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Energy Vibes, Sharon-Ann Riley, 29 March 2021

Posted on March 29, 2021 at 2:40 AM


Tingling / numbness lips (throat chakra healing - what you have to say is important - you are here to be heard and to speak with love), heart palpitations, lung and chest congestion (heart chakra clearing and activation to 5D love consciousness), night sweats (burning off old trapped emotions / toxins), out of body experiences (day and night - becoming aware of multidimensional Selves), OCD, awareness of new spirit guides - assisting soul path journeys, insomnia, needing to sleep more during the day as night time becomes more spiritually active, headaches / sinus pressure (earth's magnetic poles are shifting - aligning to new frequencies), hip pain, lower back pain (Kundalini activation - relationship blockages / trauma showing up to be cleared - you are supported and loved), pets are more protective (may seem more agitated / hyper - deeply aware of energetic shifts), dizziness, eye sensitivity / dryness (third eye clearing), clicking of joints - especially in extremities (hands - new healing chakras coming online, feet - needing time in nature / grounding)


How are you feeling?


Love to all xxx


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