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NEW MOON UPDATE 10-8-18, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 5 October 2018

Posted on October 5, 2018 at 3:35 PM

New Moon is Monday, October 8 at 9:46 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is an important moon for anchoring balance, grounding, and receiving the support of your allies. If you are in the place of ambivalence around a decision, you could gain some emotional clarity around issues you have been trying too hard to “think through”. It is important to take some time around this New Moon and focus on balance. It may mean taking some things that do not serve you off your plate and replacing them with some things that will serve you better. As you take inventory of your life at this time, ask yourself where you could use more support and help. Set some intentions to receive the support you need from the allies and the helpers that can give it.






Written by Patricia Liles –


Libra New Moon Cycle


Sun and Moon in Libra ~ 15º


Monday, Oct 8, 9:46 PM Mountain Daylight Time


(Tuesday. Oct. 9, 3:46 AM Greenwich Mean Time)


Venus naturally rules Libra’s New Moon cycle. The Goddess of relationship, social adeptness, and refinement will not disappoint as she does her most dramatic dance shifting from ‘evening star’ to ‘morning star’ this month journeying symbolically to the underworld in retrograde as she becomes invisible against the Sun to make this transformation. We experience one of the most ancient, visible planetary phenomenons witnessed and recorded by our forebears for thousands of years.


Venus is presently in Scorpio and retrograde. She’s empowered, going for inner truth, available for transformative experience. Venus in Scorpio is in the most powerful of the feeling-based water signs willing to go deeper into what motivates us, what is hidden, what is stagnant, what is called from the depths to be transformed. The path to awakening holds an early gate that all must pass through, the gate of self love, where we value the unique one we are, finding and holding our own internal integrity replacing what we were given by family and culture. Self Love is the foundation for love with another, the key to successful partnership and collaboration.


Sun and Moon in Libra is about balanced relation to another – the balance of self and other, the appreciation of opposites, making commitments, the refinement of social skill and diplomacy (remember Venus’ rulership here). With asteroid Ceres with the Moon and Sun, how we nourish our relationships and social connectiveness is emphasized. What relationship needs more attention in your life? Which ones are no longer nourishing at the deepest level?


Chart ruler, Venus in Scorpio, is square (challenged by) Mars in Aquarius (with Black Moon Lilith). We can call on our warrior self to show up and support what is just, balanced and fair in our social and collective relationships as we work on our prejudices, beliefs and discriminations. These are ‘old’ fixed dynamics that need to be cleared (riding with the South Node) to bring us personally (Venus) and collectively into balance and right relationship. We may experience Mars’ pull to work together for the collective good (in Aquarius). Recall the exalted warrior in “The Gladiator” film when in the arena with other captives, and rather than fighting solo, he lead them to ban together to support each other and emerge victorious against great odds. Mars’ long journey through Aquarius (mid May to Mid Nov.) aligned with the South Node points to the collective healing and balancing of the masculine we are struggling to rebirth in our consciousness.

Also of note, Venus is opposing Uranus three times Sept. 9, Oct. 31, Nov 30 because of her retrograde period. Titillate yourself with something new and exciting in the aesthetic realms, be open to stimulation from unusual people or situations. Watch what comes up. We will visit this again highly emphasized at Full Moon.


Pluto, Scopionic in its own right, squares the Sun/Moon/Ceres in Libra. We can’t really avoid the journey of transformation especially as we enter the later half of the month when the Sun also moves into Scorpio, along with Mercury on the 10/9, and Jupiter nearing completion of a year in Scorpio on November 8, all conspire to transform us in ways we can’t even imagine from here. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the season of letting go – a time when we make choices of how we will focus our power, our chi, how will we set a place at the table for change in our lives and welcome it.




Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Taurus 1º


Wed, October 24, 10:45 AM Mountain Daylight Time


(Wed, October 24, 4:45 PM Greenwich Mean Time)


How does the cosmos do it? How does it align the Full Moon axis exactly across the axis of the North/South Nodes when they are in the very last degree before it changes signs?!! Only a divine cosmic (comic) force could create this one, knowing exactly the pressure we need to further our transformative journey. The Full Moon in Taurus is aligned with Uranus, The Awakener, opposite the Scorpio Sun aligned with Venus. This forms a Grand Square with the Nodes in Leo/ Aquarius 1º all in fixed signs. Our most locked in patterns will be presented for our viewing pleasure. Well, like is said, ‘Crisis or Opportunity?’. The intensification of polarity is a given. With seven out of 10 planets in fixed signs there is great determination, strong will, and uncompromising resistance being played out. One will need to be calm, restrained and not be drawn into dramatic behaviors. Those we resist can be seen as our teachers. Can you muster gratitude to find yourself revealed in this form? Even the strongest among us will be pulled into this growth vortex. How we respond will be the ‘opportunity’. Those with planets in the early degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus-Scorpio, Leo-Aquarius) will feel it most acutely.


The Venus-Uranus opposition conjunct the Sun-Moon will present the base-note theme of revolutionizing the feminine within our selves and especially in all forms of relationships. Our relationship to the Earth can be included here.


The way out of the locked up energy of a Grand Square is to look for aspects to one of the four corners. We have several exit points: Saturn (to Venus), Jupiter (to North Node), and Chiron (to North Node.


First we have Venus sextiled to Saturn, our teacher, the one concerned with time who seeks to build for the future, who is concerned with tangible value that can build the stability needed for community, the responsible, practical, industrious force that is conservative and methodical. It’s a signpost to buckle down into your personal goals, value your relationships to the feminine aspects around you.


Jupiter and Chiron are in trine relationship to the North Node. How do we find the ease they are offering to mitigate the tension of the Grand Square? As they both aspect the North Node, our collective point of growth, they are pointing the way to an open door to walk away from the pent-up tension of the Grand Square. Jupiter can help you expand your heart, open wide to the sky, the stars, the love that surrounds you lifting you out of a stuck, resistant vibration and into an expanded, flowing energy greater than yourself. Chiron revisiting Pisces points toward the peace of surrendering into the acceptance of ‘what is’.


This Full Moon looks like a test, a throw down – to see what you’re made of. Nine out of 10 planets are in the feminine signs; seven of the 10 planets are in fixed signs ~ A time to nurture the yin and balance the yang.


All times are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)


10/23 Sun enters Scorpio 5:22 AM MDT


10/24 Taurus Full Moon 1º 10:46 AM MDT


11/4 Daylight Savings Time ends


11/6 Nodes shift into Cancer/Capricorn


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