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November 2017 Energy Report Jennifer Hoffman, 2 November 2017

Posted on November 2, 2017 at 9:10 AM

October will be remembered as a month when the revolution began because it’s when humanity awakened to a sobering reality of what 3D power, domination, and control fully entails. From the Vegas shooting on the first to the rash of reports of sexual harassment and abuse by Hollywood moguls, it was a month of awakening to a grim reality that we have collectively given our power away and we need to take it back. That’s where we begin this month and we have quite a lot happening to support us in these new directions. But we cannot simply demand our power back without making the necessary internal adjustments that we need to create space for it, as well as the deeper energetic adjustments so we get new power that we can use in the integrated 3D/5D energetic spaces and not old 3D power that is no longer valid or valuable to us. It’s going to be a month of change for everyone, in every way.

Let’s begin with November’s keywords of self-esteem and self-awareness and what they mean to us now. Esteem is a measure of the love, honor, and respect we give to someone or some thing. Self-esteem is a measure of how we love, honor, and respect ourselves. While it’s something we want from others, we don’t always realize that what they give us is merely the mirror of the level of those qualities we hold within ourselves. We hold others in ‘high esteem’ at the same time being our most negative critic and toxic judge.


This is an example of what we have seen in the Hollywood scandals – the cult of celebrity and those whom we have been holding in high esteem are now shown to have been guilty of the worst perversions for decades, even as we ‘celebrated’ their celebrity. But it’s not only in Hollywood, it’s in government and politics and in corporations too. Our lesson from this is that we must not give our power away to others, or hold them in greater esteem than they are worthy of or deserve.


Most importantly, we must not hold anyone at a higher level of esteem than we hold ourselves. Whatever or whomever we put on a pedestal will eventually fall off of it.


That’s one of November’s lessons too, to shift our perspective about worthiness and deserving. So often we blame ourselves when others don’t love, honor, and respect us but that is not valid because people cannot value someone whom they believe shines more brightly than they do. Ouch – did I just say that? It’s true. No one can esteem something that is not valuable to them. Just as I don’t hold camping trips or tomatoes in high esteem because I don’t like them, your light, energy, and power are not valuable or held in esteem by the person who wants to stay in the dark, density, and disempowerment of their own victim consciousness.


Another aspect of November that is going to inspire our energetic choices is the continuing Saturn/Chiron square which represents the battle between the Martyred Healer and Empowered Mastery. We have had this aspect all year. November is the final square aspect that occurs before Saturn moves into Capricorn in December. This aspect represents a choice between light and dark, 3D and 5D, victim or victor. What are we going to choose individually and as a collective? The victims of Hollywood’s sexual abuse perpetrators are letting us know the heavy cost of victimization and that is being met by a roar of disapproval from the public show, just a few months before, were still blinded by the ‘stars’ and their fake glitter. I think the choice is being made but in case we need a final reminder, we have one more Saturn/Chiron square this month.


November is an 11 month and 2017 is a 1 year so we have 111 energy all month, together with 5 days where that energy is magnified, on November 1, 10, 11, 19, and 29. It’s a power month with a lot of power days, in a power year. What a way to give 3D density its final sendoff because in December we have Saturn moving into Capricorn where it’s going to join Pluto. This is going to be interesting.


Pluto was in Capricorn from 1762 to 1778, times of great citizen uprisings against royal and government oppression and control. It’s now in the same degrees and going to be joined by Saturn in an empowering conjunction, rather than the Saturn/Pluto square of the early 1760s. This is a new paradigm that is going to put a new spin on the overthrow of the old system of 3D ‘power over’ model. While the royalty was forced to concede to public demands for self-rule in the 1760s, they didn’t really go away, they just re-invented themselves and became part of the government. This time, though, things are different. Pluto has a ‘scorched earth policy’ when it comes to resisted transformation and the human collective together with a new higher frequency energetic imperative is going to dramatically shift that landscape. We’re seeing this in our lives as well as in the collective too.


And to add more interest to the story we have a Mercury retrograde in December whose shadow period begins November 8. This one is in Sagittarius, within 1 degree of the January 2017 retrograde, an opportunity to tie up any loose ends before we enter a new year and a brand new frequency.


Saturn also hits that retrograde degree in December before it shifts into Capricorn. This is the new spirituality but not as in the ‘new age’, this is the light age, the shift from darkness to light. We have learned that trying to get the dark to co-exist with the light is not going to work because the only way that can happen is for us to dim the light. It’s time for us to all shine brightly and let the dark join the light. If it doesn’t want to that’s OK because there is no choice – the light always illuminates the darkness. And in the presence of light darkness becomes irrelevant.


What’s going on in November does pit the ‘establishment’ against the people, the globalist ‘new world order’ power, domination, and control agenda against the freedom of energetic sovereignty, self-awareness and self-esteem. 5D is the paradigm of connection, collaboration, community and cooperation and it cannot co-exist within an environment that demands total control, domination, subservience, and power. Through our willingness to shine we have made our choices and now we have a chorus of voices and a field of light where we once had small voices speaking and a few lights scattered across a broad expanse of darkness.


The tables have turned, we are entering the Light Age as Light Beacons and it’s our time to shine. This can be a great month for transformation – the opportunities will be there – but it’s not going to be easy or resistance free. We always knew the dense energies would put up a fight and now they are throwing everything they have at us which, on one hand, looks desperate because it is, and on the other hand is serving to bring us closer together, which is what we must do to collectively bring this phase of the ascension cycle to completion so we can begin the effort to ground more of the 5D energy into the 3D reality and usher in the peace, joy, love, and prosperity of the Light Age.


Have a wonderful month.


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