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Grounding Your Crystalline Energies, Shelly Dressel,16 August 2013

Posted on August 16, 2013 at 7:50 AM

We’ve spent the last several months talking about DNA and the crystalline changes that are taking place. With this channel, the Goddess took us to the next level of how to integrate these energies.


Most of us prefer to be in the energies of the high, light vibrations and this is one reason we seek to expand our awareness. It’s becoming difficult to be split between the various dimensions and consciousness. Now, if one chooses to move between, there is a greater ease and flow. But if one is just unsure where they are, what they want, how to live life; it becomes segmented and challenging placing you off balance.


During this channel, the Goddess of Creation was merged with St. Germain, therefore, it was only she speaking, but I could feel his energies very strongly. In speaking of the DNA, one of the reasons for expansion is that it will give you the structural support to expand into the higher dimensions. It will also create a foundation for a balanced energy within you.


Not only is your DNA associated with your physical body through your cells; it’s aligned with your mental, emotional, spiritual and crystalline bodies. Therefore, creating a change in your thoughts or emotions from this fundamental level can create a permanent change within you; this in turn opens you to greater ease in manifesting.


The Goddess once more created an alignment with us in our physical reality and the hologram that is around each of us. In doing so, we can more fully become conscious of this so as to clear out old energies, clear our chronic problems and infuse ‘light’ into all of who we are. This light is the divine God light of our I AM presence. In the grounding of these energies; one can more fully be anchored in their space and move more freely between the dimensions.


It was really cool! At one point she had us visualizing the actual DNA within a cell. From there step 2 was to see how cell aligned with others of like vibration. This was actually as a means of seeing the alignment within your family, race, etc. The 3rd level was to see how all these various alignments can create the whole of who you are! So from the minute – to the whole, you can create change, you can create alignment.




Nama Sika Venya Benia I AM the One, I AM the Whole


I greet you beloved family! I reach out to each one of you. I have a sense of sending forth my energy, my light, my awareness so that I may align with you with wherever you are in your life right now.


Indeed, every time we come together we speak of the many changes that take place within your world. There are many of you that have been with me upon these journeys for many, many years. And there are certain things that have transitions beyond what you may say are your wildest dreams.


There are other things that remain consistent and steady so that you may build one level upon the next, the next, the next. Allow yourself to experience life. Allow yourself to understand all that is here for you. Allow yourself to realize that no matter what may be happening you are still the individual that was created from Source energy. You are still the individual who was choosing to come into this lifetime living your life in whatever way it may unfold. Allow that to be filled with opportunity.


I know we spoke a short time ago about the choices you make in life. Indeed, the choices that you make have an effect upon everything that you are doing. And while you may disagree with this on one level you actually never make a mistake. Everything that you do, everything that comes your way is giving you the opportunity to create the life that you seek to have.


That’s not to say that you don’t want to change it moment by moment but accept whatever has brought you into this now moment has created the individual that you are in this lifetime. It’s powerful when you stop to think about it in this manner. I would like you to remember that you too are powerful in your own right.


Take in another breath, this time breathing down within yourself you breathe all the way through sending that energy down through your energy bodies and into the earth. As you align within the earth let that flow come up within you grounding you, anchoring you; allowing you to be more fully present within this now moment.


This is you, this is also the spring board to take you into limitless potentials and opportunities.


Allow your consciousness to shift so that you may move into your Higher Self. As you arrive within the space of your Higher Self let yourself feel the energies that are here. This is you as the human that you are, it is you as your Divinity coming in, this is also where you many, many times seek to communicate with others, you may seek information that will help you in your daily life. It is here where you can get that perspective of an overview upon your life.


Breathe in allowing yourself to really be present in this moment, in this space of expansion. I invite you to have a sense of allowing your consciousness to shift once more. It is as if you stream your focus and your awareness until you find the alignment with your Soul plane.


As you move in and amongst all the energies that are here, look around for that which is you, you as your Divinity, you as the infinite person that has created this physical individual.


As you have a sense of these energies reach out to embrace your Divinity, reach out to embrace your I AM Presence and as you do you can feel yourself merging completely with that essence. Allow yourself to expand. As you flow within this essence of who you are take a moment as if you are opening up a door and let the energies flow through you on every level nurturing you, supporting you, perhaps giving you some of those answers that you are seeking to have.


I, the Goddess, move within all of you. As I do so I reach out to each one of you and I embrace you within my arms. As I do so I assist you in shifting into the space of the All That Is. As we align in the All That Is I invite you to again look around. There is so much present within this place of creation. As you take it in be open to acknowledge your own personal place; not only of creation but of evolution.


I’m going to shake up these energies a bit as if I’m flowing through this space... phew, I’m going to breathe through a wave of energy or a wave of light. Indeed, you like to have that which is routine or that which gives you a sense of security or a sense of knowing. But also it is important to get out of that rut that so often you may find yourself within.


So again, I’m going to send another wave of light, another wave of energy.... phew, moving through this space, moving through this energy. Ok. Now as you look around have a sense of a clean slate, have a sense of being open to new potentials and new creations. How fun that would be, is it not?


St. Germain has joined us a number of times recently speaking about your DNA. This is a process that will continue to unfold for many years to come. What I would recommend to you is that you consider your DNA as something that gives you greater structure to create change within your life. You as the Soul essence that you are has manifested this amazing evolved, expanded consciousness of which you are a part. You are the living experience of your Soul essence in which your focus and your consciousness is right here.


There are other living aspects of you in what you might call past lives, you might call parallel, you might call universal life; we spoke of this the last time. You, in that space of your Divinity, radiate an immense light. This light is filled with color, it’s filled with energy, it’s filled with the reflection of the many different experiences that you have had. Most of you have moved beyond that sense or that thought that this lifetime is the only one, this is all there is. When you realize that everything you are doing is not only supported by your Divinity but is also a place to allow for experiences and exploration. That’s it. Allow that to take away any stress or any feeling of disconnect that you may have.


You, as your Divinity when you have a sense of looking towards your Divinity it’s as if you see that that core center of it and then the aura and the energy that expands out bigger and bigger and bigger.


When you look at yourself or you look at the people around you, you may see the physical reality and then some may see, sense, feel the aura or the energy around them as it goes out bigger, bigger, bigger.


As you move down into every cell within your body there is that microscopic cell that makes up who you are; it has your DNA, it has encoding, it has so much. When you stop and think about those minute cells and yet there is an energy associated with that that radiates out from that bigger, bigger, bigger. It’s all a matter of perspective from microscopic to limitless.


Therefore, when I speak of having this microscopic aura or this microscopic energy it is associated with your DNA, it is associated with you in this lifetime. It is associated with your alignment in genealogy, to your family, that which makes race different, that which makes culture you might could even say - has a cellular foundation.


Therefor as you work with your DNA it is not only about the cellular work, it is about the energy that is around it that supports it. That energy is what’s in alignment with your mental body, your emotions, your spiritual or your light body.


I realize that some of this has already been said in one form or another but I wished to bring it up again so that you can know that whether we’re speaking of you in a microscopic level or speaking of you in the limitless potential it is all in the flow and it is all a part of what makes up of who you are in this lifetime.


For many, many years we have worked with the hologram of the earth. This hologram is what created a foundation or it created a conscious expansion that allowed the earth itself to expand into. It was as if it was there an empty space and that empty space got filled as the consciousness of the earth expanded.


We touched on very briefly last time the hologram that each of you have within and around you. It is within you and it’s alignment from a cellular structure it is around your from the alignment that surrounds each of you as the person that you are.


There are so many different ways in which the microscopic connects in alignment with the immense. There is that physical level, there is that emotional, that mental and then that crystalline. All of it works together and therefor if you make changes in one portion ignoring something else can make you feel imbalanced. If you allow your focus on only clearing out your emotional body and you do a beautiful job with that you may find that your thoughts, your beliefs come streaming back in recreating the same emotional energies as before.


As you step into change do so with that clear concise intention of stepping into new thoughts, balanced emotions, balanced physical reality. As I have been speaking of these many things I can feel all of you creating very subtle shifts that have allowed you to find that balance already within yourself.


I invite you to take this moment and as you breathe gently, easily allow your focus and consciousness to move down once more aligning with your cellular structure.


As you tap into those cells that have created who you are in this lifetime open up. Open up to various ways in which you may take in that perception. I saw some of you opening up as if to see just one single cell in front of you. I saw others of you seeing a stream of cells that were all in alignment with one another and then I saw still others of you looking at the body as a whole and seeing some things in balance, some things out.


Isn’t that the experience of life? All are in alignment with your cells but all three are uniquely different perceptions with which to look at your cellular structure.


We will begin for the moment with that which was a single cell. Because as we do so this brings in that energy once more of feeling that alignment, feeling the knowledge and then feeling the energy of that cell, because indeed, there is knowledge within your DNA, there is energy, there is the aura, there is so much that comes into play within this.


Put forth your intention as you link with that cellular structure and as you’re looking down it as if you stream your consciousness down looking through that helix of your DNA, ask first of all, how far is this going? Ask, if there is any particular information or block that is coming to you that you need to know about.


I take this moment, breathing within, I align with each one of you and then again, send an impulse.... phew~~ flowing down through that energy, clearing debris, clearing out anything that you need not have any more within you. Shifting into that other perspective and again looking at that cellular structure, looking down at that strand.


Can you see where there is an alignment with a particular essence or energy, e.g. are there certain things that you might see within your family, certain characteristics that are inherited, you may see that. We are not saying good or bad or in between but you may see that there is a characteristic that shoots off in an alignment with an unknown energy. And these are perhaps that which is the alignment to family traits.


As you look down this line ask to see or know if there are certain things that happen in your life that are in alignment moving down there that also fall into place in this way. As with the other allow me to bring up some energy and then I invite each one of you - if you so choose.... phew ~~ to send that down.


Send that down the pathway clearing out any debris, clearing out anything at all that is no longer supporting you. But in fact if there is perhaps something in your family that no longer supports you, you have an opportunity now to move into that space as if you send your consciousness and your focus within that space in that moment you illuminate it with light. If there is anything that needs to shift perhaps create a new alternative.


If there is anything that needs to be healed, if there is anything of any sort, allow that shift to take place, perhaps you restructure something, and when it’s complete it’s as if it becomes illuminated and there is once more a greater flow of energy. And this time for that which is shared with other people .... phew, send out that transition in the cellular structure so that not only you make a change in yourself but it allows everybody else with that same characteristic to have that same transition in their energies... phew. Again you breathe being open to send it out, being open to receive.


And then we get into this other perception of the strands of your DNA. With this perception I invite you to not only have your consciousness be open to the perception of the cellular structure with the helix with the transformation but this time open your consciousness to see the energy that emanates from it.


All your thoughts and beliefs surrounded around every cell or is there a strand of energy that links it. Are your emotions infused within your DNA or is it a part of what surrounds your DNA? Or is there a strand?


As you take this in be open and receive the energy. Your DNA - as you know - is way more than that cellular molecular structure. It is your stairway into the higher dimensions, it is that in which you as a physical person you are gives you the outline or foundation that allows you to create infinite change within your life. You may change your physical, your thoughts, your emotions, your spiritual, your crystalline, you may change everything and you are fully supported.


So consider your life. Do you find yourself within a rut that keeps you reacting to things the same way again and again? Raise your hand, say stop, ‘let me look at an alternative’. Do you find that you may be going down another pathway looking at another alternative and then something pulls you back and there you are again right where you started before?


Some of that is affected by your cellular structure and it is affected by that imbalance within your energy bodies. So let’s take a look at that now.


Here within your DNA align with that which is your physical, illuminate with light as much as it can take in. You need not choose or create or do anything with it. Be open because from a cellular structure you are filled with light. Your mental body, again, as you see that alignment between the cell and that energy, have a sense of consciously .... phew, shifting out the old energy, shifting out the thoughts that no longer work for you that pulling you around and around in that circle and instead illuminate your mental body with light.


As you do so you can see how it also creates a greater support from that physical cellular structure into those thoughts. Your emotions, your emotions are more fluid and while it may seem as if they never change or that they’re very solid, allow that flow of emotions to very gently move through here so that you see what you’ve always looked for around the physical human, you now see it around the cellular structure. And you know that within every cell you have that potential to create change.


So you start with that core essence within you creating this shift, creating this balance and then you send it out as if each cell communicates with the next and the next and the next until the billions of cells that are within your body are speaking to one another creating a balance, creating that which supports you in this lifetime.


Each time that you reach out for this experience recognize that it gets easier and easier. If you will get to that place where you will take in a breath or two with the intention of aligning with your core essence and it’ll happen just like that. Have a sense of taking this opportunity to create the balanced individual that you are and that you can be especially as you begin from that cellular structure out through everything.


What’s happening in your life right now, where is your focus. As you consider what that might be then have a sense of looking at your cellular structure and seeing if there is an answer within. So in other word from a cellular structure outward is there something that’s keeping you either from what you want or is there something that is creating the foundation that will allow you to step into of what you want. Phew... clear out anything that no longer works for you. Allow in anything that supports you and allows you to expand.


There is so much here and available for you right now. So many times people love to come to this space, this space of the All That Is, this space of the high light vibrations because it feels good. The energy is so light and so fluid so that you may create changes and step into them, trying them on to see if it is what you truly want. Yes.


That is, indeed, what is happening up here. And then I hear from you that you wake up the next day or you go about your business and you find that, where is it? where is that feeling? Why hasn’t this stuff happened to me in my every day experience, why am I still on that same pathway that I keep trying to leave. Well, tonight, with these tools you can create a change that will take you on a completely new pathway.


We’ve been very specific as I’ve spoken about this with you. Of course St. Germain is with us, even though it is I the Goddess still speaking, but we have been very specific as a potential way to work with your energies of your body and we have done so in the space of the All That Is where you have that ease and that flexibility to practice.


But what I would invite you to do now is have a sense of sending a column of light that goes from the heart or the center of your consciousness, let it stream back down as if to align with your physical reality. And as you do so you have that energy that is all around your body. Allow yourself to feel this energy as it begins to move through you.


In particular take a moment, perhaps before you align with yourself to look at yourself not as the physical person that you present to the world but look at yourself as that hologram of energy and light that we tapped into the last time. Again, as you look, see, sense, feel this hologram is there anything that needs to be cleared out that it either blocking the flow or keeping you from being fully present. If so, from the space of shifting and looking down..... phew, send the energy through.


Again you look at that hologram which is you, that hologram that first aligns with you from your first non-physical energies. And as you stream down the consciousness through that alignment of your perception of shifting your DNA do so that it may align with that crystal vibration that is all around you and this is you making a conscious choice of changing within your life.


And so as this streams down into you and around your hologram put forth the intention perhaps of something you wish to have cleared out, perhaps something that you wish to embrace or magnify, whatever it may be, as you are sitting here working with this hologram you are doing so at first from an external perspective and then allow your consciousness to stream within and as if you are focused within yourself and looking outward; take in these energies that surround you.


As you fully ground back within your physical person, you can now look from the inside and open to the perception of your thoughts, your mental body what beliefs are here within this hologram that no longer serve you.... phew, you let them go.


What are you seeking to manifest. “I have the ability to manifest all that I seek and I am open to receive” -- a very open ended belief. I know that you are filled with many many others but you may begin with that and go from there.


So many people, it’s your emotions that pull you around and around and around. Are there heavy emotions perhaps depression, perhaps sadness, anger, I could go on and on and on. Any of those emotions that you may see in your hologram .... phew, clear them out.


And for many of you, as I saw those energies cleared out, so did the thought that went along with them. So allow that to be a potential; and then you have your physical body, the bones, the muscles, the organs that make up who you are in this life. As you are completely within there from an energetic perspective you clear out any organs that are no longer working for you.


You clear out any old energies so that those new beliefs and those new emotions that you seek to have flow easily within you from that which is your physical, your mental, emotional, spiritual and then the crystalline hologram.


This is you and you are streaming down from that consciousness of your Divinity so to from within your crystalline energy you have access to everything up within the universe, you have access to akashic records, you have access to anything that will create a greater flow and a greater lightness within your life.


You have always been that unique individual that is you. You have always been connected to everybody else in the collective consciousness. So becoming aligned with everybody through the crystalline grid is taking it to the next level, or taking it to the next step. Within the fine light vibration of the crystalline hologram you are in alignment with whatever it may be from that space based in love, based in acceptance, based in allowing, based in all that you seek to have as you live your life in the fifth, sixth, seventh dimensions.


And one may say I open up to all that joy, love and acceptance from within my crystalline grid that I get slammed with something else that takes me down and out of that space.


And I say to you that when you are in a balanced energy and in the space of these high light vibrations there is only that high light vibration. That your consciousness and awareness stream through multiple dimensions is what allows that other energy that comes in and feels as if you are pulled back or pulled down.


So the question is, where do you allow for your consciousness to be? The question that goes along with that that I would encourage of you is to honor that when you are in that space of the high light vibration and you put forth to the world around you that you live from the heart. Then no matter what the other’s person’s response, no matter where they are in their life it flows past you and you are there in the space of your balance. Phew.


Be open, be accepting, be your true authentic Self. And even though relationships will change they will evolve into something that is in alignment with you. Stream the consciousness or the intention that you can be your true authentic Self and others may be whomever they are in their life and they see you to the best of their perception of you and you see them to the best of your perception of them.


In speaking of all of this everyone has already grounded themselves and come back within their physical body. So have a sense from this perception that you reach out as if towards the All That Is and any other part of your consciousness you invite it to come back, to stream back down within you. And as you do so, let go that energy of the All That Is, that energy of the Soul plane and you let it move through you, moving all the way down into the earth once more anchoring you within the earth.


As you feel yourself anchoring within this space be open to your new perception. Create from within Gaia and the elementals a support system that’s in alignment with your crystalline grid so that that will bring within you, within your energy field all that you seek to have, all the support that will assist you in your everyday life.


Looking towards the days to come do so with a new beginning, do so with that new potential, do so recognizing that you have so much more information about how to create this permanent change within your life. It’s beautiful when you start/stop to think about it.


You are a conscious individual. You are open, you are seeking to know and understand all that’s taking place right now and this is creating a very powerful and strong foundation that will allow you to have that in your everyday life. So take a deep breath in and breathe that down.


All right, beloved family. So as you are moving through these next couple of weeks together before we join once more, I invite you to take this as an opportunity to become more and more conscious of your crystalline hologram. Become more and more conscious of the ways in which you can create moment by moment, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, week by week, on and on the changes that you seek to have within your life.


I believe in every one of you. I believe that love is the foundation of everything. As you are shifting allow yourself to step into love and let that be the foundation for everything as you move forward.


Beloved family, I’m always with you and within you.




This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:



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