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Eclipsed Kate, Spreckley, 4 January 2019

Posted on January 4, 2019 at 9:15 AM

The start of a new year is always a powerful time of new beginnings and this year is no exception. The incoming energies have been paving the way for tomorrow’s New Moon. This New Moon comes with the first eclipse of the year, a partial Solar Eclipse that will initiate a new cycle of inspiring possibilities. Eclipses accelerate our evolution. They mark a time of profound growth, expansion, and advancement. Their energy can be intense as we are often faced with things that we need to confront, change or transform. On the upside, anything that is holding us back can shift almost instantly.

The Solar Eclipse this weekend activates a transformational gateway that will close with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 20th January. As the sun and the moon meet during tomorrows Solar Eclipse the energies will trigger a rebirth and the merging of our heart, body, mind, spirit, and soul. This will enable new levels of spiritual insight and wisdom to flood our consciousness expanding our awareness and bringing a new direction and a new purpose. Take time over the weekend to recharge, reflect and review your life, your intentions and the path you are wanting to take. Doors are closing, and new paths are unfolding. Stay open to the changes being brought your way. It’s the perfect time for a new start. What new start is your soul guiding you to make?


Much love!



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