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Total Solar Eclipse & Avalon Returns, Shelly Dressel, 31 August 2017

Posted on August 31, 2017 at 1:50 PM

This is a really different channel!! The energies were very powerful because of the eclipse that took place the following day. In addition, I was in the mountains with very poor cell coverage. Therefore, I was sitting out on the deck with heat, humidity, bugs and a locust!! You’ll hear and see the difference.

The Goddess tapped into this energy as a means of clearing each of us through all our lives, all our conscious and unconscious experiences. We tapped into that with the sense and the feeling of the eclipse really overriding everything else.


Therefore as we found ourselves in the alignment with the eclipse it was like this powerful ball of energy that went through us on all levels! Whew, the clearing was deep and profound. Once we were cleared we all assisted with clearing the energies of the collective consciousness. As that happened the energies went through the matrix surrounding the earth cutting old energies, old patterns, old ties. As that happened the actual energy of the earth shifted. As we watched a great deal more light and balance entered into the matrix transforming it.


The second part of this is the return of Avalon. I channeled Sunkara as she spoke of Avalon and its truly amazing return. Avalon is the foundation for much of who we are, where we came from and all the transformation. Most people think of Avalon in conjunction with Camelot. It was actually more ancient than that time and they lived in different dimensions. Avalon was about the feminine energy and a Druid based life of alignment with Gaia. There were of course men, women children who lived on the land; but it was a Goddess foundation. During Atlantis, they tried to take over Avalon erasing the magic, the link to the land, the divine feminine so in a HUGE undertaking the central portion of Avalon was removed from the earth — literally. This was enclosed in a bubble of energy and it’s been 30,000 or more years in that place. I’ll write a blog with more detail, however, during the eclipse the physical Avalon returned!! This channel taps into it and all of us assisted.




Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole


I greet you beloved family. I reach out from my heart to yours. I reach out to all who are present whether it’s here in this now physical moment or at another time. This is your time to be here upon the earth. This now moment is the culmination of all that is been taking place within and around you.


We speak with you on the eve of the complete solar eclipse taking place August 21, 2017. This eclipse is of particular importance. One of those main reasons is that on this now moment you are truly letting go of the past. You are truly in a space where you have the opportunity to not only go through your own energies but if it’s there anything at all that’s been bothering you, be it your family, a particular situation, whatsoever it may be, this time we’re going to clear on many, many, many different levels. So too as this clearing takes place it allows for Avalon to return. Avalon is a continent; Avalon is an island; Avalon is a state of consciousness that is coming back so as to assist with balancing all that is happening in the future.


The time is now.


I invite you to take this moment and while you are here allowing yourself to anchor and connect with me, to reach down, breathing through your nose and sending that breath all the way down into the earth so that as you connect with the earth you feel the energies of Gaia.


Feel the vibration of the earth, the water, the trees, the cicadas; everything that is within and around you as you link with Gaia.


As you experience what this is allow your energy to really expand so that you move in different directions as you anchor within the earth.


You then allow those energies of Gaia to come up within you. It comes up within you going out through the top of your head and you flow finding yourself linking with your higher self. As you do so, allow yourself to feel the expansion that takes place when you are within that space.


Your higher self is where you come each time you seek to know an answer to a problem, each time you seek greater information. It is here and available for you. This is also where you begin to integrate that vibration of your divinity; you can feel it as it’s moving down into you the human.


Allow yourself to transition even further. Your consciousness streams out following that thread that links you to your divinity and through your intention alone you can find yourself blending with your divinity. This is you as your soul; this is you in the many, many lifetimes both upon the earth and out within the universe. Allow yourself to really feel and experience what that may be.


As you look around from within this space, you may have a perception of some of those other lifetimes that you are participating within at this moment.


I the Goddess walk in and amongst all who are here. As I reach out to you, I embrace all of who you are as your divinity and as the individual in this lifetime. As our vibration merges feel as we expand into the space of the All That Is. As your energy expands even further, look around at what is present within this space.


There are many individuals of many different species who are here in preparation for what is taking place tomorrow and each of you have that potential to work with these energies at this now moment.


I invite you to take this time and consider what is happening upon your earth. Not only have you as humanity been moving through the Ascension process there has also been a number of people who just feel confused about what is going on, who might be wondering what is their purpose in life. So in other words you have everything from a very basic how am I living my life all the way up to a higher level of consciousness.


With this solar eclipse there is a potential and we know it is going to happen that all of that will transition.


The energy of this eclipse will move through the matrix that surrounds the earth. This matrix is an energy, it is a vibration, it is like the connective tissue that holds much of the conscious thought and awareness onto the earth.


As the alignment of the eclipse takes place there is a beam of light like a laser that will move through the earth. Now that may sound odd in that there will be no light that emerges but it comes back before hand and then afterwards in which this transition takes place. There is so much upon your earth that is ready to be let go. There’s so much in each person’s life that is ready to transition. So I therefore invite you to go down within your own self and consider what would you like to release.


I always see those people with their long list. It could be as much or as little as you so choose.


For some of these energies that you seek to release, look and see if they are tied to something in your past or if it’s tied to something in your family or perhaps to something within your own culture because very often you are carrying around the energies for something that is more than just who you are.


If indeed this is about someone else then you can let the energies flow back to that individual and you once more come into that state of balance.


As you are finding this vibration within yourself and as you are experiencing what this is realize that it’s for you if it begins with you. Therefore the more that you clear out your own energies it will also trickle out and clear out the others.


So in this now moment, as you clear that energy from within yourself you can send it off into the ethers. I would say to you also, open up to balance within your life. Open up to love as the foundation for all that you do within your life.


Now if there are certain things in particular that you would like to state as an intention you may do so. But you can also realize that through that love and that balance you need not analyze, you need not think about it, you can just allow it to flow through you and it will assist you in every way possible.


Alright, I invite everyone to have the intention that you stand forth; it is as if we open up the doorway from the All That Is so that you may see the sun, the earth, the moon as they are already getting into the alignment that will come in which everything is aligned completely creating the eclipse.


As you stand here within this space begin by aligning with the sun and through the sun you link to the central sun. That central sun is the center of the Universe, is the center of the souls, it’s the place from which all arises. So therefore, as if you are standing and you’re basking in the energy of the sun, you are aligning with the sun of your earth and also all of your divinity and all of who you are. Allow that to just flow through you.


As this energies of the sun are flowing within and around you, you can use it as an opportunity to illuminate whatever within you it is important for you to know. You can also use it as an opportunity to recognize that there is a very clear vision and a clear energy around you.


There’s then a sense of coming in from the side. Of course this is faster than typical but as those energies of the moon are coming in from the side they have a different vibration and a different energy.


You begin to feel the essence; it’s almost as if the moon begins to move in front of the sun. It’s a time of clearing out. It’s a time where it’s going to bring up within you that which has been hidden because that is what that vibration is about, what is on the far side of the moon or what is on the far sight of your consciousness that you may have no knowledge about.


Again this alignment continues to come until you have that sense of seeing the sun in front of you and the moon completely super imposed and then you stand in that direct alignment.


Allow these vibrations to flow through you.


And as they move through you, you can clear out anything and everything and as if you are standing here in the space of a brand new vibration and energy allow that to be a new beginning for you.


And then as the moon continues on its pathway, its beginning its new vibration and its new energy. As this is taking place have a sense of becoming aware of the earth. You see where we are here within the All That Is that aligns with the Universe and so all of these energies of the universe are in support of what is happening upon the earth and that beam of light, the shadow and the light flows through the earth itself so that each person may have illuminated within themselves that of which they are aware; so too that which has been hidden also comes up in a form of transformation.


Experience all of what that is and as its going through the earth you may have a perception of the layers upon layers upon layers that are being released.


Some of these are ancient; some of these have been so inbred within your DNA that you don’t realize it is actually something outside of you and that no longer serves you. So let those layers also peel away clearing out everything within and around you; so too as the earth receives this cleansing from within the center of the earth there is a new vibration that begins to emanate. It moves through Gaia. It moves through each of you. It moves into the collective consciousness so that that matrix that surrounds the earth becomes illuminated with the crystalline vibration.


As each one of you become recalibrated letting go the carbonate energy and infusing the crystalline energy, your body will transition as will your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs so that moving forward all of these, shifts into the higher dimensions that will support you.


Be who you are. Trust that the earth as it lets go these old layers will have the specific intention that releases the fear, the judgment, it releases the chaos so as this new balance emerges it can fill up those spaces.


Again you allow your consciousness to come back within yourself as you are here on the edge of the All That Is. As you look at the earth you begin to become aware that the earth itself has shifted. There is a luminescence that it exudes as this energy continues to integrate.


As all of this becomes possible I invite you to shift gears and we will bring in the energies of Avalon. I’m going to step aside and allow for those who are the foundation behind Avalon to come forth and speak with you.


Energies of Avalon speak.


Greetings! I am known as Sankura. I am not one of the Goddesses that walked upon the earth but I’ve always maintained the energies of Avalon from here within your Universe.


We come from a place that is of another universe and we inhabited your planet several hundred thousand years ago. We came to this planet because of its beauty, because of its vibration, because of its water. Our intention has always been to be one with the earth and to assist this balance as all creatures human, animal, tree, grass, live with one another.


When we first came to this planet we came with the full memory of who we were. We knew that we were sharing the guardianship of this planet with those that were here ahead of us. We therefore worked with them as they taught us the ways of the Earth.


Throughout the thousands and hundreds of thousands of years there was peace, there was fighting, there was time of integration and times of separateness.


Most people consider the time in which Avalon became no more. In truth a great deal ascended off of the earth returning back to our planet or moving into another earth of a higher vibration.


There were those upon the earth during the time of Atlantis who attempted to enslave us so as to take our power. That was but a sign of the times and it was not appropriate nor did we choose to have that experience. Therefore we attempted to communicate, negotiate, work with these individuals, eventually get into that place where it would no longer served. We were not serving them. They were not serving us. So, come with me, look at your earth as it was at that time.


As you do so you will see that the earth was much smaller. You will see that the land masses were closer together. You will see that it was therefore more difficult to become separated.


This is why as we consider all that was going on we made the decision that we needed to take the actual earth with us. It was somewhat of an island, but it was not completely an island. We had the records of our history upon the earth; some of them in a written form others within symbols and still others within an energetic format. We worked for quite a long time with the Druids, which is who the Avalonians were to work with the earth itself separating all as if a circle was created around this space.


As the time came there were many, many ships up within the universe that sent beams of light down into the earth. There were dragons and people within the earth that began to levitate this part of Avalon. It became encircled within its energy so that it was sealed. It was all then shifted and lifted into a dimension where the perception was that Avalon itself had completely been erased from the earth.


Although there were many who try to find us but that was not to be.


Throughout your history since that time we have made several attempts to come back into the earth plane once more to bring with us that balanced feminine, to bring with us the energy of the magic and the working with the earth, to bring with us that very specific energy associated with our part of the Universe.


One of those times of course was Camelot. Another time was the renaissance period and each time we would send a hologram of Avalon to occupy the space but it was not the right timing and therefore did not work.


This time in your history it’s going to work; it is time to bring this piece of Gaia back home, it is time to bring the people of Avalon back into the earth plane and as they return it’s going to activate within many of you who are already living upon the earth your alignment to Avalon so that you too may have that conscious support from your home planet.


So observe if you so choose a place within what you would call the North Atlantic. There is that blend of Ireland, Scotland, there is Greenland and Iceland and within that space we already have the hologram in place in which the landmass will follow or find its home.


So as you see this suspended energy of Avalon is very gently moving down through the dimensions, moving back towards the earth.


As it gently moves down within this space you see rising up from within the ocean the whales and the dolphins as they transform some into dragons, some into a form that is able to assist from out within the universe there are so many people who are assisting with that vibration as it gently descends moving back into the earth.


As it anchors back into the water, it’s remaining at about the seventh dimension and it’s creating a transformation within the water as it’s filling in a space that has been empty for quite some time. Oh, at the time it was released there was an energetic field that was placed in there but it was always temporary. So that has been released, Avalon is returning. It will manifest in the physical form within the next several weeks to months and as each of you reach out in your heart to this island and to this land that will assist in anchoring it more and more.


I invite you to reach out and see if there is a part of you that is within that space and as you create that connection or that alignment it’s helping to ground this energy back within.


This is but a portion of what is taking place. It is a great deal more complicated and yet simpler.


(It was at this point that a locust or perhaps a cicada that had been sitting on my computer began to fly at me, aiming for my face, hair, all around me. It was quite distracting!)


I therefore invite you to have the intention that that flow is with ease. The eclipse has shifted out much of that vibration or that energy that was no longer serving and therefore this is filling in that space bringing with it the balanced energy.


As we move forward in the higher dimensions it’s not just the balance of the feminine and the masculine is the balance of each individual with the foundation of love in all that you are doing within your life.


The energies of Avalon are about acceptance. They accept themselves and they accept everyone else with that intention of a co-creation or a partnership. I invite you to be open to that partnership.


Breathe out and you allow your focus to shift once more allowing all of your energies to come back within the All That Is and as you do so I will step aside for the Goddess to once more communicate with you.


The Goddesses of Avalon from the past some of them may be present in the future some of them have transitioned on to other experiences. Therefore be open to what it may mean to you as Avalon moves into this new era upon the Earth.




The Goddess returns to speak.


I the Goddess thank you for sharing in this experience. This’s never been done upon the earth in such a conscious way before. It is significant. It is transformational and it is going to make life lasting events.


I invite you to come back together as a group. As always you see that hologram of the earth and at this time in some ways it no longer looks like the hologram has looked in the past because it is completely transformed. It is now as if it is a ball of light. We bring it in with the intention that we may all align with it and then we also as always support the balance of the earth.


Allow yourself to be within that space and as you release the hologram you see it as it moves into the universe, it moves down into the earth and this time as it’s moving through the earth observe how different it is. No longer does it have to permeate through the collective consciousness. It now move smoothly and easily through the layers of vibration around the earth. It moves down into the center of the earth so that it may align with the core essence of Gaia. In doing so it then expands outward. It’s integrating Avalon, it’s integrating the transition of the eclipse, it’s integrating all as a new beginning moving here forward.


You are part of this, you not only are part of this creation but you have the ability to transform your own life in all this many ways. Be open to feel what that is for you.


Have a sense of streaming your consciousness once more. You move back into that space of the soul plane feeling that vibration as it transitions. You flow back into the energy of your higher self coming down into you the human and as you bring this energy down within you completely anchor within the space in which you are. Have that intention to once more bring up that energy of the earth so that it may fully integrate within you. Allow yourself to feel that flow, allow yourself to feel that energy and know that this is a new beginning. Know that so much more light, more balance, more love is available within you, within society, within all that are upon the earth.


As you move through your days be aware of how that looks to you. As you experience your life have that intention and the clarity that this is a permanent new you that you are manifesting.


Know That I Am Always with You and within You.




This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

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