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Purpose of Pisces Energy: Grounding with Source/Divine Feminine & New Phase, Kara Schallock, 13 March 2013

Posted on March 13, 2013 at 9:05 AM

The last few days especially, with so many planets in Pisces, things have been very etheric. When this happens, when Pisces is in such a powerful place, everything seems like its dissolving…and it is. So the best thing to do is to focus only on the spiritual…to meditate, be still, be patient and just know that this is purposeful for moving forward. Pisces is an etheric energy and has a choice for you…either be grounded in Source or spiral down into attachment, addiction and the lower energies of separate ego and duality. If you have felt like you have been floating, unable to be clear about direction, then you have been aligned with the Piscean energies. Remember too that we are still in Mercury Retrograde and that too has been in Pisces.


Today we are slowly moving into Aries; that of action. If you stayed still in your Heart Center without striving for results with all the Pisces energy, you can now begin to move forward a little. If you struggled in impatience, perhaps you did not use this time to ground yourself in your Soul; your Higher Self of Oneness and Heart-knowing. It’s not too late, for there is still plenty of Pisces energy to tap and ground into. It has been a time of dissolving more separation and realizing where your Truth is. This continues, although not in the intense way it’s been (generally speaking). With the New Moon, you can set your intentions infused with Soul’s Guidance and begin to move slowly into manifesting your Soul’s desires; not your ego desires (this is really an important difference).


This has been, and will continue for a time, an initiation of sorts. It is an initiation of being more fully aligned with Soul...a step up in Soul consciousness. Did you rebel or did you flow? Part of this initiation has helped to move you more into the detached We and away from attached I. There is an old program that is disintegrating and that is the belief that to be attached is a good thing, while being detached is “bad.” Detachment actually moves you into a deeper level of Compassion and releases you from ego-expectations of how you think things should be. If you can simply observe without rushing in to control things, you are compassionately detached. Being in this energy allows you and your life to be free to evolve to a higher level of allowing your life to unfold according to Soul’s Plan. This is a big let-go/let-be.


Being grounded to both Gaia and Source is one of the purpose of life now. (There is no separation in this.) This allows the Christ Consciousness to be firmly rooted in your Heart and body. From this place, you know that all that is going on is for your highest evolution and you can allow anything not aligned with Soul to be dissolved without the need to hold it in place, for that is separate ego. Not only has this been a time of integrating Christ Consciousness, it has also been a further integration of the Divine Feminine, leading to Balance and a marriage between the two, becoming One. It is also why so many Twin Flames have reunited…two parts of a Soul to help each other be balanced in Christ Consciousness and Divine Feminine and then to share that essence with all others.


Have you noticed how sensitive you’ve become? This is a further awakening of your Heart. Already sensitive ones have become even more so. This has proved confusing to those not yet awake and it is manifesting in trying to control matters more, angry outbursts and depression (anger turned inward), and some really erratic behavior. For those who are awake, we just notice that we’re more sensitive, more open and notice when we’re not (attached to the surface event). The purpose is to awaken more and more into observing, rather than engaging, judging and doing something about it.


If you have felt alone, slowly you will not feel so alone and you will connect with many of your Soul Group, both in body and out of body. When you are with others of a similar vibration, it feels like Home. And you really notice when you’re not. On a higher level of meaning, when around others of a different vibration, by holding true to your own vibration (staying in your Integrity), you actually are helping others rise in vibration without your conscious effort to do so. This is why it is so essential to be in your own Integrity, regardless of what others are choosing. This is an aspect of Oneness; for your energy radiates out and touches all.


Realize that as you stay grounded to Gaia and Source (truly no separation here at all), you become more comfortable being on Gaia, without the desire to go Home or say, “Beam me up, Scotty.” (You also find this Balance in Nature; it’s why it feels so good to be there.) Many have not been fully present in their bodies; their Soul’s Vehicle; and yet this has been important for the evolution of humanity and Earth. So, know that Home is right where you are. Whatever dimension your original Home is, you bring it here to Earth. That is one of the purposes of being here now. You will begin to feel this as you ground, as each time you ground, you activate the Source/Divine Feminine codes within you.


As you continue to ground, especially with the Great Mother, your Abundance grows. This is not just the limited view of money; it is in all aspects of life. If you still carry lack consciousness, now is the time to release it fully. As you do you activate the Source/Divine Feminine codes within you. If you still have lack consciousness, you will know it any time you say, “I’m broke,” “I can’t afford this,” “the economy is bad,” “I don’t have enough…” Each and every time you notice this lack-thinking, release and then be in Gratitude for all in your life. The Truth is that each and every one of us is abundant in so many ways.


As far as physical manifestations go, you may have a return of some things you thought you were done with. This includes Heart energies like palpitations or pain (not in your physical heart; it’s in the middle of your chest where your Heart Chakra is), Solar and Sacral Plexus energies (remember, your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras are merging as One), sleep differences, dietary differences (can’t eat too much especially). Many are napping, so exhausted are they will all the movement within and all the recalibrating and awakening occurring, while others are too amped to sleep, although being exhausted at the same time. Also there may be intermittent Third Eye headaches with some Crown Chakra activity.


Many are adamant about finding their Divine Purpose in the New Life. Our Divine Purpose is not necessarily doing Light work as a career; it is more about embodying your Soul Essences (Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance, Respect, etc.) in all your everyday activities. This is a shift from the old in which we equated purpose with career. We are so much more than a career or job and it is for us to stand in the ground of our Soul and Be all that we are with no excuses or modification. The form isn’t the important thing; the Essence is. Besides, aren’t we all Lightworkers no matter where we are? It is more aligned with Soul to resonate in Soul Essence wherever we are led; knowing that wherever we are we are in Divine Service.


You may be meeting new Guides as well, as your vibration continues to rise. Remember that your guides match your vibration and the higher and Lighter you go, your Guides will need to match the newer vibration of you. This is also true, mundanely speaking, of your electronics and other things in your dwelling or workplace. You can help by aligning your energy with your things, including your home. Many may be moving to other areas if the current location no longer is a match for you. So yes, matching rising vibrations continues to be important.


Also know there are no rules in New Life. Take a look within to see if you have rules for your life, relationships and other areas of life. These are self-imposed boxes and limit your Freedom to be all that you, in Truth, are. Even entertaining the thought of new matrices and new paradigms is another box. We are free to create what is in our Soul Plan to create. You will know what that is by paying attention to how you feel about something or someone. If you feel constricted or that it is a “should,” do not go that way; if you feel expanded, energized and joyful, you are guided to go down that path.


Yes, we have entered a new level of Being and expressing. Most importantly, love and accept yourself right where you are. This does more than any spiritual practice can. This means to take care of yourself first and foremost. You are blissfully and forever loved. Can you love yourself as much as your Guides and Soul do?


Copyright: Feel free to share any portion of the Ascension Notes. I would appreciate being credited.

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