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A Month Long Lion's Gate Passageway of Portals & Light Codes, Lisa Transcendence Brown, 10 August 2020

Posted on August 10, 2020 at 2:35 PM

"Heart of a Lion" and "Roar of Light", NEW Builder Codes,

"The Lion Sleeps No More" and NEW Visibility Codes are just a few....

Lions-Gate Portals and Passageways

While I post this on the actual 8/8, this is so much more than "one day". This Gateway/Passageway is an entire month, that for me, opened on July 22nd, when the first set of codes came through. Each week since, has been the next set of codes and then the next. We continue this through Gateway completion, which currently I keep seeing is August 26th. Because this is not linear, it's vibrational/energetic and relative to different dimensions/densities in different ways, then each will unlock, receive, activate in their own way. The KEY is a wide open ready heart.... ♥ Portals open up within us and give us the capability to walk through. The "how" is relative to our own bravery, courage, readiness and willingness to completely let go of all old by way of embracing all new. Then what we "do" vibrationally and energetically will open these portals even more. The "passageway" is our every day, our every act, our focus and what we invest ourselves in fully, to create/accomplish as Love and activate/share more Light to support all in accomplishing, living, being this fully too. Each phase is different and the "how" is completely different too. Each "learns" this as they go. It's a process that continues to expand and evolve as we each do.


♥ Heart of a Lion ♥

Courage, leadership, finesse .... our Pure Hearts are courageous, bold and often fierce. The difference in ego and Soul/Light is the ENERGY we possess and act from/live. One is abrupt/harsh, the other is through Love, kindness and supports/uplifts/inspires .... Leading the Way as Love. The fierceness is the opposite of the old human ego's way. It's a boldness that honors humanity, honors our planet and each other and breaks out of the old to forge a path into all new... which opens up portals to NEW EARTH for all truly ready and fully embracing this life too.


♫ The Lion Sleeps No More ♫

Sirian-Lyran frequencies/energies are some of my favorite ones. These aspects of ourselves are the ones that "Lead the Way" for activating, anchoring and building NEW EARTH REALITIES by way of stepping into immense higher-service roles, connecting through the Energetic Grids of our NEW Earth, crystallizing into form and being the Change-makers as Pure Light Consciousness here. While we have many aspects to embody, these are pure power and knowledge as Love. Once our Lion's Heart awakens, nothing's the same ever again and each Lion's Gateway/Passageway just unlocks the next phase in our own individual Ascension/Multi-Dimensional Experience/Life here. This passageway is one of deeper connections, more pure love and more power too. This is an alchemical time of a combination of energies and codes to awaken new aspects, new realizations, abilities and Dream Realities for each to anchor, activate and live fully from within.


♦ As the NEW Beast Awakens ♥

Achieving balance is key. From one extreme to another for awhile, clearing distortions occurs by way of "purging" to eventually just become a regular organic daily detox process. This then evolves further into a holographic/energetic imprint for each to observe and intentionally consciously clear. We recognize, see, observe, break down, recode and energetically align this deep programming through our own expanded awareness as all becomes visible for us to recognize, resolve, dissolve, dissipate and clear. An actual experience is only necessary where we are unable to do this the moment it becomes visible, otherwise we believe the program into existence instead of recognizing it as a program representing the illusion of separation that it actually is. Many's "beast" will activate within to bring forth a power to obliterate the old. There will be distortions and imbalances at first, which can be dis-en-heartening to see, as many act out their distortions instead of recognizing what all is... yet within this individual/collective experience, this is a counter-balancing process (and a karmic clearing/reversal process) in order to bring all into harmonic alignment/balance within. For those holding pure harmony and balance inside, as this code activates, then balance is brought to every situation, peace is ushered in/maintained and this powerful Courage/Light can be utilized to create powerful realities to support humanity as a greater whole too.


p.s. I'm not going into the depth of the 666 Beast codes that each human (ego) aspect holds on an atomic level with the carbon-based physical body form that holds the metaphoric/energetic "Mark of the Beast" Codes still. (This is what creates/holds 3D in place for each). The evolution of the human form to Crystalline, literally transforms these codes into Christed Frequencies/Energies/Codes through each's awakening and full Physical Body Ascension processes. Plasma Crystalline offers NEW Earth as a full-reality-experience by each. This is a whole massive topic/process within itself. The ego aspect is the program that holds the illusions of separation within each. The 666 is each's atomic codes upon the awakening process beginning through the duration of each's own individual Ascension Process. Atomic re-writes occur on a sub-atomic/molecular/cellular level, as each embodies Pure Source Light Codes and completes their own Ascension Processes fully, first through the Activation of each's own Higher States of Consciousness and then with their whole body-form, through the clearing of immense density (and linearity) held in the physical body form, to be able to vibrate at the 5th Dimension of Consciousness fully, which is where NEW Earth not only becomes visible, live-able, create-able and a "whole full-on experience" as well. ---- For this specific 8-8 reference, "the NEW Beast" is the Lion's Heart that opens portals to expanded realities not previously accessible/visible for some before. Lyran-Sirian frequencies recode human codes.... ♫


For "lack" of better wording, the Lion energetically "rivals" the 3D Beast....

p.p.s. We speak in metaphoric/energetics as a reference point to explain actual realities/experiences in which the human aspect brain does not want to accept or see. Quantum is not linear, so we have to differentiate codes energetically in order to explain that which is vibrational/energetic and correlates to actual experiences in non-linear ways. This is on purpose, as the human mind has to be stretched beyond previous limitations and ways of seeing before. Only the Pure Heart can accomplish this and these portals/passageways open up the perfect opportunities for this. ♥


☼ Roar of Light ☼

This code activated/came through on July 22nd, when the Lion's Gate opened up within my own reality/awareness and "showed" a whole month's passageway that would progress through weeks of codes activating as we all continued to go/flow....


The actual words were:


A RE-SOUND-ing Roar shall chamber across all Dimensions to "Announce" the Heralding of our NEW Earth as everyone's reality here..... Where each lives energetically (Dimensional Coordinates) shall be received/activated/understood/experienced/interpreted and affect all in various/different ways....


On 8/1 Rainbow Frequencies ushered in the next Dream Codes, while delivering powerful frequencies/energies for integrating/anchoring/holding too.


8/2-8/7: The entire next week leading up to the 8/8 today were all about NEW VISIBILITY and the many ways this applies to each.


8/8 Codes unlocked: Moral Aptitude and Heart of a Lion ♥


We shall continue this passageway to it's completion cycle and a new template anchors in.


Today is just a mid-point with many many many more codes yet to unlock/release. So, keep embracing, honoring and integrating these codes fully, as you will need to apply them to your whole life to activate your next NEW EARTH DREAM PHASE for living fully too.


All is through Unity, all is through Love, all is through Purity and all is through Light, which is the pure essence of what we all are. ♥ Live this fully and watch all shift for you as you do. NEW Earth will become visible more every moment as you TUNE YOUR FULL CONSCIOUSNESS to it. ♥


p.p.p.s. We don't attack or try to destroy each other, berate each other or tear each other down. (That's an old unconscious ego 3D program). We lift each other up, inspire and honor all as Pure Light. We bring LOVE to/through everything .... to open hearts and awaken/activate Souls through kindness, deep sacred respect and care. Observe your own behavior and see any distortions/programs as they present within you. See them "out there", yet also observe where they are coming from and the ENERGY PRESENT WITHIN EACH/ALL. This will show you more than your human aspect could see/understand before, and you'll be able to identify and choose to hold your own Light, while honoring each's choice for their own reality as well. Lift all higher, to a higher dimensional plane of existence. Your Lightbody has the ability to alchemize all through Love. Bring your Light fully through you and Live this fully too.... and everything will shift FOR YOU and in RESPONSE to you as you do. We are here to create, build and live this together, yet each must choose this fully.... 5th Dimension-12th Dimension is where we do this, so LIVING LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS is necessary, otherwise each "leaves" 5D-12D to go back and play in 3D/4D and NEW EARTH can't fully be anchored in for those doing this. Hold your highest and observe everything as a part of a whole. Every clearing process allows each to hold more light than was possible before. Releasing 3D/4D tethers is key, otherwise you keep hanging onto these which is what binds you to 3D/4D experiences until you fully let go/move on/release. ♥


With the utmost love, reverence and respect,


Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼


Copyright: Please share to assist and awaken others too. All I ask is that you include my name or website for credit as the author of this content. NEW Earth is all about about sharing. This assists us all.

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