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Earth Energy Vibes, Sharon-Ann Riley, 27 January 2021

Posted on January 27, 2021 at 1:25 AM

Soultribe hang onto your crown chakras it's about to get interesting....okay more interesting :P We have some squares playing out this week which may catalyze breakdowns / breakthroughs. Use new found sense of knowing to navigate. This is truly a time to " feel" your way. Even though outer worlds look the same you're definitely not. Look how far you have here now. Fully present in empowered zero point. Old scenarios and triggers may come up...don't see this as moving backwards but as an opportunity to choose differently...

Do I react?

Do I observe?

Does this serve my greater purpose?

Do I walk away?

Does this really define me?

Am I ready to let go?

Do I want something different?

Am I ready to embrace the real me?

I can choose in every moment.

This is a time to live boldly, authentically. To stop coloring in the lines and embrace Higher Self connection. You are so loved and supported dear one.

Exhaustion - as we process more photonic and gamma rays (transmissions from the milky way continue to flood Gaia as we become aware of our multidimensional potentials), growing pains around the body as new chakra systems come online, throat sensitivity (are you communicating authentically?), guided to meditate early hours of the morning, joint pain (as we process old emotions and leaves the body - this may cause some discomfort but then clear suddenly) nausea, gassy, diarrhea (solar winds affecting the nervous system - a good time to earth and limit tech) coccyx / tailbone tenderness (shifting of fight / flight - moving to crystalline existence - soothing baths help), diet changes, nerve pulses - especially hands and feet continue (new healing gifts revealed over the coming weeks and months), distancing self from media (trusting own guidance over old matrix - breaking free) How are you feeling? Love to all xxx

Spirit number: 22

Spirit crystal: Shungite

Spirit color: Silver / Gray

Animal Spirit: Phoenix

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