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Akashic Records on Soulmates, a message from Akashic Records, channeled by Jen Eramith MA,Monday, 15 February, 2010

Posted on February 15, 2010 at 3:23 AM

  What is the meaning of the term soulmates?  Does this mean we are to have long-term friendships or romantic relationships with that person?  Is it possible to have a loving, long-term, romantic relationship with someone who is not a soul mate? 

The meaning of the term soul mate is pretty broad and it has been applied in lots of different ways.  You could say that lots of different applications could all be true.  Something that is true about this world and as more and more of you step out of duality are realizing that many different truths can exist together at the same time.  In other words, several things can be true that may seem opposing at first.  For some of you it is true that you have a single one and only soul mate that you are meant to meet and find in this world and feel more connected with than anyone else.  For others of you, far more of you, it is true that you have multiple soul mates. 

Each of those relationships or connections have very different contracts from one another.  So both of those things are true in this world and the multiplicity of truth occurs in the question in what is true for you.  What is true for you may not be true for others. 

The meaning of soul mates in the broadest and therefore most accurate for everyone way or definition is a soul mate is a person living as a fellow human being on Planet Earth who has a deep soul bond with you.  In other words your souls are deeply in love and deeply connected.  You have a long history and a great deal of potential and promise for one another in the future. 

In this lifetime you have agreed to meet as human beings.  That is the way we are going to use the term soul mate.  It makes room for some of you to have a single soul mate and others of you to have many soul mates.  That is the simple definition from the perspective of the Akashic Records for all of humanity.  In that definition then yes, it is true that your soul mates are people with whom you are meant to have some kind of significant relationship with.  It may not be long-term and it may be what you call a friendship or a romantic relationship. 

The difference between a friendship and a romantic relationship should be less clear for you as you move through Enlightenment.  The distinction between romance and other kinds of love used to be that romantic love had a stronger vibration and held more importance for you.  But as you move through Enlightenment, what should be happening, or what is happening is that your love is getting so big that you experience a big transcendent kind of love in all kinds of different directions.  While you might choose a single romantic or sexual partner, you are likely to find that you are having a deep resonance with other people too.  Often that will lead you to finding and connecting with your soul mates. 

Yes it is very possible to have a loving, long-term, romantic relationship with someone who is not your soul mate or not one of your soul mates.  This is the way that soul mate relationships get built in the first place.  Most of you, if you have soul mates on this planet, you have built that soul mate relationship through having connected in previous lifetimes or connected in some higher realm; higher dimension.  You have built a soul mate relationship.  It is not preset for you.  No one outside of you ordained you as soul mates.  The two of you in one dimension or another, at one time or another, bonded deeply and built that relationship of the soul mate.  So it is possible for you to have a relationship with someone in this lifetime where you begin the process of building a soul mate relationship.  It is far more common that you will have those deep loving connections with someone who is already a soul mate simply because that is something that has already been built.  But it is very possible to begin building from here. 

Is it possible that some soul mates drive us crazy and we feel like we want to run away from them?

Yes.  Though always with a soul mate, you will feel some sense of connection.  Sometimes that sense of connection can lead you to some of your deepest feelings or some of the deeper lessons that you have to learn in this life that can feel very uncomfortable.  As those things come up in relationship to that soul mate, you feel uncomfortable so you feel that you want to run away.  The bottom line is that you are not trapped with any of your soul mates.  Some of you use a soul mate relationship to give you the courage and create a safe space where you can delve into some of your deepest work.  It may not be a safe space on the physical human plane, but it safe at a soul level.  Meaning that you and one of your soul mates may have created a soul contract to meet up in this lifetime in order to encounter your deepest, darkest work in order to encounter your shadow.  Those relationships are not meant to be built on a long-term stable relationship that you stay with for a long time, because you are not meant to stay in your shadow permanently in this lifetime.  So you may encounter a soul mate who brings up all that deeper stuff and then you both move away from each other so that you can then seek the light and re-stabilize yourself for later in your life.

It is possible that some of the people you are most repelled by may be a soul mate, but it is not common, typically, if you feel repelled by someone it is because they are not a good fit for you.  Your intuition is telling you to get away so it is important that you listen for the straightforward message from your intuition.  Do not use this idea of a soul mate bringing your shadow to rationalize staying close to someone who does not feel good for you.  First and foremost, it is important that you listen to your intuition and if you feel like running away, go ahead and run away.  It is easier to find your center and your truth if you are balanced in yourself than it is if you are connecting with something that does not feel right. 

If we are all made of love and we are all completely connected with everyone and everything, then why are there soul groups and soul mates?  If we more easily connect with people in our groups, should it not be easy for us to connect with everyone?

The purpose of soul mates and soul groups is there is both a purpose and a result.  Soul mates and soul groups are a result of things you have done in the past with other beings and therefore they have created unique relationships.  They are also the result of promises you have made with one another.  The purpose of soul mates and soul groups and other kind of unique soul relationships is that it is a way that you can organize yourselves to work together.

  Just like you can take a group of 100 people in a room and just say you are all connected.  It would be hard for you to figure out what to do or how to get things done if you did not create some sort of organization.  If several people did not volunteer to lead in one way or another or facilitate the group, if you did not organize yourself into smaller clusters in which communication can be more fluid and in which different voices can be heard.  It is the same way in the universe.  It is true even outside of the human realm that all kinds of different beings exist and all of you are ultimately the same thing.  You all are the result of the original source of light and love. 

Because you have differentiated yourself into your own unique soul and you have gone through a path that is unique to you, you have a unique vibration and you have a unique set of information and perspective to share on a universal level and at a human level.  While you are always connected to everything and there is always potential for you to connect with any human being.  Indeed it is possible for all of you to fall completely in love and be deeply connected with any other person or being that is theoretically possible and ultimately that is available to you.  While all of that is available, it is just not efficient for you to seek to connect with everything all of the time.  It is far more efficient and useful for you to identify the relationships that you have already established at a soul level and work with those.  Those are uniquely suited, they are already fit with the lessons you need to learn, the things you need to accomplish in your personal life in order to achieve that enlightened stage where you can be in love with everything.  Indeed, your soul mate relationships are simply stepping stones or tools for you to unravel what has been tangled up inside of you so that you ultimately can achieve that state of being in love with everyone and everything all of the time. 

Soul mates and soul groups are useful.  They are the ways you organize yourselves, the relationships that you have been working with for ages.  It helps you to keep working with those.  There is a reason that you built them.  It is also important to remember that those soul relationships, those spiritual families or soul mate relationships are not the final destination for you.  They are stepping stones along the way to you becoming so at home with yourself and so tuned into your own love that you can reach what is now a theoretical state in which you are capable of falling in love with everyone and everything.  It will not serve you to try to do that now because until you have healed everything inside of yourself and resolved everything you have to resolve in your groups and soul mate relationships, you are vulnerable to energies and experiences that were not meant for you.  If you try to create that deep in love relationship with everyone you encounter.  Instead it is important that you tap into that deep love within you and share it with those you encounter but maintain boundaries that feel healthy for you.  Listen to your intuition and work with the relationships that come to you through your own path.  Those relationships that call your attention, those relationships that you might call soul mate or that have a soul contract with you.  (February 2010)

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