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Where's Your Vibration?, a message from Jennifer Hoffman,Thursday, 28 January, 2010

Posted on January 28, 2010 at 7:54 AM

Back in the 1990s it was popular to ask someone what their astrological sign was, because knowing someone's star sign would determine whether a match could be made. And there is some truth to this because some signs do not get along as well as others (although there is more than sun signs to consider). But now we need to ask about vibration, the critical element to letting us know where we are in our own spiritual growth. We can know whether we surrendering to the process or standing firmly in our need to control by what our vibration is attracting.

How do we know our level of vibration? It is mirrored in our outer reality. This is one truth we can always count on, which shows us where we are on every step of our journey. Whatever connects to us is not good or bad, it is responding to a vibrational opening in our energetic field. These are the guideposts on our journey that show us where the ego wants to control, which becomes our lesson in surrender. With this knowledge we can learn to let go and flow out of that experience into a higher vibration and create a new reality.

 This is a constant process that shifts with each situation. At every moment we are controlling or surrendering, deciding how easy or difficult our journey will be. It is usually an unconscious process that we become aware of when our life becomes too hard, difficult people challenge us, things do not work out or we feel stuck. Here the ego digs in its heels for a fight and spirit whispers to us that we need to surrender. What we do in that moment determines whether we are flowing or stuck, in the present moment or in the past.

Everything in our reality flows us, effortlessly or painfully, into higher dimensions. The challenging people and situations are our lessons in surrender although our first response is to show them that we are in control. The answer we need to move on in our journey is found in their vibration. This is our lesson in surrender. If we will pause and ask this question we can learn from our teachers and move ahead on our journey, allowing the energy of lessons and pain to move out of our reality and replace them with an effortless flow of joy and abundance.



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