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Open To Your Crystalline Hologram, Shelly Dressel, 8 August 2013

Posted on August 8, 2013 at 6:40 PM

This is one of the most powerful channels we’ve ever had for several different reasons. First of all, the Goddess begins by talking about how the changes in the universe are affecting us in daily life; it’s in part due to the polar shift. Then, when in the All That Is, she began to talk about our divinity, higher self and human self. She showed us how truly in many, many cases, the veil is gone! That was almost my title!! The veil was a barrier that kept us from knowing who we truly are and accessing those memories. With the rise in the vibration, we now have access to all that; so in essence the veil is gone.


Once she was done discussing that with us, she began to speak of our energy bodies that make up who we are. In fact, she mentioned how the mental body can be stronger at times than the physical!! St. Germain came through talking about our DNA and how yes, that’s the cellular foundation of who we are; but that our mental, emotional, spiritual and lightbody energies are all affected by our expansion.


In the past as St. G. had us looking at the DNA, I saw two strands twisting. This time, the DNA stretched out sideways, up and down. Rather than 2 strands reaching out to 144 levels, the DNA is actually wider from the beginning. It was amazing to see. The more that we align and clear our DNA, the greater the amount of energy we’ll have around us to support the higher vibrations.


Once we had worked with the DNA, St. G invites us to work take the integration to the next level. He first of all had the energy flow through us. Then he brought us that most of us have a crystal in heart center. From this crystal, we can align with the many, many crystals within and around the earth. I had such a clear sense of each one of us having a clear reality of what means. This is how we stay out of the daily ‘junk’ that may be going on PLUS we’re in alignment with the higher lighter vibrations. This crystalline hologram is going to very, very important to each of us.




Nama Sika Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the Whole


I greet you beloved family! I reach out my energies to each one of you. I flow my sense of love and joy as we all come together as a group. Such amazing transformation takes place as a result of coming together. Each one of you are so very unique in your own way. You bring something special into this group. You bring that unique sense, that unique essence of who you are into this gathering and that is a part of what makes this so special.


I feel as if there is so much that I would like to speak with you about. There is a very intense transformation moving throughout the universe at this time. There is a realignment in some of the planets out within the universe and this is causing almost like a rebound effect or is causing a flow of energy that whips through and around your earth as it then moves back out into the universe.


There is always a balance that holds everything more or less in order. Everything that happens does so, as it’s creating a transformation that supports all that are involved; all the people, the energies, the planets, whatsoever it may be. You have that, that’s taking place on the big scale of things and then you take it down into you, the person that you are. And as you consider it, as you consider who you are, what you are doing, where you are going within your life; it may be as if that is your entire focus.


Sometimes it’s very hard for it not to be, but I would say to you, remember to be aware of all that is taking place. Remember, to be aware that you have the ability at all times to create change for yourself. Remember, to be open, feeling the flow of energy around you, working with that flow so that it may support you, whether it’s to create change, anchor the energies within your life or whatever you so choose.


You are the creator and knowing that there is so much happening both in the universe and on the earth, take this as an opportunity to jump in with both feet and allow yourself to play. Allow yourself to enjoy the pure energy, the pure opportunity that is here for you.


I’ve always said; my intention anytime I work with you is to remind you about love. Love for yourself and from there viewing every other relationship and every single experience in your life from the eyes of love. Ultimately, what are you seeking to have in your life? Perhaps, it is the experience of knowing that you live your life through your divinity and with the balance for all that has created who you are in this lifetime.


Take another deep breath in, feeling that breath of life and energy as you send it down into the earth. Once more, I invite you to allow yourself to feel the energies of the earth, to feel the energies of Gaia, to feel the energies that will anchor you within this space. As you do so, you then allow your consciousness to shift. You let go that feeling of your physical body. You allow your consciousness to stream out from you, so that it moves into the space of your higher self.


As you arrive here within this space, take a moment and look around. Look around at all that is here for you. Look around to know that this is not only the place where your divinity is able to align with you, but it is now becoming a place where you shift into when you are expanding your consciousness.


We spoke recently about the dimensions as I assisted you to see between or see within the dimensions. This is exactly what I speak about. Here in the space of your higher self as you’re looking around, you are probably a bit higher than the fifth dimension, but it is still not at that level of the soul plane or that which is so totally disconnected from the earth.


But each of you within your higher self has the ability to let that energy flow to whatever level is most comfortable for you, to whatever level is supportive of you. Allow your focus to open up for this moment so that you may see, sense, feel all of what that is to you. This is your space. I would therefore encourage you to take the opportunity to keep it clear out. If other people have been wanting to come, perhaps communicate with you, perhaps to take something from you, then let their energy go. This is for you, to support yourself. This is for you, to have the communication that will assist you and so let it be your space.


I invite you to shift your focus once more. This time you allow yourself to expand. You shift your energies into the soul plane. As you arrive within this space, I invite you to do the same as in your higher self. Have a sense of clearing out the energy. If there’s anything around here that creates a diversion for you, ~Whew~ clear it out.


There are many, many, many, many, souls within this space. The energy of the soul plane is also aligned with infinite number of dimensions or perceptions of consciousness. Therefore, I invite you to clear out anything that’s around you so that you may have that direct alignment as you seek your own divinity. It doesn’t matter if there are millions of people all around you, you are linked with only your divinity and everything else falls away.


Take a deep breath in. Allow yourself to merge with your I AM presence. You, as your soul essence became a spark of consciousness that created an individualized soul. For some, they have that perception of being separated, of their soul splitting. They speak of twin souls, of twin flames; therefore sometimes people have a perception that they came to being as they were separated from someone else.


There is some truth to that. Well, if it’s your reality it’s a truth, but in this moment with your divinity, with your I AM presence, this is that direct link between you, the consciousness in this lifetime, and every aspect of your divinity. Perhaps in some, places of that, it is linked and merged with another individual, perhaps not. You have the ability to link into as much or as little of that as you so choose. It is available to you whenever you seek.


I the Goddess, walk in amongst each one of you. As I look at you I see you as the person you are in this lifetime. I see you as your divinity and I know that you are this beautiful essence manifested as a human being, and I feel great love for you!


I reach out and embrace your energies and as I do so you might have a sense of feeling yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. As you arrive within the All That Is, you look around, it is changing. An immense transformation has taken place since most likely the Spring/Fall equinox that just took place in March, and then it was kind of amplified or accentuated with the solstice that you recently had.


Just as I spoke at the very beginning about the realignments of the planets, it’s creating an effect within the All That Is, within the soul plane, within your higher self and within you in your daily life. This is why I wish to speak of it in this manner. Here within the All That Is, we use it as our place of creation, we use it as a place to clear out, release, let go. We use it as a place to manifest, and it is always available for just that but it is available for even more if you so choose.


I am gathering the energies for that which I wish to speak of this evening. I always, always love this time because each one of you is projecting, “I want to do this.”, “I want to work on this.”, “This is what I’m looking for.” And so I listen to that, I gather those energies and then I too have an intention and it always works together so that it comes out in exactly the way is best for all.


We’ve spoken a number of times in the past about your DNA and the physical reality of what you have in your everyday life. St. Germain has been working with you continuously about that and he is going to come in and speak but first of all, I wish to speak.


You are a physical person. You have chosen to live your life upon the earth as a physical person. You have done so with the direct alignment to your divinity. I invite you to have a sense of looking to the side and from within the All That Is, many of you have a greater perception of just how immense your divine essence is and as you open your consciousness to take this in, I invite you to even push further, push even further out from the place in which you have your consciousness and then again, look at your divinity.


Yes, that is you. I invite you to feel the beauty. I invite you to look at the brilliance of the light. I invite you to open up and perhaps you can even see some of the specific lifetimes if they are important to you to know about them.


I invite you to look, asking the question, well whatever question that you may have but perhaps you are asking yourself the question; How many times have I lived upon the earth? How many times have I lived out in the universe and have I lived beyond the universe someplace else? For most everybody the answer is yes, yes and yes.


There are certain times when people have a sense of saying that, that individual is an ‘old soul’. The energy behind that is of someone who is comfortable in their skin, someone who is comfortable upon the earth, someone who just has that, that radiance of inner peace so to speak. Indeed, I can see that alignment.


You may then consider somebody else that struggles, doesn’t feel they belong, feels as if they’re just ring it in day by day, they feel left out, perhaps abandoned and people upon the earth may say they’re a young soul, they’re not used to being on the earth, they ‘re not used to what this experience is. One thing I wish to say about that is, if that feels as if it is you, look at your divinity. Look at who you are.


You may not have had a lot of lifetimes upon the earth, but you are an old soul. You have just as much experience and life energies as someone else who is more comfortable upon the earth. It’s not about are you old or young, is it a struggle, is it not. It’s about finding out how you can live your life to the fullest, no matter what that is for you. It’s about finding the balance, the balance of being your divine essence and a human living out this life. It’s about finding the energies that represent you. It’s about finding the way to live your life in joy, with ease, to the fullest that you are capable of doing.


As people have come into the earth, we’ve spoken many times about moving through the veil and how the veil is as if it’s an impenetrable barrier that separates you from your divinity and you the human who is living upon the earth. At the time that humans first began coming into the earth plane that was a part of the intention, as a part of experiencing free will, experiencing an ego or personality. It was also a part of what it’s like to feel as if the life that you are living is all there is, that that is the entirety of world or whatever word you want to use to describe it.


There have been many, many, many, many thousands of years the earth is such a completely different place than when that first began. The veil is thinning and almost, well actually in some cases, nonexistent. There was a fear that people had that if the veil was gone they would be overwhelmed with who they are, with the information of the universe with all that is taking place. That is not the case. As you consider, we stopped and explored your higher self and then you were in your, the soul plane and your divinity, and you can feel how easy that flow is to move back and forth, you therefore have access to every memory you’ve ever had. You have access to every lifetime you’ve ever had. You have the ability to tap into experiences that allow you to shape shift, experiences that allow you to teleport, experiences that allow you to be pure conscious energy. Indeed it is so.


There is not a veil separating you from that knowledge and experience unless you think there is. For those of you that feel that this would help, I’m going to work with you for a moment going inside your consciousness, and then ~Whew~ let’s take away that veil. Let’s take away that barrier, let’s blow out ~Whew~ anything at all that separates you from all that ii here. It’s so beautiful to see because I see people dancing, I see people just as joyous as can be. I see people realizing, “Yes, I have the information.”, “I can do it, it’s here, now!” It’s beautiful and you are beautiful.


As you consider this deeper, deeper, alignment between your higher self, your divinity and your human self, perhaps there are questions that you would like to ask. Why do I have this physical pain? And as if you were following a little pathway let it take you to that place where perhaps it’s in a past life, a parallel life or perhaps it’s just an experience you wanted to have in this lifetime. Go to wherever that source energy is; be open to receive the answer. Is it serving you in any way? Is this something that you are either seeking to learn or know?


Receive that information and let it move through your consciousness. Anything else in your life that you keep saying… Why this? Why that? Why? Look at the why as you speak and get this information from your divinity. It´s here, it’s available.


As you have this experience, you know that you can create an open communication or whatever it may be, that will assist you in your everyday life. I invite St. Germaine to come in, and share this time with you as he speaks with you once more about your DNA, but whatever else may come through him.


St. Germain Speaks:


Indeed it is I and I Am That I Am.


I love to have the opportunity to connect with each one of you in this manner. I have worked very diligently for what in a linear timeframe would be considered hundreds of years if not thousands, to get to this point where we are right now. Masses of humanity have ascended into a place of being able to access God, Goddess, divinity, while still living their everyday life, doing their routine things that they choose to do in their life. That is fantastic! I love it!


I am gathering the energies. I thought I knew exactly what I was going to say when I began to speak, but I’m changing my mind a little bit. I wish to speak for a moment about being physical. When we speak of the DNA, it is about that biology that is you and using that as the foundation and the reality of who you are.


When you are living your life, I invite you to consider using my favorite phrase, I Am that I Am.


In your daily life, how often do you accept who you are? I am not talking the little you. I’m talking the big you. Uhum, as I look at each one of you I see you’re shifting in perception. When you say a phrase like that, you can utilize it as I am that I Am this human being who is in a lifetime filled with lack, pain, suffering and everything else that’s miserable and you have just cut yourself off from who you truly are.


I know that the sense one has as a human is that it’s all about right then, right now, Where am I? What am I my doing? It is absolutely essential, I will give you that. But you miss so much, if you keep yourself within that space. I would therefore invite you to begin each day with the phrase, “I Am that I Am, my immense divinity.” “I Am that I Am, God/ Goddess manifested as this person.” “I Am that I Am and it’s glorious.” You can go in whatever direction you would like to go, human’s love to think and analyze and consider.


The mental body is actually one of the most rigid energy bodies around you. It makes me laugh a bit because most people would say; “No, the physical body is.” Your physical body moves. You’ve got joints, you’ve got tendons, you’ve got your bones absolutely that are quite, quite, strong; but think about your mental body and how rigid some of those beliefs have been. The belief of, “I am not good enough”. The belief of “They have a lot of prosperity but it sure passed me by”. The belief of, “I don’t understand why those people that never think about their divinity are doing so well but I’m not”.


All of that is judgment, is comparison and it’s in your mind. It is in your mind and your mind can be very rigid and very powerful with these beliefs and thoughts that hold you back. It doesn’t matter what anyone else’s life is about, it doesn’t matter what they do or don’t do. All that matters are the choices that you make. All that matters is that you have this opportunity to live life upon the earth at a time of complete Ascension from the whole entire planet and you’re a part of that. It’s not about you doing it for anybody else. It’s about you doing it for yourself and you just happen to be one of millions.


Your DNA is essential. When you begin to create changes from your cellular structure outward, it creates a shift in your physical reality that can manifest in your life. Consider that for a moment.


Why you want to activate these higher strands of your DNA? OK, I heard some of you say, “to let go of physical symptom”. I heard others of you say, “to let go of depression”. I heard others of you say, “to let go a family trait” many, many, good reasons.


As you consider the DNA, it’s always been two parallel lines that move in a helix with what you might call bars or like a ladder. As the DNA becomes expanded within an individual, it’s as if you have those two and two and two moving out from there. Indeed, it is also as it that strand, as it moves out this way is also expanding.


There are different beliefs, for how many ultimate strands there are to DNA. Truthfully, it’s limitless. You have the 12 that people are very comfortable with thinking of it. That 12x12 is 144. So this is what I have been working with, but you could take that and make it 288 and on and on and on and everything in between.


One of the reasons that I wish to work with you and your DNA right now is because you are living in new lighter dimensions. Most of you live your time in the third to fifth dimension. Those are just numbers. You are seeking to manifest more of that divinity that the Goddess spoke of at the beginning into your everyday life. That vibrates for most at the 10th to 12th dimension, you could say. Some the 9th for that to be able to flow easily within and around you, you need to have the physical support that allows that to move through. Your DNA is based in the cellular structure of your physical reality, but it also has an energy that emanates from it that is associated with your emotions, your thoughts, your spiritual body, your light body.


You are this physical person living this life, but you are creating and strengthening who you are through shifting your DNA. It is as if each cell is filled with its own hologram, and within that hologram is the structure that has your energy bodies associated. So take a breath down. As you breathe deeply within yourself you have a sense of going through, you go into your heart center, you go to your solar plexus, you sacral and into your root center and from within the root center you allow yourself to reach out merging with the core self that makes up who you are. We’ve spoken of them before. Some have visualized a four leaf clover with one being physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. That’s old energy already ~Whew~ let that go.


As you find yourself merging with the cell, you may have a sense of opening up your consciousness to see that the DNA is not only that physical DNA that people have seen through the microscope, but the energetic, inter-dimensional DNA that supports even more. So as you align with your cellular structure, first and foremost, open up to connect as if you are standing at the very beginning. Expand outward and just ask to know what it looks like to you.


At the very beginning of this cell, at the very beginning of what reaches out to be the DNA that flows through, not only the cell but from cell to cell to cell, have a sense of aligning and infusing with light anything that has to do with your physical body. As you look through the strands, be it down a tunnel or out sideways, up above you or below you, whatever so perception resonates with you; align with the energy of your physical DNA.


As you take a deep breath in, breathe down that energy of your divinity, breathe down that beautiful white light that is you and let it shine moving through these strands. If there is anything at all that is heavier, dense, allow that light to merge with it. ~Whew~ Clear out, whatever that was. You may take the time if you have a number of specific things you would like to look at and align with each one; one by one by one.


You allow all that is associated with your physical DNA to become illuminated with light so that it may flow. There is the energy around that, associated with your thoughts and your beliefs. So as you look at this, is it different than your physical? As you put forth that question, that thought, that intention, is there a mental body alignment with my DNA? What comes up for you?


Again, you breathe down that white light of your divinity, you infuse it within this DNA structure and what that does is that allows energies that have been dormant to become illuminated. You also may choose to use this as an opportunity to allow the light to go through, cutting through those old beliefs. Cutting through that energy of lack or whatever it may be and ~Whew~ let it go ~Whew~ let it go ~Whew~ let it go and again you breathe down the light, it moves through this cellular structure, it moves through everything.


Your emotions, it is as if you see that which represents the physical, and then almost as if an aura, you might see that which is the mental and that which is the spiritual and the emotional. It’s all interrelated to one another. So you can go just to the core center of it and if you send a ball of light that just expands outward in every direction it can clear out everything all at once. So your emotions, anything within your emotional body ~Whew~ you clear it out. You send through, that energy and that light of your divinity and then that spiritual body that is more associated with spirituality from the earth plane. Any beliefs, anything at all that is holding you back or in limitation it becomes illuminated and you let it go.


And here now you see your light body crystalline energy as it flows within. As you clear out the limitation, as you clear out what no longer works for you, your light body energy infuses within that cell so that the divinity, that white light that you were bringing in yourself, creates an opening from within and then the crystalline comes from another angle, and it all joins together so that every cell within your body is illuminated with the crystalline light.


The crystalline energy is being anchored within the earth. It has been for many, many, many years. You personally have worked on it for a period of time and this is now taking it from a very conscious reality and aligning you to the earth, to the crystalline energies of the universe, so that you have that holographic support as if you had a crystal within the center of you that is reflecting out and anchoring out bringing in the crystalline energy. ~Whew~


I invite you to work with this, with minute detail if you so choose or to work with it simply as aligning with that crystal within you, let it resonate out and bring in as if through the hologram of who you are the crystalline energies of the universe and your divinity. I have a sense of stepping back from each one of you now as if to see those sparkling light all over. You have infused this energy and infusing the crystalline energy into your DNA and into your cellular structure creates the alignment with the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th dimensions and that’s what allows you to move more fully within that space. You’ve already been going through the calibration and now you can bring it in an anchor it within you. As if within your heart center, there is a crystal and that energetic crystal aligns with everything in your physical body, it aligns with the hologram around you, it’s what reflects out bringing in your alignment and communication with every part of your life. It’s glorious.


I have spoken at length tonight. Sometimes I can get that way, I know, and in fact when we began speaking of the DNA, I had not at first intended it to be to that length or that depth. So I recognize that this is what you needed to hear or experience at this time. So know that sometimes it may be even more in depth and sometimes it will be less in depth. But the next phase, the next level of integration is understanding how within the transformation of your cellular structure you are infusing it with the crystalline energy of the universe as it is reflected within you.


Take a deep breath in, allow it to flow through you, through every energy body, through every cell, through every part of you, the human that you are.


I St. Germaine, thank you for this opportunity.


I Am that I Am, and so are you.




I the Goddess return. ~Whew~ He can stir up the energy, can he?


It is beautiful. You are beautiful and this is awakening that which is within you. It is inviting you to take things to the next step, the next level, whatever that may be. I invite each one of you now to have a sense of coming back together as a group. As we do so, that hologram of the earth comes up within you. Pay particular attention to how your own hologram may relate to the earth. Especially as we anchored this within the earth, notice how it is anchoring your own energies because you have so fully activated your light body energy, you have integrated it within your cellular structure, it is there.


So as the hologram releases from within this group, you have a sense of it stretching out through the crystalline grid, it stretches out moving down into the earth finding and alignment that is within the center of the earth. It anchors within those crystals and then it moves out from there, coming up through every layer of the earth, coming up through the top, through the water, the grass. It comes up within and around you wherever you are and take a moment to feel the integration within you. Feel, see, sense the hologram of your own crystalline energies.


You then have a sense of letting that go. Take a moment to bring your consciousness back with you. As you move through the soul plane acknowledge your divinity for all of who you are and as you do that you then allow that to move with you, it moves back down through your higher self and it streams down within your physical body. Allow yourself to take a deep breath in as you breathe in; breathe in through your body down into the earth. You may feel that alignment to the crystals of the earth that you were just working with and let that come up within you as you anchor yourself.


Take a moment as you allow yourself to come back to let your physical body adjust to this light crystalline energy. You allow it to radiate from within your heart center. You connect to it within every cell within your body and as that pulsates and flows through all that is here, you are activating the DNA to create a foundation and a structure that will anchor you in your everyday life, and it goes from the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and your light body and then comes back. So it flows from within and it comes back within.


And so with that beloved family, I invite you as you move through your days to be very aware that the veil is gone. To be very aware that especially through this journey you are integrating and creating alignment with the crystalline that is within you. May that crystalline be open to the manifestation and the flow of all that is within your life.


Know that we are ever with you.




This is Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation; the feminine aspect of source essence, for the free teleconference offered on the first and third Sundays of each month. All rights are reserved. You are welcome to share this information; we just ask that you keep it intact. For further channels and information on both the Goddess and Shelly please see our website:



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