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Earth Energy Vibes - About You, Sharon-Ann Riley, 6 February 2021

Posted on February 8, 2021 at 9:25 AM

Soultribe this week may leave you feeling like Vader on a Star Trek set. We have a set of squares over the weekend and an Aquarian Stellium as we get close to New Moon and Chinese New Year.

Earth signs may still be feeling a twinge in the behind. The new Air energy takes some motivated adjustment.

Saturn in Capricorn likes to linger lol! But everyone should start to feel a lighter at the end of February.


Aquarius is liquid light rushing into every crevice that holds one back.

Stellium asks are you ready to own your sh*t? Drum roll...Yes, it's that time pill / blue pill.


This energy is bringing everything to the table, under the rug and garden shed. Air wants to be light and free, ready to float or soar in any direction.


Can you take past belief systems with you?

Are the unnecessary burdens of others worth your peace?

Are you open to happiness?

Do you expect new results practicing old ways?


Air is solution orientated, so the more time spent practicing Self-care will reap major benefits long term. This is about the Now but also looking a bit further ahead. What do you think life will feel like if you put yourself first?

As you can surmise Self Love is immensely important at this time. And the message will be blasted continuously until we accept our worth, accept we are here to create in joy and let go of the premise that suffering is the way to happiness.


Attachments to old will hold you back. Isn't it time you take of leap of faith and allow the Universe space to deliver something spectacular?


You can have what you want.

You are meant to want more, more, more.

The creative flow never stops.

This is your time to let go of the resistance and go downstream.


Let’s have an adventure!


How are you feeling?


Love to All xxx


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