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Energy Vibes, Sharon-Ann Riley, 26 March 2021

Posted on March 26, 2021 at 3:20 AM

Teeth and jaw pain, and an increase in TMJ as we release old patterns (what are you holding onto?), teeth shifting, kidney pain and bladder sensitivity (triggered by CMEs and ancient collective karmic releases as Earth sheds 3D constructs, these energetics may be an emotional overload to sensitives...stay hydrated, eat good quality fruit and veg in support of light bodies - you are loved), frequent trips to the bathroom, headaches, joint pain (feeling like you're stuck in 2 worlds), intermittent sleep (waking up between 3-6 am - processing more downloads), seeing 444 frequencies, lethargy, emotionally numb to feeling highly empathic, nausea, rib pain (heart expansion), ear ringing (high frequency pitches as Sun becomes more active setting off Earth harmonics and activating key crystal skull portals), location and job change, eye sensitivity, a deeper interest in Shamanism.


How are you feeling?


Love to all xxx

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