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Unifying Your Bodies - Part 1, Jim Self, 18 September 2020

Posted on September 18, 2020 at 3:30 AM

Yeshua: You have come far with us over the last several years of your time. You have studied. You have practiced. You have experienced. The time now to begin to open your consciousness a little further is very, very much at this moment. You have opened the door into this New Era. You have also opened the door into a new state of conscious awareness. One that you could not have stepped into in the old third dimensional paradigm.


I would like to touch very briefly on some of your bodies. You have your physical body. And, you have been practicing these weeks on getting in touch with that etheric body; moving the fingers, the arms, the limbs. You have practiced with the pulse of that body so you engage with it. That body existed much before your physical body. The physical body took form in density as it replicated from the etheric body.


There is a unity within these bodies. There is the physical plane, and there is the unity. All of these bodies are held by vibrations in finely tuned, web like connections between them. There is a flow of Light between them; between each level of yourself. It is a wave of Light that is constantly moving and flowing in waves and flows. There’s never any separation. There’s always that unity, whether you’re conscious or not.


Our desire here is to perk your imagination and make you aware of yourself on a much larger perspective. As this flux of Light flows between those four bodies in that physical plane, you begin to be aware of yourself from a much bigger picture. The consciousness is constantly in flux and opens to a much greater degree but it requires of you your attention. This cannot be listened to and then, put aside, as ‘Yeah, I heard that before. That’s lesson 193.’ You have to focus on you and who you are in relation to these energy bodies.


There is another level of the bodies that come from the spiritual body. That is where unity of Soul Spirit comes from. That is where you get in touch with your Christed body, which is a very refined body. It is accessed through the causal realm of the spiritual bodies. There are many levels of those bodies, just as there are levels on the physical plane. In between the physical plane and spiritual plane of these bodies, there is another sector that is the interface. It is what connects all the bodies in great coherency. That is accessed through the heart. This unification of all these etheric and non-physical bodies are brought together through the heart. Just as you have a heart within your physical body, you have a heart within your etheric body. You have been taught a great deal about the physical heart and that there are two aspects to it. There is the part of that heart that relates to the physicality and the part that relates to you as a spirit. This is that Sacred Heart; that sacred space where part of your Soul, resides.


Within all this information, it is crucial that you and these students work very consciously with the unified field and with the spin process. The spinning, as you know, joins the lower chakras that relate to the physical world with the upper chakras that relate to spirit and to your spiritual body. It is through the spinning and the increasing of the vibratory levels that the Light held within your consciousness becomes very much available to you. There is a unification that is present in this state of consciousness


This is an excerpt from a conversation between Yeshua and Jim Self as they prepare a class together.


We thank Joan Walker for bringing forth Yeshua to speak through her. With her collaboration, the Mastering Alchemy Level 3 course unfolded.


Universal Copyright 2020 is authorized here. Please distribute freely as long as both the author and is included as the resource and this information is distributed on a non-commercial no charge basis.

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