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DECEMBER 2018 MONTHLY FORECAST, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 1 December 2018

Posted on December 1, 2018 at 2:50 PM

The main theme for December is “CHAOS”.

This is a month of transition and we chose CHAOS as the theme because that is what happens when you have many moving parts that are disconnected and have not yet found their place to land.


Chaos is the astral plane, or spirit world revealed, without form, where anything is possible if you are willing to let go of resistance and use your creativity wisely to arrange those moving parts into something you want. This is the realm of the artisan (one of the coming influences for 2019) and can either be incredibly innovative and forward thinking or highly destructive. So, you will have to pay very close attention to how you want this energy to play out in your life. (for more on the Artisan influence for 2019, attend our TRENDS 2019 in person here in Santa Fe or sign up for the live broadcast webinar)


Chaos often brings with it resistance, fear of losing control, confusion, physical discomfort, anxiety and an instinctive reaction to pull back and hunker down into old patterns that are familiar. Chaos also brings with it an excitement and anticipation of something new, a change, progress and creativity. Obviously, we want to stay out of resistance and focus more on the “anticipation of something new” part.


There are two major influences at play this month. One is the stabilizer that wants us to organize and stabilize the chaos and get back into control of our lives. The stabilizer is an important influence as it can keep us somewhat grounded, practical and focused. However, it has a negative side that can also get us stuck in old patterns not able to move on. This will not feel good.


The other is the destabilizer that supports chaos and wants to keep those moving parts disconnected until a time when it is clear where they should land. The destabilizer influence is important as it helps to break down what needs dissolving as well as keeping those moving parts from solidifying too soon. The negative aspect of the destabilizer influence is that it can cause overly impulsive behavior that is destructive instead of constructive. Your task and real work this month is to keep these two influences working together in a balanced way so you can creatively make the changes you need to make without jeopardizing your sanity. (there is a good exercise for maintaining balance on our monthly support audio)


If you have felt confused lately, you are not alone. If you have felt a non-specific anxiety in your body, you are not alone. If you have felt a desire for change but can’t quite orchestrate it, you are not alone.


This has been a challenging time for most people and there are many descriptive words that I will not mention in this forecast. Most of us are limping into December feeling pushed to our limit of what we can handle. But just know that everyone has been in the same reality swamp just waiting for a clear way to move on down the river.


If you have done your work over these past months in facing important truths, healing your deepest emotional wounds, practicing flexibility, forgiving the past, and letting go of your attachments, then you will be in good shape to handle the present opportunities. However, if you are behind in your spiritual homework, then you may have a little work to do before the universe opens a clear path for you.


So, how do you handle this month in the best way possible?


When faced with chaos, it is important not to get lost in drama and lack of focus. Use discipline to keep unnecessary chaos out (such as chaos and drama belonging to someone else) and be careful not to invite unnecessary chaos in (such as adding something to your plate that you know is going to increase your level of stress, confusion and overwhelm). It is a good discipline to learn to say no to that which is an energy leak. It is also helpful to stay focused on the priorities that are not overwhelming. Keeping good boundaries is a must.


Break the larger projects and tasks into smaller steps and handle one thing at a time. You can still focus on the bigger picture to keep your level of inspiration up, but give yourself the time, space and focus to accomplish them bit by bit. It is also very important to stay out of resistance to chaos and to see it as a necessary landscape to get to know so you can rely on its positive aspects of creative manifestation when the time comes.


Chaos always brings an opportunity for change and restructuring. Think of what happens when you remodel. The old form gets destroyed. Some elements are kept, some are tossed. New construction makes quite a mess and you have to live with compromises to your comfort for a time. But when it is complete and new elements are brought in and incorporated into the old, you have something that is upgraded and better. One way to work with Chaos this month is to focus on what needs upgrading in your life and then take advantage of the chaos to do some restructuring of your habits, schedule, environment and goals.


And, make sure you stay out of fear. It won’t solve anything.


How the month shows up:



This month will be different for everyone. Some of you are good with chaos, especially creative types. But those who are not will need to adapt, adjust and become more familiar and accepting of this landscape. Beware of trying to control that which feels out of control by projecting on to others your discomfort. When the going gets tough we often look for something or someone to blame for the way things are not working out. This is a trap and will only lead to misunderstandings and negative reactions. So, take responsibility for your own process and refrain from judgment and blame. Situations this month are mostly going to be nobody’s fault. They are just what they are.

Personally, you have an opportunity to reset and recreate yourself, your container that supports your life, your attitude and your environment. Take the truths that came up last month and use the chaos and destabilization to break through any last resistance to what needs to change. Trust that the confusion and discomfort you feel will pass as clarity makes its way into your field. Instead of pushing for clarity on the bigger issues, accept the clarity on the smaller ones and take action to stabilize what is ready to show up. These could be those little bits, those small tasks that may even feel insignificant but they are all steps along the way.


Acknowledge that you may be in a very different state of mind and experience than someone else. It is important to allow others to be where they are without judgment and to not take things personally around any attempt to drag you into unnecessary chaos and drama. You will have enough of your own.




Communication is what is likely to harness the chaos this month so watch what you say, when, how, and to whom, as much could be lost in translation. When possible, put things into writing or make sure you have the full attention of the person you are giving an important instruction or communication to.


It is also important not to get overwhelmed and fall into throwing blame around as a way to handle the energy. The best suggestion to keep intimate and close relationships from being impacted negatively by the chaos is to plan carefully and do very well organized and communicated things together. You will need to plan ahead and make time.


On the other hand, in keeping with the inspiration, adaptability and creativity of the times, a little spontaneity can be a welcome change especially with those you know well enough to have formed solid habits around. New relationships could be fraught with confusion as people try and see through the fog of uncertainty and mistrust. Handle new connections with care and good boundaries and as clear a communication as you can until you gain clarity about where the relationship is going.


There is a lot of karma being played out in relationships right now in general (not only this month). Some of it triggering old wounds and some being deeply healed and some coming into completion and being put to rest. How do you know if you are in the middle of a karma? It is usually very difficult but feels like you have absolutely no choice but to be fully in it and to see it through despite what others may be counseling.




This is the month of hard to diagnose and somewhat strange symptoms. It is also a time of chaotic information that can leave you more confused about your health than ever. It is definitely the month to rekindle a deep friendship with your body and get to know it better so you can be the ultimate judge of what you need. Much of what we may be manifesting through our health is actually related to emotions and energy and can leave as quickly as it came on.


Be prepared for many ups and downs including times of anxiety, depression and low energy suddenly changing to high energy, enthusiasm and a deep feeling of trust and well-being. The best way to navigate the chaotic ups and downs is to have a stable practice you do every day to keep you balanced and grounded as well as simply to accept without resistance those time that feel quirky and unstable.


Triggered areas this month are the adrenals, the lower back, brain function and the eyes. Support your adrenals, acupuncture is always a good idea, and try and get enough rest.




It doesn’t take much to bring a bit of chaos into a business or partnership. But the results may not be negative. A little chaos is perhaps what is needed for a new orientation and some creative problem solving. If chaos hits, embrace it and ask the question, “What is the silver lining in this? How can we use this destabilization to our benefit and keep things moving in a forward direction?”


Good creative ideas often emerge out of chaos and destabilizations. Listen to others and be willing to be elastic, flexible and open to something new, more expansive and different. This month is actually a good time to launch something new in business as there is so much raw material in the landscape of chaos to work with. If you don’t get lost in the chaos and can hold your vision as well as take care of details that are clear at the same time, you will be ahead of the game.


We mentioned the need for discipline as one of the ways to navigate chaos. Discipline is an important factor in the success of any business or project that you may start at this time. You will also need to protect it and set good boundaries against any chaos that wants to insert itself that is not in resonance with your new endeavor.




Chaos in the environment will produce chaos in anything that relies on the environment to function. For example, if there is a huge weather event, it will likely disrupt travel in some areas producing chaos. If you are counting on the environment of a particular place for an event and that place suddenly becomes unavailable for some reason, you may be faced with a degree of chaos as a result. Any climate or environmental event that disrupts the “normal” workings of a community will produce chaos. The chaos always leads to new patterns, attitudes, communication, ideas, solutions, relationships, activities and projects.


The key is to be flexible and accepting of that which you cannot change and make the best of your situations. We may all be making lots of lemonade this month!


In keeping with the theme, the weather patterns are likely to be chaotic and unpredictable. Have plans but make them very elastic. You can only be disappointed when there is a great attachment to the outcome.




December 1-7: Use this week to put good practices in place to handle chaos. Set good boundaries around what will work for you and what won’t. If there are too many people around you with too many threads of conversation creating stress for you, take yourself out of the situation. If you feel overwhelmed by what is on your plate, take something off and prioritize. The main thing to remember this week is that you always have a choice so don’t get into martyrdom about how out of control things may seem.


A good practice is to make little notes and lists and then know where they are and refer to them so you don’t let something important fall through the cracks. Keep track of important things like keys, wallets, children, appointments by consciously being present as you schedule them in or put them away. In times of chaos it is easy to lose presence and focus as the mind becomes filled with random thoughts and bits and pieces you are trying to track.


Every day do the most important things first and try and keep the tasks small and the goals attainable. Do not procrastinate. Then make sure you allow yourself time to be random and unfocused, perhaps walking in nature or just listening to some good music or being with loved ones without having to do anything. This is the balance. You cannot always be focused and driven. That is hard on the adrenals. Getting comfortable and making use of the gifts that chaos has for us means spending some time in that energy.


December 7: New Moon is Friday, December 7 at 12:20 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This New Moon is a time to watch judgment and irritability as it could come up around old patterns and wounds. Where are you still holding someone in debt to you for past wrongs? Where do you still feel in debt to some old pattern of regret or shame you have been trying to change?


As these influences may be up, you have a great opportunity with this new moon to do some real healing, forgiveness and letting go. The chaos at this time is related to all the obsessive thoughts in your mind and it would be a good practice to do whatever you can to clear the mind and focus on a reset that forgives the past and settles into a more peaceful field of creativity that brings some clarity to new intentions.


(Join Lena for a remote shamanic healing Wednesday, December 5 at 7PM MT where you can do some clearing and forgiveness and reset.)


December 8-15: This is a time frame where a burst of new energy is possible. Allow yourself time to be inspired, creative and enthusiastic about what is possible. Embrace the artisan, laugh and delight in chaos, be a little spontaneous and start something new. You will still need to monitor and deal with the details of your life so don’t let anything important fall through the cracks. But, this is the best time to let it all hang out just a little bit.


There is support for movement around projects, ideas and intentions and we feel the fog lifting on areas of confusion bringing the beginnings of clarity around issues that were clouded before. This is a good time for making some major decisions and choices in your life even though they may not actually manifest for a while. It is still important to maintain the practices that keep you balanced and the biggest issue may be dealing with other people’s chaotic enthusiasm. So, keep your boundaries and remember that you cannot do someone’s process for them. They will have to come to their own choices in time.


December 16-23: This is a quieter time where you may feel disillusioned or even depressed for no specific reason. The time leading up to the solstice on the 21st is a time to embrace the VOID, an aspect of the spirit of the EAST that is the positive place to be when working with the East as an ally. It is the eye of the storm of chaos and the place of everything and nothing. (there is a good description and exercise around working with the EAST on the “Medicine Wheel” online course)


The best way to use this time is to focus on small tasks and carve out plenty of time for yourself and what you need. This is not necessarily a great social time as social interactions may exacerbate irritation, judgment and confusion. Keep communication simple and clear and balance your time in the VOID with simple activity that involves moving the body. It is a good time to initiate new practices around exercise and taking care of yourself.


After the Solstice, the energy moves forward again and if you have managed to organize some new practices well, they will support you through the rest of the month.


December 21: Solstice is Friday December 21 at 3:23 PM MT. This can be an emotional time with a positive focus on family, loved ones, nurturing and home. Don’t get caught in negative feelings that may be triggered around old wounds. Look towards gratitude for what does support you as well as all the opportunities showing up to support making changes in your life.


Watch the tendency to overthink what was said or done by others and make sure you don’t take any projections personally. We are still in the window of personal reflection and working with the void even though the solstice brings with it a desire to reach out and connect with love and support. It is best to stay away from anything that does not feel loving or supportive during this time.


As usual, we highly recommend doing some kind of ceremony or ritual releasing the past and bringing in a new energy, the coming of the light.


December 22: Full moon is, Saturday, December 22 at 10:49AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) More on the full moon will be sent as a Power Path Update (sign up above, at the top)


December 24-31: There is more clarity now even if you don’t feel you have the energy to follow through. In this intuitive time, it is enough to set intentions and then put them aside as you relax and enjoy your days. This is also a time to honor the rest and hibernation cycle of this time of year which means simplifying what you have on your plate. We are still in a somewhat emotional window that can manifest positively or negatively.


Negative emotions are usually due to disappointment or judgment of self and others. If you let go of attachment, you will be better able to enjoy what is in front of you instead of yearning and obsessing about what did not happen or what you could have done differently. This emotional time is also good for spreading joy, love and friendship and enjoying camaraderie with friends and family.


Happy Holidays!


Have a wonderful month!






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