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Balanced Life in Crystalline Energies, Shelly Dressel, 4 February 2014

Posted on February 4, 2014 at 6:05 AM

During this channel there was a long message from Alkazar; a high vibrational being who works with the inner earth and universal energy. Someone asked me my perception of him and it was that he’s an ET, but with very grounded energies! He’s walked the earth, he’s lived within the earth in the 7th dimension, he’s lived out in the universe. He will be working with the Goddess a lot this year with integrating the crystalline energies.


Once we were in the All That Is, Alkazar took us on a journey into the earth. The inner earth is actually a part of the 7th dimension, so the my perception was really interesting. He was picking up that people saw what they expected; to be in a huge cave with rocks underneath! He then invited us to release any preconceived notion and suddenly it all changed to grass underneath, trees, hills; much like what we have on top of the earth, but in a pure light energy.


Some people became afraid and they disappeared from our space. Alkazar said that was an illustration of how fear can take you out of the higher dimensions and into a totally different space. He then brought these people back within the group. It was a really beautiful, light energy!


Once back in the All That Is, he and the Goddess spoke of balance. They said moving forward we should more in the intention of letting go of duality; right/ wrong; good/ bad and instead have an intention of balance. She said that balance in the future is different than our perception of it today. We had a strong experience of the crystalline energies both within the earth, in the universe and within ourselves. In this space, balance is what strengthens our lives.




Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole


I greet you beloved family! I reach out from my heart to yours I invite you to be here present with me for this time that we share together. There is so much that is happening upon the earth. There is so much that many of you have been waiting for; you’ve been anticipating the energy shifting, you’ve been anticipating the energy coming in and now is the time.


I can almost hear some of you in the background cheering saying “Yeah, yeah, I’m ready, I’m ready”.


We have spoken at great length about the energies of the earth and the transformation that’s been taking place. It takes place not only within the vibrations in and around the earth. There is a mirroring affect out within the universe that is also taking place. There is no one planet within the universe that is separate from everything else. Therefore as one place makes a change there is a reciprocal or mirrored change in another place, which then creates a change in yet another place so that throughout the universe, throughout the galaxy there is a constant flow that is taking place.


Now, sometimes there will be jostling, there will be transitions, there will be experiences that take place that may cause individuals or planets or systems to feel as if they are being shaken up, to feel as if there is almost a rebound effect that reverberates through; be it the collective consciousness, be it the energy, be it the physical planet itself.


Much of that is what has taken place upon your planet. When you look back through the history of time in the time space reality that you are familiar, you will know that there have been a number of changes in which the earth itself was reacting to things outside of the earth.


Humanity as a whole began to make conscious decisions or conscious choices of what they wanted to take effect, perhaps several thousand years ago and it began a very slow and gradual change that has led to where you are in this now moment upon the earth.


Yes indeed there may be times in which people talk about feeling that they are reacting to something outside of them or that the earth itself or the collective consciousness is reacting to something outside of itself. But in truth, it is all a wave, it is all a pattern and it creates the foundation with which you live within.


You have a glorious opportunity as you live upon the earth to live in a space of free will. We talked about this in other channels but I wish to irradiate it again at the beginning of this channel, while everybody is still settling into their energies and settling into the alignment with me. I invite you now to take it one more deep breath, where you breathe down within yourself. You breathe all the way down through yourself and into the earth.


As you find yourself aligning with the earth, open to feel the vibrations that resonate from within and let all of that flow up within you so that it anchors you fully in the place in which you are. Allow that, as it anchors within, to then hold your physical body present so that as you allow your consciousness to stream upward you allow your consciousness to flow as if it leaves your physical body, it streams upward until it finds space within your higher self.


As you arrive within this place, look around. For some of you it may be very similar to the energies of the All That Is but the vibration is different because you are bringing with you your personality, your human self into this mix. From there as if there is a stream of consciousness that reaches out allow that flow to move out even further. As it moves out from within your higher self, there is an immediate stream that takes you into the soul plane.


The soul plane is a vibration that is actually quite diverse. There are various dimensions that align within this space. Each one of you have the ability within here to align with your I AM Presence, to align with your divinity. You may have a sense of seeing your divinity as an immense ball of light. Some of you have a perception of an individual that walks towards you, again, an individual that is immense.


Your divinity is limitless. As you align within this space, you are aligning with that which is in vibrational balance with who you are right now as your consciousness but from there your consciousness is gently moving out expanding into the much greater amount of your actual divinity. Give yourself a moment and let your energies expand further.


I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you. I reach out to where you are, so that I may flow my essence in with yours so that we may balance one another and I may amplify your energies as it allows you or assist you in expanding into the All That Is.


As we arrive within the All That Is take a moment to look around. Take in the energies and the essence of all that is here for you. This is a place of creation, as we have said many times, so take a moment to think about what that is. You come into this space, you create many, many, different potentials for yourself, some of them you then let go. Others of them you come back and work with again and again; and if you do this think of the countless other energies that also use this space for their own creations. What makes it unique is that the vibration finds its own level of balance or its own natural balance for each individual in whatever place you may find yourself within.


The last time that we were here within this space, there were a number of different energies who had come to speak with you. Some of you had one-on-one sessions with your guides, with your teachers. Others of you connected with groups of people and you were all working on a particular subject or a particular potential and then others of you were here and had the intention of being a part of the transformation that was coming forth.


St. Germaine is here, he’s working with everyone’s energy. Melchizedek is also here present, again working with people’s energy. Alkazar is stepping forth because he would like to take things to the next level of what is going on with humanity.


Alkazar speaks:


I greet you and I welcome this opportunity to be able to speak with you once more. I am going to become a part of this process off and on in this coming year. I will not speak with you every single time that you meet but I will be speaking with you at other times.


It is so delightful to have the opportunity to work through an individual and work with other humans. I wish to speak of those energies who live within the seventh dimension or also that live within your earth.


As I begin to speak of them, I invite each one of you to allow yourself to focus for a moment as if you are going within and I invite you to join with me as we shift our consciousness into a space that is located within the earth.


Look around. There are many beings of light who are present. People are asking us, “Are we in Telos?” No. They’re asking, “Where are we? How is this created? What is this all about?” I invite patience for the moment.


With people’s imagination you have your alignment to the abstract. You have your alignment to the esoteric. You have your alignment to that which is different from the physical reality with which you may see or find yourself at any given moment.


Through that channel of consciousness, through that space of awareness, I invite you to have a sense of clearing out whatever your preconceived notion may be of where we are. There we go. I could see how people had an expectation of being inside a cave or an expectation of stalactites, and stalagmites. You may absolutely find those within the earth.


But when we speak of dimension we are speaking of a level of vibration, of a level of consciousness and therefore there are certain aspects that may look the same as if you were living upon the earth and there are certain aspects that you do not see upon the earth. So there is still grass beneath your feet, there is still trees around you, there are rocks, there is light. I intentionally brought you to a place that gives you a sense of awareness or a sense of being.


I just shifted and everybody moved to a new place. As you look around now you may have more of a sense of a town. You may have more of a sense of pathways.


People look like humans, except they are taller, more transparent. The vibration within here is very light almost as if it is pure air. This is why you have a thought and immediately it is there.


I invite you to practice. As I said that I can see the many different energies, people, experiences, just immediately taking place, people disappearing and going elsewhere. Be not concerned, you will always find your way back.


I wanted to take a time and introduce you to this space because it is going to become more readily available to you. You may come back or return here in your dream state, perhaps in your meditations, perhaps through your intention. You’re asking may you bring your physical body with you within this space. Not at this time, but I will say to you many, many, many of you, if not all have an aspect that comes from your I AM Presence, your divinity that is residing within this space. Look around. Ask to meet yourself here within this space.


For many of you it is as if a feeling of fullness comes up within you. For many of you, there is also that sense of seeing someone standing beside you. There is no right or wrong, you need only be open to the potential.


As I speak of this place I’m feeling people that are going into fear saying, “It is all a secret, do not speak, this is not for just anybody to come to, it is reserved only for those who have ascended, only for those who can handle living within this space or even visiting with this space”…Old energy belief.


Those individuals that were stepping into fear are no longer within this space. Fear takes them out and back into the place that they know. I reach out, I gently draw them back, but they may come back within here so they may know that this is the experience of the energies that you emanate.


There are portals that will take you into the earth and to the surface all around the world. I couldn’t even begin to list their names. So instead, be aware that you may access this through your intention and through this alignment that I have created for you this evening. Absolutely, you may come in whatever form, whatever way, resonates with you. There is not just one way in which to access this space.


I invite you to close your eyes for a moment and feel the pure love energy that is the foundation of the seventh dimension. Feel, see, sense how heightened your perceptions are within the space. Know that this is available to you if ever you choose to come within and experience it.


I gather the energies and I shift once more. We return to the All That Is. Feel yourself again out within the universe in the All That Is. It was a smooth transition, was it not?


There are many, many, energies that move from some of these planets. Mostly it is all within your galaxy, but the movement between is becoming smoother and easier and you may wonder; what does it matter to you?


I am giving you an opportunity to access whatever it is that you may seek to have. Out here within the universe, I am consciously in a place of awareness in which I may flow my energies. I may be within a particular planet and then I come here. I may be upon the earth and then here and going in every different direction.


I also find that because I have set up pathways that I need only be within my own divinity, my own I AM Presence and I call it all to me.


Yes, many of you are already doing that yourself. I took you into that space with the intention of assisting you with the knowledge that will help you to move forward in your life. I bring into this space more information and more energy to again assist you in your life. This flow will continue to get easier and easier the more that people access these energies.


I am here to speak with you about your own potential. You have aspects of your divinity that reside in many different places within and around the universe. You need only ask and it will come to you.


The crystalline vibration is creating changes in such a way that the earth’s energy will become much more fluid. The crystalline vibration is peeling away layers that have been hiding pockets of energy, pockets of vibration, pockets of resistance and I am speaking to you on a global level.


So all around your earth you may be receiving transmissions, you may be receiving changes in vibration or it may be that information you’ve never heard of before is coming out. You may find that what you hear through the news may be things that were always happening but they are now coming to light.


You may find that you hear more and more about what you might determine negativity coming to the light. And then I hear people saying to me, “There can’t be too much light” “There can’t be too much darkness” and this is an example of the duality that the earth has been living within for thousands and thousands of years.


As you move forth into a balanced energy you begin to recognize that there are things either happening in your own life or happening in the world around you and you seek to find the balance.


The Goddess is going to speak to you in taking this to the next level but I wished to have this time, and this opportunity to introduce you to the seventh dimension that is within your earth and then to assist you in realizing that the limitless immensity of the universe is here and available for you too. You reach out and draw it to you. Just with that you could feel the flow of energy that moves through.


I look forward to this time coming forth upon your earth. It is a time that I have known was coming and now it’s here. You’ll be hearing about me from a number of different people. I am excited that I will be able to work with you more fully than I have in a very long time.


Beloved I am with you.




The Goddess of Creation Speaks:


It is I the Goddess coming back within and amongst you. I’m smiling because Alkazar likes to talk. He would love to talk for this whole time and then I could blend my energies with his and speak with him and perhaps at times that is what will happen.


But I have so enjoyed having this opportunity to work with each one of you and I like to continue it. I like to see where it goes but this is about an example of how everyone is blended with the other. How every person, every energy, every light is an influence upon others as they are in influence upon you. So the key is; do you accept what is being given to you or do you let it walk past you or flow past you?


As I spoke about free will at the beginning, so to in this space and in everything else that is going on you have the opportunity to work with as much or as little of these energies present here.


Now, I would like to speak with you about balance. As Alkazar was speaking, your whole perception of duality is transitioning. Many of you do continue to think about life in terms of duality because it gives you a sense of definition or a sense of awareness that make sense to you.


When you see something that makes you sad, you seek something that makes you happy and then you find a balance. When you see something you deem negative, you think about something you deem positive and you seek to have a balance.


In fact so many of the experiences like I just spoke about come from a place of just your unconsciousness working with you and what I mean by that is that you don’t even realize you are moving back and forth or you’re carrying those scales that may be up or down within your consciousness.


When you’re living your life the question is not about noticing good, bad, happy, sad and finding the balance. The question is actually about, are you judging either yourself or a situation?


When you think about a situation consider something within your own life. Perhaps it’s something you’re no longer happy with. Perhaps you’ve never been happy with it, but consider something within your life that you have been seeking to create a change about.


Now, as you take it in whatever that is and you kind of look at it and you think, “Hmm… I want more; I want something different” with whatever it may be, but you think, “hmm…” The underlying energy that I would like for you to consider in this moment is, are you taking in whatever that may be simply for the experience of acknowledging, “This is something I would like to change” or do you look at it as something that you are judging as holding you back, causing you to feel less than, creating a space of separation or I just plain “don’t feel good when I either think, act or have a particular experience.


Begin to get into the pattern where you may consider whatever it may be because it is there, it is happening within your life; but learn to take out any judgment about it. So, do that right now. Breathe down within yourself and as you bring up whatever it is that you would like to transition, if there’s any judgment about it, if there’s anything that you are critical; be it about yourself or anything else, bring it up, bring it up, bring it up ~whew~ and let it go.


You may still look at whatever it is that you are seeking to transition within your life but when you look at it from a place that is more objective as in, “this is something I seek to change because I want to” or for whatever the reason you’re no longer in an energy that’s pulling you down or bringing you into resistance, because you’re no longer judging yourself as bad, negative, not good enough or I’m doing wrong or any of those things that tend to pull you down. So in this moment let go the judgment, let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go. ~whew~


In those two times that I just worked with shifting your energies, I can see all of you have moved into a place that allows for much greater light to come into and around you.


So you may again consider whatever it is that you are seeking to release and now as you look at it you can look at it as if to say, “Ahhhh… it is but an opportunity to give me a reflection of and experience and because of looking at this and having this particular reflection I am now going to make a new one and this one over here is different, this one now includes….” and you can fill in whatever that may be.


You are now creating that which you seek to have. You are now creating from a space that has released the resistance and as you begin to walk through your days, especially if this is something that has been within your life a very long time or its been entrained within you for quite some time begin to look at it as, “Ahhh, that was that reflection but I am choosing this reflection” so that as you begin to move back and forth this is how you create balance within your life but you do so without judgment.


When balance is created from observation you then open up a whole new perspective and this is what Alkazar is speaking about as you are living in these higher lighter dimensions.


As was experienced when we were within the earth, those that stepped into fear it was as if they disappeared because they shifted outside of that space. But then when you step back into that open curiosity, that opened alignment feeling the love, feeling the expression of what it is, you were even more fully present within that space.


Walking through your days seeking balance is about recognizing that you are human and that sometimes you may have thoughts or you may say things or you may do things that you aren’t always happy that you say, think or do. But as you allow yourself to simply acknowledge, “Well that was what it was and I am choosing to change that, I am choosing to instead consider it in this way”, you’re moving forward and you are moving more so into what you do want to have within your life.


Much of what I’m speaking about comes from within your personality or within the ego or the human aspect of yourself.


As you allow yourself the opportunity to simply be in the moment of what you seek to have it will become much more constant in a very, very, short period of time. Yes, I know some of you will say, “This is what I am seeking but this is where I am”, and there may be a perception of a distance between the two.


So, stand here in the All That Is where you create everything that you want in your life. Stand here and as if you draw that to you from that place where you perceive you are, that place that feels less than, that place that feels different than what you want it to be and let that come with you. Let that come into this reality so that there is only one reality.


Having a human experience means that you have a life of diversity. It means that you have a life of contrast. It means that you have a life that allows you to experience the entire spectrum of emotions, of thoughts and of experiences. Therefore, reach towards and embrace what brings you joy, what makes you excited to wake up in the morning, what makes you anticipate your week or your day or your month or your year.


Time space reality is continuing to transition. Allow it to assist you rather than be something that works against you and it can assist you because it can bring closer something that you are seeking to manifest or put distance between something that no longer works for you.


Here within the All That Is your light body energy is already enveloping who you are. This is your crystalline energy, this is you as you are manifesting upon the earth plane. When everybody was within the earth you were in your light body energies. As you are living upon the earth the light body energy is swirling around you, it is within you, it is feeling you up from within. It’s here, it’s in your life, it is all around.


I invite everyone to gather together. You can use the others that are within this group as a means of practicing creating a vibrational alignment either with them as a means of communicating or as a means of learning. If you have a question, ask it and see if the answer will come to you from one of your friends here within the group.


There is so much love, there’s so much joy and excitement that is flowing within this group at this time and it just feels good. I invite you to invite it into your day as often as you so choose.


Coming up within this group you may see the hologram of the earth. It’s different than what you may have noticed in the past because over the last several months there is that greater integration of all the crystalline energies and therefore the hologram itself is becoming even more transparent and it is already infused with these energies.


You may not always need to align with the hologram directly because that crystalline vibration transcends everything.


Infuse any intention, infuse whatever you would like into this hologram and we as a group are infusing that flow of communication that comes from moving between dimensions. We are infusing a sense of perceiving life as reflections. Doing so in such a way that it lets go the judgment and instead embraces perceptions.


And all of that swirls within and around the hologram and then ~whew~ you let it go and it flows down. It is as if there is a track. It flows down through that crystalline grid. There is an energy that goes out to the universe and the dimensions of the new earth and the rest goes down within your physical earth.


As it does so, it anchors down and this is even deeper than where you visited. It anchors down within the core in the very center of the earth itself and then expands out through there. It moves up to the earth that comes up within the space in which you are located and it moves within and around your physical reality anchoring this balance and transition within you.


So too, it comes up through the grass, the flowers, the trees, the rivers and this balance, this sense of looking at life as perceptions without judgment begins to infuse, moving through everything.


I invite you to let go this group. As you do so I feel all the excitement within you. I invite you to have a sense of letting your consciousness stream back down. It moves first of all into the soul plane, you realign with your I AM Presence and take a moment to notice how much more of your divinity you are now conscious.


Perhaps, look for that aspect of you that is from your I AM that is living within the earth or perhaps that aspect of you that is living out in the universe that you would like to facilitate communication and let that flow.


From there you feel your consciousness as it flows even more fully. Coming back you move through the space of your higher self and you clear out any old energy allowing yourself to create a new space or a new foundation that is even easier for you to work with as you have your divinity here closer to you in your daily life.


And then you allow your energies to stream back, coming back more fully within you as your human self. As you are anchoring these energies, I invite you to take a moment and you let it flow all the way through all your energy bodies clearing out everything as it comes through you anchoring down into the earth.


Infuse the energies of balance within and around you. Allow all of these experiences to manifest in your everyday life.


Alright beloved family, as we bring this time to a close I invite you to look around at your day, look around at your life and remember that you are the person living your life. You are the person making choices about your life. I invite you to let those choices come from that space of your divinity within you to come with the intention of being a balanced reflection of who you are. Be open to receive, be open to allow and then be open to howsoever your life unfolds.


Beloved I am always with you and within you.




This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:

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