having more discipline for spiritual and physical practices, and becoming really clear about your values and what is important. As uncomfortable as you may often feel this month, treat the journey as a pilgrimage towards more power in your life and stay as neutral as possible around challenges and obstacles that may come your way.


Behind every challenge is an opportunity and the opportunities this month will be big and unexpected. You may miss them if you are too wound up and focused on being irritated and judgmental. For there to be movement, change, and opportunity, there has to be an unsettling of the old structures and attachments. This always creates a bit of chaos before a sense of clarity reorganizes the movement in the right direction. The right direction will be supported more by how you want to feel rather by what your mind thinks you ought to be doing. The more you hang on to the old, the more irritating your time will be.


This is also an important month for completions and tying up loose ends especially around relationships and any shame, regrets, disappointment or wounding from the past. It is truly a time to finally let go and not waste this opportunity for deep releasing and healing. What are you still attached to? What is still attached to you? What feels unresolved in your life? It is time to clean up your energy field so you have the freedom to out-picture something different. (This month’s supporting audio includes a good exercise)


We are becoming more aware of the invisible world of support that can give us a new point of reference and a glimpse into how magical and beautiful our future world can be. The Toltecs talk about the 6th sun as fully arriving as a new frequency by the eclipse time next month. So, this is the time to leave behind anything of a dimmer light so we can all shine brighter.


One of the most significant opportunities this month is of the potential forging of a new cooperation between seeming opposites. This is for each one of us internally as well as external polarities. New vision, ideas and conflict resolution have the chance to emerge especially in politics, business and relationships. As our values change, attitudes and attachments to old positions will no longer seem so important.


The big work this month for all of us is to stay in our hearts, practice kindness, be responsible for our reactions, and to seize the dynamic energy in a positive and productive way as a means to more beauty, abundance and positivity for our future. If you are on the right track, great things are possible this month. If you can’t let go where you need to, you will not feel so good.


How the month shows up:



A challenging but dynamic month where you can either make great strides in your personal well-being or go down the rabbit hole of self-judgment, addictions and holding on to old wounds, betrayals, anger and projection. We do not suggest the latter as it will make you more miserable in the long run. The best way to navigate this month is to tell the truth about the responsibility you have for your own life, what you value, what needs to change and then grab the courage to do it.


The action component this month will either give you the fuel and the support to make headway into reorganizing what needs it, or it could cause irritation and restlessness that you may end up taking out on others. When you find yourself looking outward to what you can blame, accuse or judge, acknowledge this to be the defense mechanism it is when you don’t want to face something personal that needs to change. Look inward instead to what is irritating to you about your own life. Only you have the power to change that by making committed decisions to do things differently. And remember, decisions should always be made from a place of inner truth rather than from a place of fear.


The opportunity this month is one of turning your life around to increase your well-being on all levels including a greater satisfaction in relationships, practices, abundance, work and health.



A tricky month for relationships as there is a tendency towards projection, blame, harsh words and a bit of confusion as to how to deal with relationships that are not on course with the changes you are needing to make. Be kind. That is the best advice. Even if you are completing and terminating agreements or choosing to change the structure of a relationship, you can always do it from a place of kindness. Take responsibility for your own part in anything that surfaces in a relationship that needs to be processed. It is never one sided.


This is also a really good month to give up your position of being wounded because of someone else’s actions, such as your parents or others that may have mistreated you in the past. The more you hold on to the blame and hold them in debt, the less you will be able to take advantage of a new energy and vibration becoming available to us all.


This is also a time when new and unexpected relationships can suddenly come into your life. If you are free and available, and not tethered by past judgments, you may have a wonderful opportunity for new support, collaboration and intimacy. The biggest challenge is to sift through the potential emotional chaos of not knowing where some relationships stand. Trust your heart and your inner emotional truth.



A perfect time to take your health to a new level of awareness and well-being. Especially after a challenging year for exercise and taking care of the physical body, this is a good time to anchor some new routines and practices. Self-care should be a priority this month and any discipline that needs to go with it. Instead of trying to go back to old routines that you put on hold during the pandemic, be creative about what you do and how you do it. Engage the help and support of community and friends and make it fun. Push yourself a little in trying something new, be it diet or exercise, dancing, movement, adventure, or exploration.


The need for adventure should factor into what you try. Make it fun, accept help and support, and collaborate with others when you can. Try not to let what has happened in the past to influence how it might go for you now and into the future. This is a new time where unexpected miracles can happen and new habits and patterns can be anchored without much effort if you allow them.



This area has ups and downs this month. The upside is new innovation, ideas, potential partners and a positive restructuring of finances, work, projects and schedules. The downside is the chaos and confusion of any transition that may be in process as well as grouchy and grumpy reactions to change, truth and progress. Remember to be kind, even if you are letting someone go due to incompetence. Remember to be kind to yourself as well especially if you realize you have made an error in judgment. Be kind to those that support you in work and reward loyalty and productivity.


This is also a good time to start a new project especially if it is something that suddenly shows up as an opportunity. There is an element of risk and adventure to any successful venture as long as you do not fall into a deep delusion about the practicality of the project. The key will be the support that shows up. Is it being supported or not? Watch your own fear as it can be an obstacle to embarking on something new. Nothing new has ever manifested without some kind of risk.



The environment will be what it is. Much speculation about why changes in climate are happening can lead to blame and judgement. It is best to simply accept new weather patterns, do what you can to be conscious of how you use the environment, and be responsible for your part.


This is a good month to re-establish a good connection to the earth and to focus on working with the unseen part of nature that includes your allies and all the elementals.


The earth is in transition as well and this can manifest in earth activity of quakes, volcanoes, and other phenomena. We still have a great deal to change in our ways and the more unattached we are to the outcome of weather, the more flexible we will be. The more flexible we are, the more we are open to new innovations, ideas and inspiration of how to live in harmony and balance.


Look to your own environment to see what needs completion, letting go and making room for something new. Transition is like remodeling. While it is happening, there is chaos but the end result is an improvement to what was before (hopefully).


Helpful online course: “The Power Path to Working with Allies and Elementals”



April 1-7: This is a restless time and worth paying attention to. Be present and don’t take anything personally. When others are stressed they may seem more demanding and you could fall into the trap of feeling like you should be more helpful, more available or more understanding. Remember to be kind and if you yourself are feeling irritated or restless, put that energy into good use through exercise, doing something creative or anchoring a discipline of a daily practice.


When all else fails, take some time for yourself and avoid grumpy or irritating situations. Look to the positive aspects of this dynamic energy and spend some time reflecting on what you need to complete and what loose ends you have floating around that need to be tied up. Just do it and free yourself from the debt of any procrastination.


April 8-15: This is a time where doubt can set in. A good reality check from time to time will help. Rely on your true support system to give you feedback on anything you have doubts about.


This is also a great time to focus on your self-care, adopt new routines to support your physical, emotional and spiritual body and to spend some time rearranging your schedule or reorganizing your work to better support who you are becoming. Look around you and truly see and feel what your environment is like. Does it support you? What needs to change? If it feels daunting, get help and support to initiate the transition into some improvement. If not now, when? Don’t waste the opportunity this month for the progress possible in your own evolution to a higher state of being.


April 11: New Moon in Aries is Sunday April 11 at 8:30 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). This moon brings up the physical body, the condition of your health, re-evaluation of the structure of your self-care, and a reflection of what needs to change in your daily organization of life. Be sure to take some time to reflect and evaluate. The dynamic energy of this new moon will give much fuel and ignition to any changes and choices you make for improvement.


Make sure not to make decisions out of fear or being pressured by others. Take your time, check in with your own intuition and what feels right. A new moon always supports personal decisions that must include your own timing and not be pressured by others.


Join Anna for a very helpful remote shamanic healing working with the energies of this new moon. Monday, April 12, at 7PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)


April 16-22: Watch negative thoughts during this time frame as they can come creeping in on the heels of some inspired choice or launch of something new. If worry and doubt are attempting to rule you, make sure you stay on track with your practices and disciplines. One of the disciplines will be to turn all thoughts to positivity and optimism even though you may not feel that way. It is also a good idea to observe what is causing you to doubt. Is it an old pattern of low self-esteem that is trying to undermine you at this time? Is it past failures that you have not yet resolved for yourself that are coming back to haunt you? It may help to look at what needs completion and to take the necessary steps to make that happen.


On the positive side, this time is excellent for shedding the old skin of any low havingness or poverty consciousness, freeing yourself up for something better. Remember that you are in transition, so even as you are shedding the old, the new is not yet manifest.


April 23-30: Relationships and personal values are highlighted at this time. If you are not on the same page with someone, it will be highly obvious. Expect relationship fallout especially around those relationships that have not dealt with their issues. It is a good idea to work in some quality time with those that are meaningful and important. If a relationship blows up, know that there is a reason for it and don’t take it personally. Your part in a relationship may also need to be evaluated as it always takes both sides to either come together or to move apart.


This is also a good time to contemplate where you wish to expand your dreams. Use your imagination and creativity to ponder where you wish to end up in your perfect world. Do not sell yourself short, dream big and from the heart. Anything is possible.


April 26: Full Moon in Scorpio is Monday, April 26 at 9:31 PM Mountain Daylight Time. (MDT). More on this Super Full Moon will be sent as an update to our Power Path email list. (sign up above)


Join Jose for a very helpful remote shamanic healing working with the energies of this super full moon. Monday, April 26, at 7PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).


Have a great month!




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