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FULL MOON UPDATE 11-12-19, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 11 November 2019

Posted on November 11, 2019 at 2:45 AM

Full Moon is Tuesday, November 12 at 6:34AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

This is a powerful full moon with a call to discover deep desires from the inside. Think of following the beat of your own drum and not being one of the sheep in the herd. What is unique to you? What is your expression? Open your voice and speak out, even if it just to yourself in the mirror.


If you have experienced a recent sudden change either in circumstance or perception, observe your attitude and level of resistance or judgment. Turn any situation that feels oppressive to you into one of personal choice and power and find gratitude for something about the experience. This will shift it. A full moon is always a good time to honor and acknowledge the glass half full instead of half empty. Do something creative today that is just for you. Your purpose today is to move yourself forward into a positive future without knowing how, when, where or with whom.





Written by Patricia Liles,




Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Taurus 20º


Tues. Nov. 12, 6:34 AM Mountain Standard Time

(Tues. Nov. 12, 1:34 PM Greenwich Mean Time)


Moon is exalted in Taurus and will bring the focus out of the psychological depths of Scorpio and into contrast with the physical, down-to-earth concerns of Taurus. Taurus loves stability and being practical so it can build wealth and enjoy what they accumulate. They tend to be industrious, productive and determined to reach their goals. Taurus Moon highlights our tangible resources and our self worth. Do we feel worthy and able to RECEIVE the abundance offered us? Do we lean more towards scarcity or havingness?


With Venus as ruler of Taurus, our sensual natures are wanting to be expressed now. Nature seems acutely alive with color, smells, beauty and we are nourished by this abundance in the natural world. Taurus Moon is the perfect time to love and comfort your body with a massage and to enjoy the riches of music and art.


Taurus rules the throat, thyroid and vocal cords and you can often spot a Taurus by their rich, melodic and soothing voices. Open your throat chakra and let your voice sing out.


By Full Moon, Venus has moved on to Sagittarius bringing more optimism, and open-mindedness to our relationships, but her only aspect is a square to Neptune. We may be inclined to day dreaming and fueling an idealistic vision of how our relationships ‘should’ be. Better to channel this into artistic inspiration. Allow yourself to explore what Venus/Neptune (the higher octave of Venus) has to offer you.


The Full Moon is exactly conjunct Vesta in Taurus. Vesta’s wisdom comes through her symbols of fire, the sacred hearth or center of the home/temple and sacred sexuality. Vesta is associated with the Vestal Virgins of Rome. She is associated with transformation of sexual energy – that is dedicating your kundalini energy in service to something greater than yourself to a goal or purpose – perhaps your art, a spiritual practice or service to others where you are highly committed and focused. Vesta also represented the ‘virgin’ aspect of women who kept the sacred temple fires burning. These women were unmarried, independent and self-fulfilled. They used their sexuality as a ritual connection for others to the fertility and creativity of the Mother Goddess.


The Full Moon with Vesta will heighten our desire to serve others and to focus and direct our core energy to our true purpose. It’s a time of releasing blocked sexual and emotional energies – how the past interfered with our development of our own sexual integration and expression.


Vesta and Full Moon stand opposite the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. Our minds, thinking patterns, communication styles governed by Mercury, greatly magnified by the Sun, may be the focus of the penetrating scrutiny of Scorpio and bring the mind and the emotions into deep dialog. Are you telling the truth about your emotional needs? Is there something behind your words that wants to be heard? Vulnerability may be the catalyst here, but it doesn’t come naturally to two fixed, power signs like Taurus/Scorpio. Don’t let stubbornness, suspicion, or being ‘right’ ruin an opportunity to deepen trust. We are all learning to tame the mind and trust the heart. Rich and revealing conversation is possible under this Full Moon.


Neptune’s benevolent and supportive aspects to both Mercury and the Moon just may lift us to higher centered connection where we feel in contact with Spirit and difficulties are diminished by the energies we share with others and the integration of the mental and the emotional realms. And almost unbelievably, Pluto from Capricorn has the same benevolent (trine and sextile) relationship to the Sun/Mercury and Moon/Vesta opposition as does Neptune from Pisces. That’s a powerful configuration of support to the Full Moon! Of course, you have to activate and invite it in through ritual and gathering where intimacy can be fostered.


Taurus Full Moon is always a particular favorite of mine owing to its feminine nature, warm texture, and ripe enjoyment of all that is provided. Fill your coffers with satisfaction and gratitude. It’s a Moon to remind us of why we chose to incarnate at this tumultuous time and all the support available to us as we undertake huge transformation.


All times written in Mountain Standard Time, MST


11/12 Taurus Full Moon 20º 6:34 AM MST


11/20 Mercury direct 11º Scorpio


11/22 Sun enters Sagittarius 7:58 am MST


11/26 Sagittarius New Moon 4º 8:05 am MST


Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

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