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March 2018 Energy Report Jennifer Hoffman, 6 March 2018

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 9:30 AM

A new month is upon us as we continue to speed down the ascension highway. It has been quite a wild ride so far and in the month whose name is the same word as that which describes forward movement, we’re going to see action this month, even though Mercury goes retrograde on the 22nd. We have the Equinox, the new astro year, lots of Pisces/Chiron action (soul wounds coming up for healing), new beginnings with the start of a new astro year in Aries, and two full moons. But with all of this focus on movement March’s theme is action taken from a healed, whole, and congruent perspective, cutting off the loose ends before we forge ahead in new directions. Whew, hold onto your hats, we may be taking a few corners on two wheels this month.

March opens with a big full moon we have all looked forward to after February’s constant shifts and changes because there were no full moons in February. This means that endings (full moons are ending/closing cycles) may have been delayed so we could have total clarity on what needed to wind down, release, and get complete with, all to clear the space for the new beginnings we can have this month. See my article on Completion and closure at this link


But before we get closure March has a few gifts for us, including the movement of Venus and Mercury into Aries, inspiring us to take action, balanced with heavy Chiron activity in the first part of the month, and a new moon that exactly conjuncts Chiron on the 17th. Chiron represents the wounds that never heal, those energetic aspects that create areas of intense concentration in our energy fields, emotional black holes that are trigger points and strong energy drains.


We’ll see those come up this month too and I noticed that the new moon of the 17th, which sits on Chiron, occurs on St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick is celebrated for driving all of the witches out of Ireland, a dark time when millions of people who practiced the ancient pagan traditions were murdered or banished from Ireland and from many parts of Europe. It is estimated that the catholic church killed over 12 million people, mostly women, during the ‘burning times’.


Is this a healing opportunity for all of those who still bear the soul trauma of the persecution and worse, for being seers, healers, and wise women (wyrd women) in ancient times? This is one of the major barriers to the acceptance of our intuition and spiritual talents, the fear of being judged and persecuted for them. Is the March 17th new moon on Chiron going to free us from this trauma and fear so we can confidently continue with our spiritual/material integration of the 3D/5D ascension paradigm? I think so, and I hope there is a lot of healing and clearing in this area.


March is the beginning of the astrological new year with the Sun moving into Aries on the 21st, just as Mercury goes retrograde in Aries on the 22nd. Does this mean we’re going backwards? No, but it does mean, together with the new moon on the 17th, that rather than rushing out of the gate, our forward movement may be more considered, deliberate, and planned. Mercury in Aries can be a little spastic and this retro starting at the astro new year, together with the action orientation of March, is simply a reminder that our speed racers do have brakes to slow us down a little bit and there is reason for that.


I believe all of March’s movement is encouraging us to move in a multi-directional way – not forward and backward, but forward and outward, so we move forward and expand multi-dimensionally rather than simply moving forward in a straight line without also expanding our energy into new potentials. Our movement cannot be linear now, it has to be 360 and beyond, in an ever widening arc of spreading our light, energy, and truth into many areas of our life. Sometimes when we feel we can move forward we do so in a very linear way, we rush forward and try to cover as much ground as possible to make up for ‘lost time’ and ‘missed opportunities’.


It is tempting to want to get away from our limitations as soon as we feel that the shackles have come off but our forward movement is being channeled into new avenues starting this month. In addition to being aligned with our individual intentions, our movement must also be aligned with supporting the collective energy expansion. We don’t lose ground or opportunities; instead, we are encouraged to spread the energy around, to explore new avenues of potential, consider other alternatives we have not considered before.


This month we can move forward but we need to remember two things:


We choose when we stop healing and start acting and we decide when we will no longer continue on the endless healing cycles that keep us stuck in old drama, trauma, pain, and suffering. So often we look at others’ progress to determine when our healing is complete but we have no control over what others do. The best question to ask now is ‘What new things am I ready for?’ and not ‘Are they healed yet and am I finished with that process?’

We have a double mission, to be in our own light and energy and to shine that light and energy for others to see and to be inspired by. We have graduated from Light Workers to Light Beacons, and are moving out of the New Age into the Light Age. The speed of light is 186,000 miles/second – are we ready to move forward at that speed? We have the knowledge, tools, and awareness to embrace our light body and integrate it into our human body. So the answer is yes but we must do so intentionally, deliberately, and with full awareness of the destination or outcome we want to achieve.

With this month’s intense focus on moving out of our karmic healing cycles and releasing our trauma-based soul wounds, we are preparing to shift our focus from powering our energy draining emotional black holes to expanding our energy multi-dimensionally. Being stuck in the dark density of our soul wound trauma blocks our awareness of any other paths that are possible.

Open your vision this month, ask yourself what else is possible – what is the path that allows you to experience the greatest joy, peace, love, abundance, and prosperity? Then create your March-ing orders and start taking steps in that direction.


Have a fantastic month.


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