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Earth Energy Vibes - Allowing, Sharon-Ann Riley, 3 February 2021

Posted on February 5, 2021 at 5:40 PM

Many sensitives are still feeling the afterglow...erm funk of the Leo Full moon :P It felt like an emo landmine went off and all the sh*t we thought was dealt with came up to the surface...aren't we done already???!!!

Truth be told... after feeling the energy come out from the core sit beneath the surface of the skin for a few days then float into the aura, one can get a sense that there is a new way to absorb or not, release or not. The body is more Crystalline than ever before and strongly connected to Inner Being, clearly transparent in the ongoing healing process, "Here it is dear one...this thing that is keeping you in you still want to hold onto it?...or are you ready for us to transmute and let go?" I figure these convos are going to become part of the process more and more. A new symbiotic relationship between Earth, Sun, Solar system(s), Universes, and our bodies are being (re)fine-tuned.

As we head deeper in the beautiful-unknown 5D we are being asked to stretch ourselves even more and let go of old comfortable belief structures that have hung around like old friends supporting old ego trips and truths.

Choice. One of the greatest attributes living on Gaia. The freedom of the moment in Presence.

As we get use to not equating love to trauma and acclimatize to feeling it (love) to unconditional Source...old selves will want to go back and reminisce...this is judgement...only compassion dear one...through the contrast you will find diamonds of clarity. Always choice.

The current energies are asking you to love your body even more. Haven’t you spent enough time finding fault, what about finding the beauty of you. Practice a daily routine of gratitude dedicated just to you. Always choice.


Source Consciousness asks:


Are you ready to flow with me?

Are you ready to have more fun with me?

Are you ready to discover the simple You?

Are you ready to create in Joy?


Life is ever changing and in all its wonder, we can stay static and let external forces keep battering at our sails but we can choose to align and be flexible like bamboo forests, swaying or howling in life's experiences...remaining tall and strong.


The throat chakra is going through deeper upgrades...this mercury retrograde feels more energetic supporting our sojourn to authentic truth: jaw pain, teeth, and gum sensitivity, one may find teeth are shifting as the energies continue to buffer down into the physical, TMJ - teeth clenching especially at nighttime - this is when subconscious releases old traumas, if we continue to hold on it remains in the joints and even muscle memory.

This is a good time to start a practice of Self Love routine, meditation, walking, yoga, time in nature, affirmations, gratitude journal...whatever brings you joy. The small daily changes made now will have a big impact in the weeks and months to come.

Lower back pain and ribcage discomfort - the bridge between the physical and spirit veils are co-existing, these correlates to Solar Plexus and Heart chakras becoming one...the Mer Ka Na vehicle spin is aligning with Rainbow Diamond light allowing easier access to multidimensional wisdom...this should ease as we get deeper into February when the body assimilates new vibrations.

Bad breath, heart burn, upper chest clicking, shoulder and upper back discomfort - allow time for Heart chakra to release and expand...the more we empty out our cup we allow more sweetness in <3

Swollen toes (mainly big toes) - in reflexology the big toe pressure point links to the pituitary gland which is detoxing old 3D paradigms - drink and eat clean to support ongoing downloads. 313

OCD, anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive thoughts (more awakenings, deeper empathic insights can feel overwhelming) - how often do you connect to your own energy, aura, spirit, and Inner wisdom. This is a great time to check in. Use Violet flame or Golden Light to heal and seal Aura morning and you do this the more you claim Self sovereignty. 444

Eye sensitivity, sinus passage discomfort, dry Gaia becomes more active (volcanoes and earthquakes) and the Great Central Sun blasts kisses of solar wind our way, third eye may experience clearing and activations. 555

We can either power through as old society norms dictate or we can stop for moment, smell the roses, and take time to really Be. No rush to get anywhere. Everything we need is within. The only thing to do is allow and let go.

Spirit number: 555

Spirit crystal: Blue Lace Agate

Spirit color: Pink

Animal Spirit: Seahorse


How are you feeling?


Love to Allxxx


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