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Fires of Transformation, Kate Spreckley, 24 November 2020

Posted on November 24, 2020 at 10:05 AM

We are living in epic times, times that are demanding our full attention, participation and conscious awareness. As we move towards this months Full Moon Lunar Eclipse the energies are working to bring about something new and unprecedented within ourselves and our world. The individual shifts and changes that are occurring are stoking the fires of our collective transformation awakening us to a new vision of the world. This new vision will incite us to move beyond what has been previously known and thus alter the view we have of ourselves and our reality.


All this internal work may have made it difficult to focus and concentrate on even the smallest of tasks. Yet the shifting energies and emerging truths of this time are guiding you to rediscover who you are and what potential is possible. With the lead up to the Full Moon Eclipse a new intensity is being brought to your process of healing and growth urging you to release any remaining resistance and fear. Your heart is being cracked open to reveal the fertile landscape of your soul where the resources you need reside. Drawing on these resources will enable you to re-establish hope, faith and the belief in miracles once again.


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