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The Infinite Human: Freedom, a message from Scott Rabalais, 3 August, 2010

Posted on August 3, 2010 at 12:10 PM

Freedom is who we are. To recognize freedom one need only be aware of one’s true nature, which is light. Freedom is a quality of light, and thus is a quality of light beings as well. Light is essentially free; it is not bound by any borders, limitations or structures.


In the awareness of one’s nature as light, one simply moves as the light moves. There are no decisions, struggles, comparisons or judgments. The light, in its infinite wisdom, knows the how, when, where, why and what of all and moves according to this vast knowingness. The nature of light is one of benevolence and pure love. As human beings, we need only become aware of our beingness as light and heed to its flow. It is in this surrender to the light that we experience the freedom that is at the core of our being.


While we are often led to believe that freedom is externally applied, true freedom is not bestowed upon us by another being or a certain condition. It is a quality of who we are, irrespective of any external appearances. While we may be familiar with cultural freedoms such as political freedom, religious freedom and freedom of speech, the inner freedom of the light is unconditional and dependent on nothing. This quality of freedom that is inherent in our being is not a freedom we are required to fight for or earn. It cannot be taken away from us; it is as inherent as wetness is to water or warmth is to fire.


As light beings, we are as free as fish in the sea. Ponder the fish that swims in an ocean of possibilities, free to move here or there at will, often flowing in perfect harmony among a school of similar animals. There are no constraints on the fish, no passports or licenses to carry about, no rules or restrictions to follow, no higher authority that dictates. Such is the simple existence of a life lived in freedom.


If freedom is the very nature of our being, then why do so many of us fail to recognize its existence? Why does it seem so difficult to realize and express the freedom within? Simply put, being free is as simple or difficult as knowing who we are. As we experience the transcendental state, we shall experience our freedom. If we do not experience the transcendental state, we will not experience the depth of our innate freedom. The key to this experience is in moving our awareness beyond the logical, thinking mind and into the silent place of oneness. It is by going deep within that not only do we recognize this freedom, but express it as well.


One may inquire as to how we are to express our free being in an environment that indoctrinates us with a near-endless barrage of rules, regulations, laws and expectations. To experience freedom in the midst of these mental constructs, we need only act from the light. The light is aware of so-called limitation. What is a mental construct other than a thought, a frequency of the light as well? The light sees all and knows all and expresses through us with respect to all that is. The light knows what is best and appropriate in any given situation that calls for our natural expression.


For instance, imagine hearing a knock at your front door. Upon opening the door, you are greeted by a small group of Girl Scouts who ask you to purchase cookies. In this situation (as in any other), adhering to the light and how it wishes to express itself is key. By following the light, you will be directed to act in a specific manner, though there may be an infinite number of possible actions in this moment. In any given situation, we need only follow the light to determine our highest and most appropriate course of action.


Rather than focusing on any rehearsed action or non-action as the response of our being, it is sufficient to realize that our inner beings are free, and that only our own sense of limitation prohibits us from experiencing complete freedom. In other words, the thinking mind can get in the way. We need not be preoccupied with any perceived consequence of any potential action or non-action. There is no “What if?” when living and acting from the awareness of our inner being and its inherent freedom. There is no fear of where the light is going or any misperception of the result or destination. In our simplicity, we “let it go,” and allow the light to shine forth. We express our complete and unadulterated freedom.


With respect to what may be viewed as “internal” and “external,” freedom is an internal experience irrespective of external appearances. If one is being held within a prison cell under lock and key, this has no bearing on the experience of freedom. One’s reality is constructed in consciousness and there is no prison cell that can prohibit the awareness of freedom.


There are those who will propose that “unconditional freedom” (freedom by its nature has no conditions) will only lead to societal chaos and rampant lawlessness. And yet, following the light is the means by which a simple and natural harmony can exist, within both an individual and a collective. Ignorant of such truth, we instead turn to means by which individuals are controlled by mental constructs, most of all fear. Indeed, there is a better way, and a more natural way.


This innate freedom does not require a careful consideration of the perceived consequences and how it will affect one’s well-being, as well as the lives of others. It does not come at a cost, nor is it only allowed under the watchful eye of a restrictive institutional system such as a government or a religion. A quality of the light being is freedom, while another inherent quality of the light is that of pure love. This may also be seen as the ultimate in responsibility, as the light only exists and moves in the state of love, goodness, benevolence and perfection. There is no need to alter, guard, restrict or govern this freedom. Not only is the restriction of freedom futile, it is in opposition to the flow of life and light. Only those who choose to live in denial of the light and in a state of fear are interested in curtailing our natural expression of light and freedom.


Actually, the concept of freedom exists only because of the fall of man into a state of limitation. It is because of the proliferation of mental constructs and attempted limitations imposed on us that we long for such freedom. However, in longing for this experience, we often look to the same external authorities to give us the very freedom that they wish to remove from us. Those who wish to control others are in denial of the very essence of all humans – freedom.


It is the awakened human being who can see that freedom is not that which is bestowed by anyone else; it is simply inherent within them. It is who we are, even more so than our own breath and blood. The breath and blood will one day pass, but our freedom shall ever remain.


As one stills the mind, there no longer exists any restriction to freedom. It is in this state that the light is allowed to shine and express in its totality. There is complete trust that the light is the way; that it knows all, sees all and is all. It is in the silence that we recognize our unlimited state and our freedom, a freedom from the rambling mind that is transcended in higher consciousness. We are free, whether we live in that awareness or not. And if not, we are free to move into that awareness. There is nothing holding us back except ourselves. We are free to be free.


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