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DECEMBER 2017 MONTHLY FORECAST, Lena Stevens | The Power Path, 2 December 2017

Posted on December 2, 2017 at 5:20 PM

The main theme for December is “UPGRADE”.

Now that we have turned the soil and processed, recapitulated and come to terms with certain areas of our lives, it is time to think of where and what we need to change in order to prepare for what is next.


I chose the theme of UPGRADE because that is where we want to end up. Not with business as usual, but with goals, intentions, plans and determination to improve our lives so that our experience is upgraded from what is was before.


Navigating this month will take focus and discipline. You cannot be lazy about your practices and if you say you are going to do something or start a project, program or discipline, you better be prepared to follow through. There is a fine line of balance between focus and imagination, between your will and your intuition. You need all of them to work together and in harmony.


There is an expansive quality to the month that should lean towards excitement and inspiration about the possibilities. We can struggle a bit with fear of the unknown but remember that fear and worry are usually about things that have not yet happened so part of the discipline of the month is to stay present. In the present you have just your current experience to deal with. This is an active month and one of transition, movement, preparation and improvement. Burst of energy channeled into action will be balanced with down times of assimilation and integration. Stay out of judgment about what is happening, not happening and how. It all leads to an upgrade.


Think of yourself as a computer. If your computer is beginning to show signs of not being able to keep up with new programs and needs more memory and a higher processing speed, it is time for an upgrade. While the upgrade is in process, the computer is down. When it comes back up, there are often glitches that need to be fixed or refinements made to the way things are organized. When it is rebooted, you are able to do and process more.


It is the same with our physical, mental, emotional and energy bodies. At times, as we are in the process of upgrading, the body is down and offline. We are checked out. Sometimes this takes the form of an illness or simply a total lack of energy and focus. It could even be defined as depression, apathy, lethargy and confusion. Let it be. And then when we come back on line, we are improved and better capable of handling more than before. So be careful what you ask for this month. Don’t hold yourself back, but know that the bigger the upgrade you seek, the bigger the “growth period” of being offline may be.


This is rather an exciting month as long as you can keep your eye on the ultimate goal and not get mired in the discomfort of the process. It will be important to pay close attention to your daily details and to stay really present with what is working and what isn’t. The only way to successfully upgrade is to tell the truth about what needs it and then to be disciplined about taking the necessary steps. Because you are most likely going to be changing patterns as you upgrade, you will need to be conscious of being persistent. If you get distracted and go to sleep during this process, you risk sliding back into the very habits you are trying to change. So, stay awake, stay present, tell the truth, and get serious about dreaming what you always wanted and putting your discipline behind it.


We need to be aware of impatience this month and to work with time in a new way. Once you decide something, the discipline is not to hurry it along but rather to stay focused and not distracted by doubt and worry. Be inspired by the intelligence of right timing instead of frustrated by the lack of mental information. This may be a tough time for those that have a strong need “to know”. We have no mental idea of where we are headed with this upgrade but we do have an intuitive one that requires trust and patience. Always look to inspires you when you feel yourself in need of a reminder.


It is best to try and enjoy the process this month, whatever it is, and to see all aspects as important on your journey. If you are “offline” it may be difficult for you to trust that there are gifts at the end. Especially if you are upgrading through a health crisis, it may be a challenge to stay positive. The best interpretation of these times is that we are being rewired energetically in preparation for something new: new ideas, new insights, new belief systems, new experiences, new attitudes, and a new relationship with life. This is always hardest on the physical body so have patience with however your upgrade is choosing to show up. And remind yourself daily that you are indeed moving towards an UPGRADE.


How the month shows up:




Sometimes it is best to be literal with yourself and support your process through literal reminders. For example, if an upgrade is what you are striving for, look around at your personal daily life with all of its physical support elements as well as its habits and see where and what you can upgrade.


If you want to upgrade your health perhaps you can upgrade your exercise or the quality of your food. If you wish to upgrade how you show up, maybe you upgrade parts of your wardrobe or your personal care. If you want to upgrade your attitude, decide how you want that to be and then make an effort towards positive statements and be disciplined about staying out of the negative. If you upgrade your daily routine, perhaps you add something creative or some quality time, something that represents an upgrade to what your normal and usual routine is.


One thing you can work on this month is what we call your “havingness”. How much can you have? What can you have? Raising your havingness is key to upgrading your life and the push for higher havingness is always a bid for power. (there is a good guided visualization for this on our monthly support audio).


In turning the soil last month many of us have uncovered old patterns imprinted from childhood that relate to how much we can have or how much we are capable of achieving in this life. You can break out of the imprinting this month and go for more. It will take courage and discipline but will be worth it in the end.




Upgrading relationships is a bit more subjective as it always takes two. However, you can begin by choosing to engage with others only in a certain way, one that represents an upgrade for you. You will need to be willing to take the consequences of this discipline if a relationship is not willing to meet you in the upgrade. Upgrades in relationships are possible in the areas of communication, shared experiences, interactions, and simply being present in the moment with another.


What you are striving for here is more essence contact and the true ability to set aside judgment and to see yourself as well as others as spirit. The main relationship you are upgrading at this time is your relationship with yourself. How can you raise the bar on more love, health, acceptance, patience, understanding, and support you could have for yourself? And why is it that we all tend to sabotage the very things we know are healthy and good for us and instead continue to practice poor judgment and make bad decisions?


This is a good month to upgrade your self-esteem and to work on your havingness around self-worth and worthiness. The way you treat yourself is the way others will begin treating you. You are the one setting the new pattern and that new pattern will draw others towards it. Take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your self-esteem this month, whatever it takes.




We can always use an upgrade on our health and well-being. This is where the true discipline comes in as most of our addictions and tendencies towards poor habits greatly affect our physical and emotional health. Take some time this month to really tell the truth about what you need to do in order to upgrade your health. Maybe it is a belief system that needs an influx of new information and wisdom. Maybe it is a change in diet or a new routine for building physical strength. Maybe it is staying away from what is emotionally disturbing to you or getting some help around issues you find challenging. Whatever your choices are, remember that it is the discipline that will bring about the upgrade, whether it is bringing in something new or eliminating something old and creating some good boundaries around yourself.


The growth periods brought about by the bids for power that are related to your intentions for upgrading could manifest through physical and even emotional challenges. Energy levels go up and down this month and some will definitely succumb to illness as a way to lay low for a while and allow the system to re pattern on a deep instinctive level. This is the computer being taken offline while the upgrade is in process. Manage your time well this month so as not to overdo or overextend yourself. If you create some good down time for yourself, you may be able to avoid it being created for you.


(There is a good chakra upgrade visualization on this month’s support audio)



Projects and business ventures move in fits and starts this month. Don’t be surprised if a project or venture begins with a spurt of excitement, enthusiasm and inspiration and then hits a standstill somewhere down the road. This only means it is time to regroup and focus on the details making sure they are at the havingness level you need them to be. Take these slow times to do some deep cleaning of the environment, filing, paperwork, and to upgrade the support system of the project. It will reboot itself in right timing and sometimes with a speed that you were not expecting. Things can happen very quickly in this kind of energy as long as everything is clear and in place. Roll with it, whether moving like a runaway train or stopped at a complete standstill.


If current projects, business ventures and partnerships could use an upgrade, it will become obvious. You have an opportunity this month to upgrade your perception and intuition as well as the way you view your goals and the bigger picture of what you wish to accomplish. If the current situation is not satisfactory, you will feel it and be inspired to do something to change and upgrade it. Follow your intuition. It is probably better equipped at this time than your rational mind.




This is the month where it I important to pay homage to and appreciate the environment. Everything from the heavens to the center of the earth, all life, cycles, weather, plants, animals, elements etc. Since we have an opportunity to upgrade our senses and deepen our relationship and communication with the environment, it can start with our gratitude and appreciation for what we have.


If we can stay present and really see, feel, hear and sense the support system that is our natural environment, we actually feed it energetically. When you send the energy signature of love, awe, appreciation or gratitude towards the environment, the environment will respond by taking that signature and feeding itself becoming even more rich and beautiful. This energy then is sent back to you creating a cycle of communication that will ultimately and eventually open your senses to the point where you will truly experience the environment in all of its multidimensional beauty. What would it be like to open our senses enough to experience the layers of energy and patterns in everything we see? This and more is possible as we upgrade this month. It starts with noticing and being present with what is there already. If you are to upgrade your relationship with nature you need to be in it. Spend as much time as you possibly can in a natural environment and remember to honor all the elements that support your life on a daily basis. If you had deep gratitude for water every time you used it, the water would become more powerful as an ally.




December 1-7: Let’s start the month with a good dose of “what if” questions. What if my life were….? What if I could….? What if I experienced myself as….? What if I experienced others as…? You fill in the blanks. This gives the quantum field something to begin working with. Think of this time frame as one of telling the truth about what needs an upgrade and then setting the stage for it to begin manifesting. If you are going to upgrade something in your life, first you have to see how it does not serve you anymore. Sometimes this process is painful as it could bring up deep issues of self-esteem, worthiness and incompetence.


Move through this with compassion, flexibility and neutrality and keep your eye on the goal. Engage your imagination as you pose the “what if” questions but at the same time pay attention to the practical side of your daily life and take care of the details of business and your physical environment. Make a list of all the things you are clear about upgrading. This inventory will serve as a template for the month as you can keep referring to it and refining it as the weeks unfold.


December 3: Full Moon is Sunday, December 3 at 8:47AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This Super Moon is an opportunity for a good reality check and a time to tell the truth about what you know to be true, not what someone else tells you is true, but what you, yourself know. It is a good day to discuss and share dreams of the future, intentions, solutions to problems, and everything you can imagine for yourself. A full moon is always expansive. Use the expansiveness to fuel your imagination and creativity but do not get scattered.

This is also a good time to make an inventory of what you wish to upgrade. The decisions to change something in your life will use this full moon energy to take hold and begin the process. Try not to spend time in frustration or disappointment as you make your list. Negative feelings about what needs to change are never useful. Think instead about how fabulous the upgrade will be. Spend some time in nature today and begin putting some practices in place to open your senses.


Mercury has gone retrograde and it is best if you are fairly well organized with your schedule for the next three weeks (with room for flexibility of course).


December 8-15: Ups and downs pepper this time frame. Stay out of judgment and in neutrality. It’s just what it is. This is not to say you should just give up and do nothing but it is a time to surrender to the process you yourself initiated to uncover the roots of your old patterns that no longer serve you. Watch impatience, irritation and judgment. If you are experiencing a “down time” let it serve you and don’t resist it.


The balance between dreaming and dealing with current reality can make life look a little chaotic. This is a necessary training in preparation to hold a larger experience of the polarities of life. On the one hand, you have more tangible access to the creative imagination of the astral or spirit world where dreams begin. On the other hand, you are dealing with the truth of what you have created thus far both personally and collectively. Before you have the power to change anything you need to see all sides of the coin. Don’t let this reality check drive you into the negative. You need to stay focused on what is possible. Keep referring to your “what if” questions and keep opening your senses and intuition with the help of your guides, nature and your higher self.

December 16-23: Breakthroughs are possible during this time. Grab the excitement of your glimpses into what is possible and set boundaries against others that have a different idea of what you can and cannot do. Accept when things feel bogged down and you are experiencing a “growth period” or down time. Accept also when something begins to move very quickly. There can be major mood swings and times of too much vs too little. The task is to be able to hold it all as a full experience.


The breakthroughs are around your intuition, the expansion of your senses and your havingness. You may wonder at how easy it is to effortlessly upgrade something in your life once you give it permission to be upgraded. It is a natural order of things to want to improve and evolve. Only you and your limitations and belief systems stand in the way. There is also excitement and inspiration that comes with the knowing that you can actually have the upgrade of the thing that you are changing. And maybe nothing on the external needs to change. Perhaps it is your attitude and how you see life that is being upgraded resulting in a richer more satisfying experience.


December 17: New Moon is Sunday, December 17 at 11:31 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST). Take a little time here to really enjoy your life, however that shows up for you. For some, it would be making the time for friends, for others it would be carving out some personal alone time in nature or perhaps allowing for an adventure you have been putting off due to a lack of havingness. Whatever it is, this is YOUR time to be spent however you want to. This is also a great time to think about how you show up in the world and reflect on life task work, your passions and creativity, and where you may need to upgrade.


It is also a good time to make concrete plans for launching anything new especially projects, business ventures and undertakings you have been dreaming for a while. The motto for this new moon is “I am, I can and I will”. Revisit your practices and your discipline. Is it enough? Too much? Are you doing the things that really serve you? Or are you just acting out of old habits?


December 21: Solstice is at 9:27 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST) A solstice is always a powerful time to release what stays in the past and to welcome and anchor in a new cycle complete with a new set of intentions, resolutions and goals. This solstice in particular is potent for stretching your dreams, thinking outside the box and putting yourself out there just a little bit more. The most important thing is to make sure you honor this transition and make time to work with the energies.


Do a ritual of some sort, burning a writing of what you are releasing and leaving behind as well as concretely anchoring and welcoming a new cycle, a new dream and what you wish to manifest and upgrade for yourself from now on. You can do this visually by writing or drawing or creating something of an offering to put on your altar or give to the fire. Whether in the northern or southern hemisphere, think of the solstice as a time of reset, a powerful transition from the past into the future. Think of it as the beginning of a new cycle with new influences and new opportunities. The more aware and present you are with the idea of a reset and transition, the more powerful the solstice will be for you.


In this time frame we are in, we have an opportunity to really move from one vibrational frequency to another, upgrading everything in the process. The price is your willingness to let go for good of what holds you back. Only you know what that is.


TRENDS 2018. Sign up for the live webinar of the talk if you have not already done so. A very helpful look into the next year.


Intentions, Goals and Resolutions: A helpful webinar with Lena and timely for the solstice!


December 24-31: In many cultures and depending on traditions and calendars, this is often a holiday season, celebrating gift giving and the end of the year. We say that this is also a good time to set some boundaries against the chaos of over activity, over extension and trying to please too many people at one time. Take care of yourselves first and don’t lose sight of the theme of UPGRADE. How can you upgrade this time of year for yourself as compared with other years?


It is good to reflect on what is new and different and to feed the upgrades. It is also a great time to actually manifest something in your physical environment that represents an upgrade for you. Perhaps a new piece of furniture or a coat of paint on your wall, or replacing/upgrading something worn out for the kitchen?


This is a good time frame to work on your havingness, especially in the areas of your personal and spiritual growth, intuition, and ability to see more, feel more, hear more and sense more.


A wise shaman once said: “It is more important how you end something than how you begin it”. So, let us end this year well, with gratitude for what we have experienced in 2017 and inspiration for what we can manifest in 2018.


Have a wonderful month!



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